Will arrives at Sami's to find her in a dressing gown and EJ in an undershirt and pants. Will gasps, "Are you kidding me? First Dad and then EJ? Oh my God who is next?" Sami and EJ set Will straight. EJ was helping her get the kids off to school. There was a food fight and EJ's shirt got dirty. Will gives a vague apology. Sami goes to dress and Will lectures EJ about hanging around. EJ moved across the hall to be close to his kids. Sure, he thinks Sami and Lucas being together is a mistake and way too soon, but that's just his opinion. EJ leaves to dress and Will apologizes to Sami. She offers a truce and would like to get together later to talk. He'd rather go to the safe house to talk to Marlena. EJ walks in as Will refuses to give her another chance. EJ sides with Sami and then Sami and Will start arguing about who is working with the biggest crook. Will blurts out that EJ kept him out of jail when he shot him during their wedding. Sami flounders. Will says Lucas insisted and that's why he went to live with Austin and Carrie. Sami tells Will that EJ 'helped' him for his own motives. Will says he worked with EJ to get back at her, someone he hated more than EJ. EJ fills in the blanks, saying Will blackmailed him. He was going to tell Nicole about seeing them having sex.

Roman meets Austin at the Coffee Bean. Austin can't bear to be without Carrie a moment longer. He worries about Carrie being in close quarters with Rafe and begs Roman to bring him to the safe house. Roman says the ISA is calling the shots but he'll consider it. He steps out and when he returns, Austin's happy to learn he gets to see Carrie.

Carrie wakes up in bed at the safe house with Rafe staring down at her with a coffee. He tells her he could get used to watching her sleep and they kiss. Downstairs, Marlena watches John making plans to put Stefano behind bars or six feet under. Back upstairs, Rafe and Carrie make-out and discuss life's changes. Things get passionate and the clothing starts to come off when Carrie halts the proceedings. "It's too soon." Rafe agrees. They can't do it until after Austin knows the truth. Carrie promises to tell Austin the truth first chance, though the thought of it makes her sick. Downstairs, John says he'd gladly pull the trigger himself if they can't bring Stefano down legally. Marlena tries talking him out of it. Upstairs, Carrie and Rafe make-out while Roman brings a blindfolded Austin to the house.

Hope and Bo follow Billie into the ISA offices. Billie chastises Shane for allowing the couple out in the open. Billie confesses she's working at bringing Stefano down. She tells them about the bill of sales for arms dealing and how EJ's clueless. She tells them how EJ set John up and Stefano double crossed EJ and used the pension money for arms. Bo and Hope gasp and snicker about the turn of events. Billie wants to find a way to split up Stefano and EJ. Hope suggests Billie tell EJ the truth about Stefano's betrayal. Billie calls EJ to set up a meeting.

Abe's brooding on the sofa at home when Lexi tells him it's time to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the museum. She knows this is hard on him. He tries to put on a happy face. "Enough wallowing." He goes to print the tickets while Lexi stares at a family photo and breaks down. Abe finds her crying and she talks about making Theo a scrapbook. She's afraid Theo will forget her. They make it together and Abe reluctantly promises to allow Theo to spend time with EJ. Lexi tells Abe he'll have her love, always. They snuggle on the sofa and each tries to stay brave but it's obvious they're both miserable.

EJ leaves from Sami's to meet Billie and Sami urges Will to quit working for EJ. Will refuses to. Sami reminds him that they had a moment when they thought her mother died. Will tells her it's too late for them. He loves working for EJ. Sami worries for him but he loves the perks and the power. Sami shakes her head. This doesn't sound like Will. He calls himself his mother's son and walks out.

Billie and EJ meet at the park. She tells him she knows he framed John Black and stole the pension money to help get him elected as mayor. EJ tells her to get to the point. She admits she knows Stefano made it possible to get John freed from jail. "Your own father betrayed you to help his sworn enemy." EJ's eyes narrow.

Sneak peek!

EJ defies Stefano.

Harmon is told by Stefano to get the real coin back from the ISA offices.

Austin nearly walks in on Rafe and Carrie.

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