Sami and Lucas bond at her place over Lucas saving the CW account. Lucas wants to make it straight that they're a team and he doesn't work "for her." Sami tells him EJ is under the impression that they're getting back together. Is there a chance? Lucas grins. He has thought of it but doesn't mean he wants to get involved with the woman who made his life a living hell. Sami thinks he's exaggerating until he lists off her faults. Either he's a glutton for punishment or there's something there. They start making out and shedding clothes. They head into the bedroom, make love and afterwards can't keep their hands off each other.

Roman finds Kate at the pub. He's there as an old friend to give her advice about her husband's latest activities. Kate confides that Stefano dumped her. Is she okay? Kate admits she's not because he rendered her and her kids unemployed. Roman worries about Sami. They decide it's best not to discuss Sami. Roman lets Kate know about the attempt made on Marlena's life. If it's true, Kate would be worried for them. She knows Stefano's been particularly angry and vindictive lately. She thanks Roman for the heads up. He says he still cares about her. She asks if he's hitting on her. He's not but admits she's still one of the most beautiful women he has ever known but he wonders if there's too much history to do anything about it. Kate knows there's always the issue of Sami. Roman offers friendship. He heads to the bar and tells Kayla about their family in the safe house but urges her to keep quiet. Roman can't get a hold of Carrie or Bo and seems concerned.

Stefano walks into the mansion where EJ sits stunned. He wants to know if it's true that he's not Stefano's son. Stefano stammers. EJ realizes this is what Stefano has been trying to tell him. Stefano confirms EJ's not his son. "I feel like my entire life has been one big lie," EJ says. Stefano only learned about it the eve of EJ's election. Stefano's terribly sorry he found out this way. EJ asks who his father is. Stefano has no idea. He hasn't even known that long. EJ's surprised that Alice Horton knew first. She knew because Alice got EJ a doctor who saved his life when he was a child. In the process, she learned the secret of EJ's paternity. Stefano explains how he found the envelope in the safe deposit box. EJ slumps in his chair. He now knows he's not a DiMera and Lexi's not his sister. He's on his own. Suddenly, EJ wonders if this isn't true. Stefano says it is. "But I love you, I respect you," EJ says. He tried to make him proud. Stefano says he has been proud. He weeps. "I've lost a son." EJ doesn't think he has to lose him but Stefano says things have changed. EJ's not his blood and the DiMera's only trust their blood. "What about Tony?" EJ asks. Stefano thinks it's different but EJ thinks he can make another exception for him. Stefano doesn't think a true son would have questioned his actions. They seem to reach an impasse and EJ says he'll move out now. Stefano asks EJ not to tell anyone. He'll take care of it on his own. "Yes sir, Mr. DiMera. I understand perfectly," EJ says before leaving. Stefano sits and weeps while EJ stumbles over the stairs outside, still in shock. He begins to cry.

Rafe stops Carrie from leaving the safe house, noting an irregularity with the alarm system. He examines it and says there's a glitch in the system so opens the panel to find a bomb. "Nobody touch the door," he warns, telling them the bomb's attached to the alarm system. Bo considers they could be safe if they don't leave through a window or door. Hope worries the bomb can be triggered by remote. John tries to call Roman but there's no signal. Carrie panics. Rafe comforts her and the crew gets to work on a rough schematic on the bomb. Carrie starts hyperventilating. She and Rafe tell each other what they've felt for each other is real. Rafe almost tells Carrie the truth about Nicole's baby when John calls him for help.

Kate walks into Sami's open apartment and sees Lucas and Sami kissing. She flips out and hands them a document stating she owns the Countess Wilhelmina name and logo. The company's worthless to them. Lucas finds paperwork of his own that states Stefano owns the logo and name. Stefano owns the company lock, stock, name and logo. Lucas accuses Kate of knowing about this already and tells her he's with Sami all the way before kicking her out.

Agent Spencer calls Roman to tell him his boss is heading to Salem. He takes a personal interest in seeing Stefano taken down. Roman lets Spencer know that he can't contact anyone in the safe house by phone and is concerned. Spencer asks Roman to go check on the crew.

Sneak peek!

Hope tries warning Roman not to set off the bomb.

Shane Donovan arrives on the scene to take apart the bomb.

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