EJ spots Lucas kissing Sami at the square. He interrupts and explains that Caroline took the kids to the zoo earlier but he wasn't told. Sami doesn't need his permission. EJ knows but he might have liked to spend time with them. Sami sighs. He's right. She takes him aside. She thought he would be too busy to spend time with them. EJ admits he's concerned how they'll be affected by "this relationship you seem to be developing with Lucas." Sami tells him it's none of his concern. EJ asks if Sami knows what the piece of evidence was that helped Carrie get John Black out of jail. Confused, Sami doesn't know and the case reminds her of how Rafe and Carrie got involved. EJ's sorry for bringing it up and leaves. Sami fills Lucas in. Lucas thinks EJ's jealous. They both ponder EJ questioning her about John's trial. Sami gets an email from work and she and Lucas rush off to avoid a crisis.

Brady arrives at Nicole's place with cake and coffee. She passes on the latte and starts in on the cake while she reluctantly explains that she's pregnant. He congratulates her though isn't smiling. She says it's Rafe's baby. He's surprised and she says it happened after EJ and Sami had sex. "Did you accidentally bump into each other in the night?" Brady asks, sarcastically. She asks him to stop judging her. "I wasn't thinking," she snaps. Brady doubts the baby is Rafe's. Nicole says she wouldn't put it past EJ to change the paternity test results. They discuss Brady and Madi's upcoming marriage. Brady tells her about Madison's marriage to Ian. Talk turns to Nicole again and Brady assumes she'll fall for Rafe soon.

At the safe house, Rafe warns the crew that time will move slowly. It did when he and Sami...Bo interrupts. He already feels trapped and starts complaining. Rafe goes off to check with Agent Harmon but Carrie stops him.

Stefano tells Agent Harmon, "Take care of them. All of them." It should end today. Harmon sets something up on the laptop and says what happens next is up to the people inside the safe house.

Back at the safe house, Rafe shows everyone how to set the alarm system. If the light is red, they need to stay in the house and if it's green, they can come and go as they please.

Agent Harmon is the park on a call. "Once the bomb has been armed? Excellent. And if anyone tries to open a door or window or breach any of the walls? Right... Boom!"

At home, Stefano holds the coin in his hand and growls. EJ arrives and asks what Stefano is keeping from him and if Stefano knows how John Black managed to get out of jail. Stefano says a father would never betray a son the way EJ's suggesting. But Stefano has, EJ insists. Stefano brushes it off and tells him the money he borrowed from EJ is safe. Stefano leaves and EJ rifles through a drawer and finds Alice's note. He reads it.

Back at the safe house, Carrie stays for a quick bite to eat. She hands Rafe a sandwich and congratulates him on working for the ISA. They're both sorry their partnership didn't work out. John and Marlena play cards as John gripes about wanting to kill Stefano. Bo says if Stefano hurt Hope or Ciara, he'd want blood, too. Marlena reminds John the ISA is doing what they can to bring Stefano down. Bo groans about what Stefano's goons did to him while Hope tries to get him to be a little less depressing. Bo is also upset that Hope's still married to John, that he hasn't seen Ciara and that they've not spent time together. He confides that while in his coma he saw Zach, who was happy and at peace. Zach told Bo he wanted him to be happy. He heard Hope's voice which brought him back. They both start bawling and then discuss continuing therapy with Marlena. Meanwhile, Marlena and John wonder who Yvette is. Nearby, Carrie brings up Rafe getting Nicole pregnant. Rafe thinks it's time he told her the truth. She tells him to leave it alone. Marlena and John interrupt. They don't like how Rafe's been treating Carrie. Rafe says things aren't always as they seem. John disarms the alarm so Carrie can leave as Harmon, at the park, tells someone that once the alarm is disarmed and someone tries to leave, they'll all be dead. Carrie places her hand on the door...

Lucas and Sami deal with the CW crisis at Sami's place. They hug and agree they make a good team.

Sneak peek!

Kate runs into Roman. Roman heard about Sami's new job and worries about Kate.

Lucas and Sami have sex.

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