Everyone makes a blast wall at the safe house as Shane begs Roman to get to safety. The bomb goes off and the house goes up in flames. Roman starts for the fire, yelling for his family and friends but Shane holds him back. Roman realizes they're really gone. Shane comforts him and Roman says he could kill Stefano DiMera. Shane tells him they'll bring Stefano down but they need to do it the right way. Suddenly, a voice calls out from the rubbish. "Mind if we help?" Roman gasps and hugs Bo, John, Hope, Marlena, Carrie and Rafe. Rafe explains that they found a trap door under the carpet and scrambled inside before the blast. They hid in the basement. Shane wants them all to be examined by a doctor but John refuses. Nobody can know they're alive.

Lexi sits family down at the square to tell them her tumor is growing at a faster rate than expected. She has decided to stop all medical treatment. Cameron and Celeste ask her not to give up. She claims she's not but they all heard what Dr. Yu said. Abe defends Lexi's decision and Celeste comes around. Cameron laments that he just found his sister and isn't ready to lose her yet. Lexi wants to enjoy the rest of her life. Abe jokingly asks if this means she'll refold the laundry after he does. She laughs. Of course she will. Everyone must promise not to tell Theo she's dying just yet. She pulls out a bucket list. She wants to bungee jump, and surprises Cameron by telling him she was once a cop. They agree to spend the next few weeks getting to know each other.

Austin is making a scrap book for Carrie at home, cutting out paper hearts and thinking of her telling him she wants to make her marriage work. Billie arrives, commenting on how panicked he was on the phone. She takes over the project for him and he confides that Carrie's still in love with Rafe. Billie feels for him. It must be killing him. Austin says it is but he's working on fixing it. He eats popcorn and drinks pop while Billie cuts out paper hearts. They reminisce a little and Billie is hopeful for him and Carrie. They gossip about Ian making Kate Co-CEO of MadWorld Cosmetics. He's stunned. There's got to be a lot more to that story. Billie laughs. He's got to be right. They think Ian may be seeing their mother. Billie admits she doesn't like that her company's in the hands of a DiMera but otherwise she's fine and keeping busy.

At the Coffee Bean, Will makes fun of an old military school story Lucas tells. They miss their time together. Lucas tells him that he and Sami are back together. Will laughs and thinks Lucas has lost his mind. Lucas tries to get Will to respect his mother but Will says everything she does is for her own benefit. Lucas pressures Will to have a heart-to-heart with Sami right now.

At her apartment, Sami notices EJ's morose again. She's worried about him and encourages him to come clean with the children about Lexi. Sami checks on Syd and when she returns, she looks uncomfortable. EJ says he wasn't expecting anything when he came over. Neither was she. She says they're platonic friends and they agree it'd be a disaster if they were together. It's off the table anyway, Sami tells him since she's seeing someone. He's happy for her but rolls his eyes when he hears it's Lucas. EJ calls her out on playing musical chairs with the men in her life. Sami denies it and calls him arrogant and conceded. He kisses her cheek and takes off. Later, Will and Lucas arrive. Will likes the new apartment. "I see you put away your pitchfork and the fire pit," he says, smirking. Will demands an apology and gets one. Sami asks for another chance but he thinks she'll surely make the same mistakes over again.

EJ arrives on the scene of the explosion where Roman and Shane act as though there are no survivors. The EMS and police can find no bodies and Roman blames Stefano for the blast. EJ's shocked to learn who "perished" in the explosion. Shane goes off to make calls to Austin and Sami to meet him at the pub. Later, Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Carrie and Rafe come out of hiding. They reluctantly agree to fake their deaths. Everyone takes off leaving Roman to deliver the bad news. Marlena's sorry Roman has to do this but he thinks it'll be worth it in the end.

Sami, Will, Lucas, Billie and Austin meet Shane and Kayla at the pub, where Shane fills everyone in about the attack and the move to the safe house but an explosion killed them all. Everyone has questions and would like to go to the scene. Roman turns up and confirms that nobody made it. Everyone breaks down.

EJ's PA arrives at Coffee Bean. The press is calling, asking for a statement about the bombing. EJ tells him to set up a press conference.

Sneak peek!

EJ confronts Stefano about his heinous actions. Stefano denies it.

Stefano calls Agent Harmon to chew him out.

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