The inmates of the safe house hug each other with glee, happy they're going to live, until they notice the timer counting down. They let Shane and Roman know as their happiness turns to horror. Shane realizes the bomb would have gone off no matter what line was cut. Bo becomes frustrated as Shane tries to figure out their next move. Carrie continues to freak out and Rafe holds her and comforts her. Rafe professes his love for Carrie and she calls it cruel. "I'm in love with you," Rafe insists. Carrie was going to leave Austin but he slept with Nicole. Rafe tells her he didn't sleep with Nicole. Her baby is EJ's. He comes clean with his reasons, claiming he hates EJ and it seemed like the right thing to do. Carrie smiles. Shane gets Rafe, John and Bo to try to short out the clock. It doesn't work. They've 19 minutes and Roman goes bananas as Shane tells him it's over. Inside, everyone gets close. John apologizes for not protecting Marlena. Hope and Bo think about Ciara and cry, while Rafe and Carrie make out. Rafe suggests they build a blast wall. Roman and Carrie talk, telling each other they love one another and the wall is built. They carefully roll up the carpet with five minutes to spare. Outside, Shane has to drag Roman from the front door as inside John says, "Come on everyone. This is it." There's a gigantic blast...

At the square, Ian puts Kate's concerns to rest about his feelings for Madison. A man watches them nearby as they agree to put Brady Black behind them. Ian wants to get back to planning a trip for them to St. Tropez. Ian takes a call from the fellow watching them. He tells him to contact their team and keep him in the loop before returning to Kate. The head of IT at Titan told him someone hacked into their server. MadWorld was a target. Kate must call Madison now.

Brady throws Madison on the bed at her hotel, kissing her when Kate calls to tell her to get to Titan. Their company is under attack. Brady is skeptical since Titan has the best security around. Madi plants one on Brady before running off.

Back at the square, Kate leaves for Titan and Ian meets with the man watching them, who gives him a pouch. It's very potent so he asks him to be careful.

Brady meets Ian at the pub after Ian reaches out. Ian wants to reassure Brady that he's not contesting the divorce. Brady wants the games to end and he doesn't have any faith in Ian. Ian tells Brady he's in love with Kate and he wouldn't risk being with Kate by holding on to Madison. Brady still doesn't believe it. Brady leaves the table to check in with Madi while Ian laces his drink with drugs from the pouch. Brady tells Madi that he's out with Ian and doesn't trust him one iota. Brady hangs up and sits with Ian, who wants to toast to better choices all around. Brady drinks up and leaves.

Kate and Madi meet at Titan. Madi wonders if Sami hacked their servers. Kate is doubtful. It could be one of their competitors. Madison reminds Kate that Stefano would provide Sami with whatever she needs in order to take them down. Madison's shocked when Kate admits she'll take down CW if she has to.

From home, Sami leaves a message for Lucas to discuss what happened. EJ arrives, disheartened. He'd like to see the kids. She asks what's wrong but he just wants to hold the children and tell them he loves them. This worries Sami. He lets her assume this is about Lexi's illness. Sami suggests he surround himself with those who love him unconditionally. He smirks. "Please don't tell me you're one of those people." She denies it, laughing but thinks he should be with the kids. Later, EJ looks much happier as he and the kids watch a movie together on the sofa. The kids go to bed after eating copious amounts of chocolate and Sami hopes the kids grow up to be more like the Brady side than the DiMera side. EJ tells her he's sure they won't have to worry about that. Sami offers EJ scotch and he sticks around. She's worried about him."You're not alone," she says.

Back at Titan, Kate admits she walked in on Lucas and Sami. Madison's surprised they're 'together' and Lucas is working at CW. They gloat about taking Sami Brady down and Kate doesn't care if Lucas is a casualty. Ian arrives and learns Kate and Madi have a plan.

Brady turns down the heat at the hotel room. He's sweating buckets. Madison arrives and accuses Sami of stabbing him in the back. Brady takes offense when Madison calls Sami names. He tells her to shut her mouth. Her face falls. They both apologize to each other. "It's not you. I'm sorry, it's me," Brady says. They make out as Brady sweats profusely.

Sneak peek!

Shayne gathers the family at the pub and informs them of Stefano's threats and the safe house and the bomb that killed their loved ones.

Sami and EJ nearly kiss but are interrupted by Sydney.

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