In the square, EJ tells Sami to go home and apologize to William. She knows. Then why is she still there? Sami needs a moment. She's afraid to make things worse. EJ doubts it can get any worse. Sami gives her usual reply: "Sorry have you met me?" Sami wishes she'd have known. EJ reminds her this is about Will, not her. She thinks Will must feel abandoned. Sami doesn't care if he's gay. She's just hurt that he couldn't tell her about this sooner. EJ pressures her to go to him. She thanks him and runs off.

At Sami's, Lucas thinks Will is going to walk a tough road but he'll be alright. It doesn't matter to Will if he's gay or straight. He loves him unconditionally. Will tears up and the men embrace.

At the pub, Lexi invites Chad, Melanie, Abe, Cameron, Celeste and Kayla to Paris with her today! Everyone cheers. Abby arrives and overhears. She and Cameron are flabbergasted that they both share a love of Paris. Cameron finishes Abigail's sentences and they giggle as Celeste watches, unhappily. Abe starts to book their Parisian adventure and Kayla tells Lexi how inspiring she is. Kayla agrees to be there for Abe when Lexi's gone. Nearby, Chad invites Abigail to Paris. EJ turns up and offers his jet to Abe for their Paris trip. Abe thinks that's kind. They discuss their itinerary but Dr. Yu calls Lexi to inform her she can't travel. Lexi's apologetic and disappointed. EJ whispers something to Chad and he and EJ make an excuse and run off. Cameron gives Abe some code and those two run off, telling Lexi to stay put. Celeste privately begs Cam to stay away from Abigail. He brushes her off with a kiss and outside, the four men run off together. Inside, Mel tries setting Abby and Cam up, while Lexi, Celeste and Kayla wonder what the men are up to. The next item on Lexi's bucket list is riding an elephant.

In the warehouse, Nevsky's goons pull their guns on John, Bo, Hope and Rafe. Nevsky knows their true identities. "I don't like liars," he spits. John tells him about the embezzling charges and how Stefano's using John's money to buy the arms. Nevsky doesn't care. John has plans to screw DiMera by taking over his deal. Nevsky wonders if John's so broke, where'd he get the money? John doesn't think this is any of Nevsky's business. Nevsky doesn't trust John but he believes them. They've a deal. Rafe calls Shane while the others turn their guns on Nevsky and his men. Nevsky tries to make a deal but Bo refuses. They're ready for Stefano to make his move.

Back at Sami's place, Will thanks his father for taking the fall for him when he shot EJ. Will wanted to confess but he was too afraid. He's sorry. Lucas has never regretted that decision. They talk about EJ's blackmail. Sami returns and overhears Will telling Lucas that Grandma Marlena was a rock for him coming out. Sami interrupts. She's hurt. "You went to her instead of me?" Will smirks. "Not everything is about you," he says and this is why he didn't go to her. "Stop being a victim and grow up," Will yells. Sami retorts, "You don't get to talk to me like that." Will yells that she's ashamed and embarrassed that she has a gay son. Sami denies that. When she mentions getting advice from EJ, Lucas and Will blow up and Will takes off. Lucas stops Sami from following him and tells her she has to fix this.

In the park, EJ and Chad wait for Abe and Cameron. Chad berates EJ for not inviting Father to the party. EJ thinks Stefano would have brought his date - 'drama'. Cameron and Abe return. They're ready. Later, Celeste, Melanie, and Abby stand around the square in awe. Abe arrives with a blindfolded Lexi. He removes the blindfold and shows her that Paris has come to them. She's touched and thrilled. There is a small Eiffel Tower, French music, and a mime who gives Lexi a 'flower'.

Sneak peek!

Carrie feels nauseous and Marlena suggests she is pregnant.

Victor starts thinking about giving Maggie's stolen eggs to Daniel's parents.

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