EJ is at home reading the newspaper when Sami comes to the door. He lets her in and tells her that he was expecting her. Once in, she asks how he knew it was her, and he tells her that he's always expecting her in his home and in his heart. She tells him to hurry things along as Lucas is in the shower. He tells her that he wants to talk about her. He says, "I'm going to tell Lucas that his future wife slept with another man!"Samantha threatens that if he does so, it'll be the biggest mistake of his life. He laughs her off, and then she asks if he wants everyone to know what he did. He doesn't appear interested or concerned and starts to reminisce about them having sex. Sami yells at him to shut his mouth. "All I want to do is be happy with the man I've always dreamed of. Why are you trying to ruin my life?" she asks. EJ repeats her, "The man you've always dreamed of" and then tells Sami that she lied because it suited her. This upsets her even more and she vehemently disagrees and shouts, "I saved Lucas' life and I deserve everyone to be proud of me." EJ sits down and asks, "What about me? What do I deserve?" She asks him why he can't leave her alone and he tells her that he determined not about to let Lucas stand in the way of him and his future."You and I are bound together," he says, smoothly. He reminds her, "There is no evidence that I forced you but, the evidence is. Evident." She in turn reminds him that he shot John Black and asks that they come to an agreement. This puts him in a better mood and he explains that he wants her to dig up information from her father about the investigation on him. She hedges but he showers her with unusual compliments about how she's the most deceitful person he knows who isn't his relative, and reminds her that she will have no trouble getting the information from Roman that he needs to know. Sami refuses until he picks up the phone and dials her phone number. As he dials, he threatens to tell Lucas everything. She grabs the phone, hangs up and asks him, "Why did you come back from Mexico City anyway?" He tells her she's important to him and is the reason he came back. "I really care about you," he admits softly. She tells him that he has a strange way of showing it and sticks to her guns. "I don't care how you feel. I don't care about you at all," she says. When he tells her that she's denying her true feelings, she calls him crazy. She agrees to get the information he seeks but declares that she's only doing it for look for Lucas and Will. Someone knocks on the door. EJ wonders aloud if Lucas has arrived after seeing his number displayed on his phone.

Abby arrives at the garage and thanks Max for calling her to come over. When Max tells her that Bonnie confessed to murdering David Lockhart, Abby wonders what the heck he's doing at work when he should be with Mimi. Max admits, "Mimi is squeezing me dry, Abby and I don't know what else to do about it!" Abby comforts him and tells him that he needs to get his life in order. "You're a good guy Max," she says but Max disagrees. He has his own issues and doesn't feel he can dump his 'stuff' on Mimi when she has so much going on in her life right now. Abby tells him, "That alone makes you a good guy!" Max finally smiles and asks her, "How is it that you always know the right things to say?!" She smiles and offers to do an oil change for him. As she works, Max calls her amazing and comments that he was about 14 when 'pops' first let him change the oil in a car. He tells Abby stories about how he didn't know the difference between oil and transmission fluid at age 13. There is a little playful banter and after they finish the car, Jed walks into the garage. Abby turns to him and says, "You!" and turns around to face Max, who greets Jed and tells Abby that she just worked on Jed's car! She is embarrassed and apologizes to Jed for thinking that he was hitting on her. Jed is surprised to see Abby and admits he owes her an apology back. He admits that he was hitting on her! Abby smiles, "We're even," she says. Max takes a call from Mimi in the office while Abby and Jed chat. The two discuss how busy they have been and he tells her that he has an entire week of schoolwork to make up for since his sister finally came up with his tuition - a week late. Abby points out that his sister must be a good one. He agrees and then asks her out on a date. She tells him she's kind of seeing someone and he looks at Max through the window of the office as if he knows it could be Max. He tells her he's only looking for coffee and some " Bolshevik" talk! Abby observes that he has been studying. Abby is crushed when Max tells her that he's going off to see Mimi, but she agrees to lock up and get Jed's bill for him. Once Max is gone, Abby agrees to coffee, leaving Jed confused. "Aren't you still 'hot and heavy with someone?" he asks. She shrugs and tells him, "It's just coffee!" To herself she mutters, "You lost, Max!" The two drive off.

At the lab, Nick works at getting the other lab assistants to report Dr. Rebert, but they refuse and rationalize that they need their jobs to pay for college. Dr. Rebert arrives and wants to know why Nick is there on his day off. Before Nick can answer, they're interrupted by Dr. Endo, who is carrying a file in his hand as he walks with a purpose, toward Dr. Rebert. With Chelsea is on his heels, smiling, Dr. Endo tells Dr. Rebert that he knows about his 'date' with Chelsea last night. Dr. Rebert calmly explains that Chelsea needed help with her calculus homework and he hadn't had dinner. He claims he killed two birds with one stone. He calls Chelsea a pathological liar, and explains how he's only sorry he didn't pick up on that during the interview. Chelsea is outraged when Rebert tells Dr. Endo that Nick has been stalking Chelsea for months. Dr. Endo already has the full story from Nick, he reveals, and Dr. Rebert tries to save his reputation. Nick butts in and tells Dr. Endo that he has evidence! Nick shows Dr. Endo a photo that he snapped on his cell phone of Dr. Rebert in the car with Chelsea. Dr. Endo takes Dr. Rebert away while Chelsea thanks Nick for all he has done for her. Nick tells her that everyone is grateful to her for standing up to Dr. Rebert because she isn't the first woman he has hit on. Chelsea is floored, yet happy with the outcome. He tells her she's like 'Norma Rae', but when she looks at him as though he has two heads, he says, "Or 'Lara Croft' or 'Erin Brockovitch'!" Chelsea smiles proudly.

Later, Dr. Rebert comes through the office with a box of his belongings. Dr. Endo explains that Dr. Rebert has resigned and everyone gives Nick and Chelsea a round of applause. Chelsea puts her arms around Nick's neck and is thrilled to be respected! Chelsea offers to make dinner for him but he thinks he ought to make dinner for her. When he offers toast or a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich for dinner, she laughs and says she thinks its best that she makes dinner and maybe he can help her with calculus!

On the island, Shawn finds some berries and brings them to Belle. She worries that they may be poisonous but Shawn says there is only one way to find out, and he tries one. He insists that he has no choice, because they need to eat. While he chews, she asks how it is. He jokes that it tastes like chicken. His face changes and he says he doesn't feel well. Suddenly he runs off to vomit! Belle doesn't think they should eat anymore berries but he tells her that unfortunately they have no choice and pops the second type of berry into his mouth. Luckily the second berry actually makes him feel better. She's happy that Claire will now get to eat. As she gathers the berries together, Shawn asks her how she feels about dining on squirrels and bunnies. She refuses to eat either but doesn't mind having fish, so Shawn agrees to make a net from some vines and go fishing in the morning. She laughs and calls him 'Shawn of the Jungle'. He calls himself 'Castaway Shawn', and they refer to their new diet as the "Fishberry South Beach diet." He tells her he's happy to be stuck with her. Claire stirs in her sleep as Belle asks Shawn to sleep beside her. They lie down and she holds his hand over her tummy as they talk. Shawn leans in for a kiss and Belle responds, passionately for a few moments until she jumps up and stops things. Shawn is perplexed at the sudden change of events and she calls him clueless. He apologizes and says he's sorry he misread her signals. She refuses to discuss things and kicks him out of the shelter.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Abby tells her cousin, "It's official; I am a failure at dating!" Nick tells her he has an idea and thinks he knows how to turn things around for the both of them.

Kayla tells Steve, "You want to walk out that door? Youre going to have to kill me first!"

EJ tells Sami and Lucas, "You want the truth, Sunshine? I got it coming to you in spades!"

Mimi demands to know the truth from Bonnie. "For once in your life, just tell me the truth!" she screams. Bonnie agrees to it but tells her daughter, "Okay, but you are not going to like it. In fact, youre going to wish you never knew."