Everyone gathers at the pub, sobbing over Roman's news that Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Carrie and Rafe are dead. Brady and Madison arrive and Brady goes into denial. Gabi and Nicole are in shock. Shane and Roman try to comfort Sami while she sobs and blames Roman. Brady yells that this is not Roman's fault. Will interjects to scream at Sami until Austin grabs him and reminds him Carrie and Sami loved each other no matter what he thinks. Will cries and apologizes while Roman tells Billie why everyone was in the safe house. Brady calls this murder. He's going to make Stefano pay. He runs out and Madi, Shane and Roman dash after him. Brady wants Stefano dead but Madi and Roman mange to talk him down. Back inside, Nicole, Kayla and Sami comfort Gabi. Lucas and Will discuss Sami and Marlena's difficult relationship. Shane returns and Billie demands answers but he has nothing to tell her.

Kate and Ian are on a date at the square. Ian has surprised Kate with a romantic private dinner for two. Kate realizes this is where Stefano dumped her. She gasps and fills Ian in. He suggests they go elsewhere but she refuses to allow Stefano to ruin her night. They toast to Kate's freedom. Nearby, Jack and Jennifer are kissing after a dinner at Chez Rouge. In tears, Abby finds them and explains that there was an explosion and Uncle Bo and Aunt Hope are dead. Jennifer is sure it's not true, but starts to cry while Jack looks on his cell phone for news. Meanwhile, Kate refuses to accept Ian's gift of a bracelet, telling him she still cares for Stefano. Ian brings up Stefano blackmailing her into marriage and assumes she had Stockholm Syndrome even though she denies it. Ian agrees to give her time to get over Stefano and talk turns to Kate and Madison wanting to bury Sami. Kate receives a text and gasps. Stefano has finally lost his mind. She updates Ian about the explosion and worries about what Stefano will do to them next.

EJ comes upon Stefano in his study, thinking about Santo telling him how imperative it is to get that Anastasia egg. EJ interrupts asking how could he kill John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Carrie and Rafe. Stefano's shocked. He didn't mean for this to happen. He never wanted them dead. EJ scolds him for wanting what he could never have and ignoring those who care about him. He pleads with him to ignore the fact that they're not blood related but Stefano can't. EJ says, "When people find out what you did, they are coming for you." EJ asks why he keeps tormenting those people. Stefano calls it personal. "Has to do with my family." Elvis is now an outsider and Stefano isn't allowed to trust him anymore. EJ feels kicked to one side. He says, "You're on your own... Stefano. Agent Harmon calls and Stefano orders him to get over there. He hangs up and in anger, swipes the chess pieces off of the table. Harmon arrives and Stefano bawls him out for killing those people. He shoves him down into a chair. He starts throwing things around and asks if Harmon's positive they're dead.

Melanie and Chad make out in his bed but he can't stop thinking about Lexi. Melanie tries comforting him. He finds it a comfort being with her. They make love. Chad awakes to a distressed call from Gabi who asks him to meet her.

Jenn and Jack run into the pub with Abby. Kayla tells Jenn it's true, Bo and Hope died together. Kayla tried to reach Chelsea and Max and Caroline and Ciara are on a trip. Roman wants to tell them himself. Jenn calls Shawn and Belle. Abby apologizes to Austin while Roman is in pain over the lies. Shane says it's the only way to get to Stefano. Kayla overhears the last bit and warns that if they don't get to Stefano, one of them will. Jennifer yells that if Stefano did this, she hopes he burns in hell. Roman learns that EJ's making a public statement and rushes to watch. Everyone gathers around the television.

Roman meets EJ at the square. EJ gives his condolences. Roman wants to assure the public they won't rest until they get who did this. They both know who did this. EJ promises that this won't go unpunished. Their deaths will not be in vain. He assures Salemites the monster will pay the ultimate price. EJ warns the perpetrator and asks for a moment of silence for those lost in the tragedy. Stefano, who has been watching, turns off the TV.

Sneak peek!

Will confronts Stefano. How could he kill those Will loved the most especially after everything he has done for him?

EJ walks in on Will and Stefano and asks what Will has done for Stefano.

EJ makes Stefano see the suffering he has caused by taking him to the memorial.

The wake begins.

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