When Lucas arrives at Sami's, she confronts him about shooting EJ and covering for Will. She tells him EJ blackmailed Will with the information and quickly forgives Lucas because he sacrificed himself for their son. She hugs him and Lucas admits he already knew about EJ's blackmailing scheme. He explains the details and Sami goes ballistic.

Will rushes to Gabi at the Coffee Bean and lets her know he learned she has a stalker. She confirms it so he grabs her arm, ready to take her somewhere safe. Gabi refuses. He's acting like a... "What? A drama queen?" Will asks. Gabi thinks the stalker is getting off on frightening her. She's trying to get her modelling contract sorted and that won't work if she's out of sight.

Melanie comforts Chad at the square. Maggie stops them with news that she bought the spa. She hopes to see more of Melanie and get to know Chad better. Chad apologizes for his outburst at the wake and they discuss how Kate was replaced by Sami at CW, so Chad's not sure he still has a job. Maggie offers Chad a job modelling for her own ad campaign for the spa. Gabi overhears. Mel and Maggie head into the spa and Gabi strolls by, trying to look nervous. Chad stops her and she tells him she was being followed. He holds her and chastises her for being out alone. Melanie returns and hears the latest and calls the cops. Gabi hangs up and makes something up about Will and the Mayor's office helping her with this.

John's pacing annoys Marlena at the safe house. He complains and Shane turns up. John worries that someone will find Bo and Hope at the ISA offices.

Harmon hears something at the ISA offices. He takes out his gun and moves toward the adjoining room, where Bo and Hope are hiding. He's distracted by the safe, and opens it, finding the coin. "Like stealing candy from a baby," he smirks. He takes the coin and leaves just as Shane calls Bo's cell. Bo leaves his cell in the other room before Harmon returns and picks up. Shane covers. He was wondering where he left his phone. Harmon agrees to leave it with the front desk.

Harmon walks in on Stefano at home, going over his arms deal. Harmon hands over the coin, saying it came from ISA Headquarters. Stefano examines it intently. "At last, it's mine."

Hope and Bo return to the safe house and the group discusses Harmon taking the coin to Stefano. John wonders what Stefano's next move is. Shane makes a call to the ISA to rant about them letting Harmon walk out of headquarters with the coin. They didn't want to alert Harmon that they were on to him but this only makes Shane crazy and he yells at them to watch the DiMera house, the train stations and if they have to put sand in gas tank of the DiMera jet to keep it parked where it is, they should! Shane takes another call and learns that one of the biggest illegal arms traffickers is arriving in Salem. They've no time to arrange a proper warrant. John suggests they position themselves in the middle of the deal. Later, Shane finds out the arms dealer's name is Vladimir Nevsky. Shane makes a call to Harmon, planting a seed about Nevsky.

Back at Sami's, Lucas thinks a lie is okay if you've good reason and Sami retorts that if he's going to lie, he should own up to it. Will walks in and overhears. He thinks Sami should take her own advice. Sami tells Will what they've been discussing and Will asks if she thinks she has a right to know everything about him. They should be careful of what they wish for. This puzzles Sami. They bring up the grief sex and Sami is sorry for that. She has to live with it and move on and is worried he's not moving on from it. She worries it'll turn Will into someone he doesn't want to be. Sami hopes one day he realizes her back was against the wall. One day he'll have to decide for himself if a truth is worth telling. Will is already enlightened. "Maybe that day is today." He's been hiding a part of him from them and doesn't want to anymore. Will doesn't think they want to know the truth. "What truth?" Sami asks. "I'm gay," Will blurts out.

Sneak peek!

Nevsky is suspicious.

Sami and Lucas respond to Will's admission.

Sami runs out on Will.

Lucas is disappointed.

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