Madi gives Brady a quick kiss before rushing out of her office, in a snit.

Chad arrives at Lexi's office. She tells him Father's going to need him soon. EJ stands outside eavesdropping as Chad tells Lexi that Father has a son and doesn't need him. EJ enters the room and Chad feels ganged up on. Lexi admits she asked him there to tell him she's got a brain tumor and is dying. Chad's in shock. He demands EJ do something but EJ explains the specialists all agree the tumor is too advanced and inoperable. Chad yells that she can't give up and starts to weep. He hugs her. She breaks down while telling Chad that Theo will need them since any change to an Autistic kid is a challenge. Lexi asks that EJ look after Stefano. It's a shame he doesn't have Kate. Chad agrees to be there for their father and Theo. EJ tells Chad, "I think it's time you came home." Chad says she's the one person in their family who made him want to be a part of it. Lexi's touched. Chad tells EJ it is time he came home if there's still a place for him. EJ hugs him and says the timing is perfect. He winks at Lexi. EJ gives Chad tips on how to deal with Stefano and urges him to take after Lexi. Chad plans to talk to Stefano, finally feeling that for better or worse, this family is his.

Carrie panics at the safe house when she spots Roman outside. Roman tries to enter but is blocked by John and Bo pressing their weight against the door. Hope shoves a note under the door telling Roman about the explosives wired to the alarm system and how they think Harmon's a double agent. Roman sends a reply. "Don't worry. The cavalry is here." Roman sends a walkie talkie down the chimney and Bo's able to tell Roman more details about the bomb. Carrie talks to Roman, explaining how claustrophobic she feels. He comforts her. Carrie paces and Rafe jokes that she'll wear a hole in the floor. Marlena distracts her with talk about work. Roman tells the gang ISA Agent Shane Donovan is there with them. Everyone's relieved to hear his voice and he seems positive he can get them out in one piece. Shane asks the men to describe the bomb while Roman tries tracking Harmon down. Rafe suggests they make a blast wall while Bo starts cutting wires. Bo cuts one last wire and Shane congratulates them. Everyone hugs each other in relief. Suddenly, they notice the timer was activated. They've one hour...

At the square, Ian wishes they could go away together. Madison interrupts and Kate leaves them alone so Madison can rant at him about delaying their divorce proceedings. She thinks he's trying to use the company to distract her but it won't work. She wants to work out a property settlement. Ian admits he found someone else. Madison's realizes he's with Kate. Ian calls her thick. She must have known.

Brady finds Kate at the Coffee Bean. She tries making Brady jealous by telling him Madison tore her away from Ian to talk. Brady shrugs. Madi and Ian work together. Brady realizes Kate's the reason Ian's granting Madison a divorce. Brady warns her about Ian dragging his feet over the divorce. That doesn't bother Kate. Brady adds that he doesn't think Ian's over his wife.

Brady returns to Titan and Madison explains she went to see Ian because she thought he was playing games with her. Ian claims he wants the divorce as much as she does. They discuss just finding out that Kate's with Ian now. Madison's glad. This means she and Brady finally have a future.

Ian paces the square and tells someone on the phone that Madison finally believes he's giving her a divorce. He laughs and tells the person on the other end to get what he requested and pretty soon he says, "She won't want to have anything to do with him." Kate finds him and asks if he's done with Madison. Ian tells her this isn't a game and kisses her. He loves and wants her.

Sneak peek!

A huge explosion rocks the safe house.

Sami notices EJ's a wreck and offers him an evening with the kids.

Sami and EJ drink and talk and eventually, there's an electric moment...

A mystery man shows up to see Ian and gives him a pouch of potent contents.

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