Ian brings Kate a coffee at the square. She'll need it to get through their meeting with Madi and Brady. Ian's not concerned. Kate brings out the kinder, gentler side of him.

Nicole is interrupted at home, reading a pregnancy book. EJ has chocolate for her. She sighs. That just bought him five minutes. EJ wants to discuss him taking over to help her since Rafe's death. Nic doesn't want anything to do with EJ and shows him the door. He reminds her he's a good father and professes his love for her. She doubts it. They argue about her ultimatum and Nicole asks him to let her find someone who loves her and won't hurt her the way he has. She wants nothing to do with him again.

At the safe house, Bo, Hope, Marlena and John fill Rafe in about Stefano's arms deal with Nevsky and their plan to go undercover and bust Stefano. Shane calls. Nevsky's refusing to meet with them. John thinks he can call in a favor.

At Sami's, Will has just confessed he's gay. This isn't the way he wanted it to come out. Sami goes into denial. She didn't know. Will reminds her she only thinks about number one. Sami thinks he's confused. Lucas yells that he's not confused. Lucas asks how long he has known. Will thinks deep down he always did. Lucas didn't see this coming, which makes Will chuckle. Sami's quiet and tells Will she can't do this right now. She runs away. Lucas asks Will to let Sami process but Will is hurt. Lucas is shocked and disappointed because he knows it's not going to be easy for Will to be gay. He knows it's not Will's choice. Will's been trying so hard to be straight and praying for these feelings to go away. Lucas is sorry he had to go through this alone. Will has come to terms with it though. Lucas is glad but worried about hate crimes. He wants his son to be happy and find someone to share his life with. Will can still do that. They talk about Mia and Gabi. Will had feelings for them and he was happy for a while but things changed. He comments on how supportive Sonny is but they're not dating. They talk about this being the hand Will was dealt.

Madison arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to find a shirtless Brady. She asks how he's doing and he shrugs. He's fine. She's surprised considering his father just died. Brady's about to tell her the truth when Ian and Kate interrupt. "Brady you're flexing your muscles. Are you going to a birthday party or... I assume you're not going to the meeting." Brady is going. He wants to make Basic Black a success. Both Kate and Ian give him their condolences and get to business. Kate comments on Brady's 'putrid looking slime' protein drink. Brady laughs. He has one each day. Kate and Madison leave and Brady goes off to shower while Ian sneakily pours drugs into Brady's drink and his protein jar. He hides and Brady drinks the rest of his 'slime'.

EJ bumps into Sami in the square. He can see she's tense. She confronts him about blackmailing William. He apologizes. He admits he's come to care a lot about William. Sami says Will's going through enough issues on his own. EJ assumes Will came out to her. "He told you..." No, EJ says it was clear. EJ's surprised it was news to her. She starts to cry. What's wrong with her? She feels like an idiot. EJ reminds her she has had a lot on her plate. Sami doesn't think it matters. Her son is supposed to be the most important thing. She doesn't know what to do. "I have been the worst mother to him. I think it's my fault that he's gay." EJ calls her absurd. "People are born gay. If poor mothering made children gay, then all of Kate's children would be running around waving rainbow flags at Pride festivals." Sami giggles and tries to make sense of it all. EJ remarks that being gay isn't the end of the world unless you're uncomfortable with sexuality. Sami's not homophobic. She also is overwhelmed by finding out Will shot EJ and EJ blackmailed him. EJ reminds her this is about William. She needs to go to him.

Nicole runs into Brady outside the pub. She tells him she had an issue with EJ today. He offers to break his face if she wants. Nicole grimaces. Is he okay? "Have you been drinking?" Brady's confused and sober. He tells her he's thinking of having a couple of pops afterward because that's the only way he can get through this meeting. Nicole becomes more concerned and makes Brady wait for a moment while she gets Madison. She runs inside and interrupts the meeting. Brady barges in and makes a fool of himself in front of Serge while Nicole cringes. Brady dribbles water down his suit and then accidentally spills water down Serge's jacket. "Oh it's a party! It's a party," Brady says. Serge goes nuts because this is a one-of-a-kind jacket. Brady jokes that he'll buy him 18 after the profits they'll make from this plan. Things get more chaotic as Brady mocks Serge and Madi asks Nicole to get Brady out of there. Brady apologizes and Nic drags him out as Madi apologizes to Kate and Serge. Bottom line, Serge won't support the project with Brady on board. Outside, Nicole stops Brady from going back inside. Madison finds them and asks Brady if he's drunk or high. Brady's confused. Ian turns up and Madi tells him Brady's not feeling well. Nicole will take Brady home.

John, Hope, Bo and Rafe meet Nevsky and his two goons. "I'm Greene. These are my associates: Mr. O'Toole, his wife Charity, Mr. Garcia." John wants to buy and has something to offer that's much more substantial than the competition. Nevsky hasn't heard of them before but is willing to hear their offer. However, he warns that he doesn't like games. Nevsky likes the compensation but worries about his original buyer. They seem to have a deal until Nevsky gets a text telling him who they really are and why they're there.

Sneak peek!

Sami goes to Will but before she can tell him she loves him, she gets on him about praising Marlena.

Will storms out on Sami.

Lexi wants to go to Paris.

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