Kayla sorts flowers for the wake at the pub. Jenn, Abby and Jack arrive. They grieve together as Victor and Maggie turn up. Victor has revenge on his mind. Kayla demands that Victor let the police handle DiMera but Victor has been waiting years for the police to take down Stefano and they've done nothing. Jack steps in and Victor apologizes. Chad shows up and defends Stefano and then runs to get some air.

Madison finds Brady working on Basic Black business at the hotel. He wants to make the company a success, which is what his father would have wanted. Madison urges him to mourn his father. Brady only wants to make Stefano pay. He reminisces about how stoic John was. He remembers the arguments they had that drove him crazy in the past. He feels that lately, they were finally in sync and Stefano ripped that away from him.

When Austin doesn't answer his door at the hotel, Billie lets herself in and finds him sitting on the floor crying in his underwear. Billie finds a crumpled photo of Carrie in the bin and Austin sadly admits he's so "frikkin' furious" with his wife. He rants about Carrie being at the safe house, assuming she was there for Rafe. Austin throws stuff around the room and admits he misses Carrie.

Will busts in on Stefano at home to blame him for the deaths of the six who were in the explosion. Stefano denies having a part of it but Will screams at him. Stefano retorts, "You want me to kill you on the spot? I had nothing to do with that." Will yells, "After everything I have done for you?" EJ walks in and asks what he did for Stefano. Stefano covers saying William's talking about working for the family. EJ thinks they're hiding something and tells Will he had nothing to do with the deaths. Will calls Stefano a "Sick small man who doesn't deserve to be alive." If he can do anything to help with that, he will. Stefano insists he's mourning too. He goes to take a call and EJ hopes Will's not covering something up. Will tells him to shut up. He leaves and Stefano returns. He got EJ's message clearly from the press conference. Maybe it's for the best that EJ isn't a DiMera, EJ thinks since being loved by Stefano is a death sentence. EJ lists off Benji, Tony, Marlena and Alexandra's names. Maybe EJ not being family is his saving grace.

Lucas finds Sami at home overcome with sorrow and guilt for the way she treated her mother, Carrie, and Rafe. Lucas holds her as she sobs. She can't make it right. She can't eat but is glad he took the kids to school so they're away from the press. How will she tell them what happened? Sami's tired of being a screw up and needs to make things right with Will. How's he going to handle this?

Roman and Shane sit at the park discussing how difficult this memorial will be. Shane reminds him of the reason they need to do this: to bring Stefano down.

Sami and Lucas arrive at the pub. She's apprehensive about going inside, knowing she made her sister's life a living hell. Kayla is talking about how some family couldn't make it, sent letters. She asks everyone to pay tribute by getting up and reminiscing. Gabi talks about what a great big brother Rafe was. She breaks down and Mel motions for Chad to comfort her. Sami talks about feeling blessed to have known Rafe. Victor loved Bo and is glad Bo grew up with such a fine family. Jennifer gets up and remembers how adventurous Hope was when they were kids and how she was her best friend. Austin speaks about falling in love with Carrie over and over and how they discussed having a family recently. Will reminisces about Marlena befriending half of Salem and how she was the one person he could talk to. Brady talks about John always doing the right thing. Brady's going to try to live his life in a way John would have been proud of. Sami suddenly jumps up and talks about wanting to give anything for another chance to have her mother put her arms around her. EJ shows up outside with Stefano. EJ wants Stefano to see the pain he has caused. Stefano growls, "Since when have you been so damned sanctimonious?" He walks away. Inside, everyone decides to head to the memorial.

Sneak peek!

Doug and Julie show up for the post-memorial at the pub where everyone continues to grieve.

Roman announces that all those who "died" in the explosion are alive.

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