At Abe and Lexi’s Theo and Cameron return from a hike and Theo says he wants his mommy to come with him and Cameron camping in the summer. Lexi’s noncommittal but hugs her son. When she and Cameron are alone, she asks him to spend time with Theo when she's gone. Cameron already planned on it. Celeste interrupts and suggests Lexi make some DVDs for Theo to watch as he grows up. They set up a recorder and while Theo does his homework, Lexi creates the first DVD. She apologizes for not being able to be with him. She calls him her angel and tells him when he needs her, he should go somewhere private and listen for her to whisper how much she loves him. She breaks down in tears. Later, Theo runs to Lexi with a Mother's Day card. She uses it for a DVD cover.

Harmon drops by the mansion to update Stefano on what's going on. As soon as he knows where Shane Donovan has the coin, it's his.

Bo, Hope, and Shane discuss the coin at the ISA office. They wonder what it might mean to Stefano and hope Billie is able to lure EJ away from Stefano. Hope takes a better look at the coin and notices a familiar engraving on the coin.

At the park, EJ assures Billie that Stefano claims not to be involved in clearing John Black's name. Billie fills him in on Alice's IOU and Bo and Hope calling in the debt. EJ wonders why Billie is trying to drive a wedge between him and his father. Billie thought EJ had a right to know. EJ reminds her she hates him as much as she hates Stefano. Billie thinks since Stefano just murdered six people, EJ's looking better and better.

Roman lets Austin into the safe house and tells him where he can find Carrie. Meanwhile, Carrie and Rafe break away from a kiss after she hears Austin's voice. Rafe heads downstairs and Austin finds Carrie, while Roman berates Rafe for risking bringing Austin there. Upstairs, Austin greets Carrie. Downstairs, Roman confronts Rafe about his feelings for Carrie. Does Rafe know how much pain this is causing? Upstairs, Carrie refuses sex with Austin. After a near-death experience, put things into perspective. She has something to tell him. Downstairs, Roman tells Rafe that if he and Carrie get together, Sami will never forgive either of them. Rafe should stick with Nicole and be a good father to his baby. Upstairs, Austin stops Carrie from confessing to show her the scrapbook Billie made her on his behalf. Roman pounds on the door. They have to leave. Austin tells Carrie he's still the guy she fell in love with. He promises a life filled with new happy memories and leaves. Later, Carrie beats herself up in front of Rafe over not being able to tell Austin the truth.

EJ bursts in on Stefano at the mansion, looking for answers. "Did you really think I wouldn't find out that you were the person who got John Black exonerated?" He tells Stefano he knows about Bo and Hope cashing in Alice's IOU. Stefano admits the truth. He owed Alice Horton a favor. He made the promise in order to protect EJ. EJ smirks. No wonder Stefano's angry. He let his nemesis go for a man who isn't even his son. Stefano agrees that since John's dead, all is well that ends well. EJ wants to pretend they're still family but Stefano again refuses. EJ's left with no other choice. EJ learned how to be cold, ruthless, and unforgiving, at Stefano's knee. He puts Stefano on notice. He'll use everything he was taught against Stefano. Stefano asks why they can't just go their separate ways but EJ thinks it's too late for that. Stefano kicks him out. EJ thinks he's lucky Stefano's not his father. "It's going to make becoming your worst nightmare much easier."

Billie returns to the ISA office and gloats over her talk with EJ. She wouldn't be surprised if EJ and Stefano are at each other's throats right now! Shane contacts someone and learns that the markings on the coin were made by a private family jeweler in Perugia. Santo DiMera used that same jeweler. Bo and Hope want to follow the lead. Shane refuses. He's more worried about smuggling them back to the safe house. Shane decides to leave them locked alone in the office to do more research for a while. Billie and Shane leave and Bo uses that moment to kiss Hope. Moments later, Harmon turns up and cons Becky to let him into Shane's office. Hope hears the door being jiggled. Harmon gets Becky to unlock it and he goes inside. He's alone and rifles through Shane's things when he hears a noise. He takes out a gun and goes to the other room, where Bo and Hope are hiding.

Sneak peek!

Sami explodes when she learns Lucas has known all along that EJ was blackmailing Will.

Will reveals to his parents that he is gay.

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