Sami pauses outside the pub with Lucas, wondering why Roman wanted them to meet. She worries about what to say to the kids and muses about not telling her mother she loved her. Inside, Brady admits to Madi and Nicole that he was going to ask his father to be his best man. Nearby, Doug and Julie are devastated. Austin rehashes his issues with Carrie to Billie. Outside, Sami stops Gabi and Will with kind words and an olive branch for Will, who doesn't want it. Sami promises to Lucas that she'll change and make her mother proud. Inside, Nicole thanks Daniel for taking her to the service. She's heart-sick about Rafe. Nicole thinks she should disappear and gets worked up so Daniel calms her and makes her think rationally. Madi takes off to work and Sami hugs Julie. Billie leaves and Gabi tells Will she can't get in touch with anyone from her family. Will assures her she's not alone.

Roman, Shane, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Carrie and Rafe are at the new safe house. Marlena is miserable, thinking about what their family must be going through. Roman tells them Belle and Shawn are calling out of town family to tell them the truth. Roman and Shane leave to get started on phase two while Rafe and Carrie hold hands, glad they decided to be together. Hope tells Bo this is the best chance they have to nail Stefano. Everyone goes over phase two while Carrie tells Marlena about her and Rafe. Marlena's surprised but remembers being in the same situation. Though it'll send shock waves through the family, Marlena won't judge. Everyone discusses what to do with Harmon. "I still say we should bring back hanging traitors in a public square," says John. Bo considers manipulating Harmon.

Roman turns up at the pub and tells everyone except Doug and Julie and Kayla to quickly head out the back door and get into the back of the beer truck. No questions.

Shane finds Harmon at the park outside the square. Harmon asks how he's doing. Shane says the loss of those people undermines the ISA's efforts to bring down Stefano. Everything they had on Stefano was gone in the explosion. They've got to start from scratch. Harmon agrees to be the center of the new investigation. Later, Billie sees Shane, who whispers to her that the six are alive and to stay quiet. She offers help with the ISA and he leaves. Daniel finds her and they go off to get coffee.

Roman brings the family to the new safe house, blindfolded. He allows them to remove their blind folds and when they do, they're all deeply shocked to see their "dead" family members alive and well. Lucas hugs Hope and Bo, Sami rushes to Marlena's arms, Brady and John hug, Gabi sobs at the sight of Rafe and swats him, telling him never to do this to her again. Will hugs Marlena and sternly lectures her about keeping this from them, while he cries happy tears. Austin grabs Carrie, sobbing that he thought he lost her. Roman clears things up for the family. Nicole hugs Rafe, with tears in her eyes. He apologizes for adding stress to her plate. She's glad he's okay because she cares about him. Sami interrupts. A part of her is glad they're both okay but she can't believe they put the family through this. Sami calls the torture selfish. Rafe is sorry but they needed to do this. Alone, Rafe tells Nicole he cares for her too. He also told Carrie the truth about the baby but she'll keep quiet. Nicole's happy for Rafe, who promises to still be there for her. Nicole's overcome. Carrie explains to Austin her reason for being at the safe house. He's grateful she's back and hugs her while Rafe watches. Brady asks John to be his best man at his wedding. John is thrilled. John tells the family to continue to grieve. Sami starts yelling that they really were grieving. Sami almost put the kids through this! Marlena calls it necessary. Lucas tells Sami to relax but she flies off the handle and lashes out at Carrie. Austin wants to arrange it with Roman to take Carrie back to Switzerland, but she can't. Everyone says goodbye to their loved ones and leave. Carrie is unsettled, thinking of how she'll hurt Austin again once they're out. Rafe asks if she's sure she wants to do this. John becomes impatient. Nobody will be out of danger until that SOB is dead.

Back at the pub, Kayla pours champagne while she, Doug and Julie toast to nine lives and more! Sami, Lucas, and Austin return to the pub. Austin tells Sami Carrie's reason for being at the safe house was innocent. "You don't really believe that do you?" she asks. Lucas tries to shut Sami up.

Brady meets Madison at the square. She comforts him while he keeps the truth from her.

Sneak peek!

Sami learns that EJ initially blackmailed Will into working for him.

Billie confirms to EJ that Stefano provided information to get John Black released from jail.

Rafe and Carrie nearly act on their feelings.

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