Willow and Philip arrive at Salem PD. He tells her that this is the end of the line for her and she panics. "Are you turning me in?" she asks. She starts to rant and rave that if he turns her in, she'll turn him in but he stops her and tells her to relax. "I'm not turning you in, now get out." He says. He doesn't care about their deal now that Claire is gone. Willow thinks that Shawn, Belle and Claire could still be alive, and on some island laughing about how they duped the 'dumb Lieutenant'. Philip tells her that the odds are that their not alive but if they are, Shawn will try to contact his family. If he does, I'll find out and finish what I started. . . without your help. Willow asks what she's supposed to do but he could care less. She grabs his keys and tells him it's over when she says it's over! The two get into a scuffle and threaten each other until Willow gives Philip his keys back. She begs him to take her back and stubbornly stays put while he tries to open her door to force her out. He gives her money and she takes it but calls him names and storms out of the vehicle. Philip pulls out a box from the back seat marked "Remains".

Sami and Lucas dine at Chez Rouge and money is no object, Lucas generously tells his future wife. They discuss having a big wedding but Sami is afraid to do that and mentions her 'wedding curse'. Lucas tells her that there is no curse. "You love me and I love you. What could possibly go wrong?" he asks. EJ comes up behind the two and answers, "I can think of something!" Lucas gets up and asks what that's supposed to mean but EJ covers and explains, "The odds of any marriage's success can be daunting." He gives Sami advice that she shouldn't turn down the wedding of her dreams and then turns to Lucas to ask him to call one of their clients. "The Duncan-Davidson deal is starting to look a little bit shaky, okay? We want this deal closed but I haven't seen a contract yet," EJ goes on to say. He asks Lucas to fax over a copy of some documents and Lucas reluctantly agrees to make the call. EJ has a seat and tells Sami, "I'm on to you. I know your little secret, Samantha!" She tells him she's only lying about the things he has forced her to lie about but he claims she's lying right now. He comments on her aversion to alcohol and tells her he knows she's pregnant. He whispers, "I went through your trash!" and he shows her the appointment for the first sonogram! Sami stares at him in disgust. She can't believe he went through her trash. She explains that she is waiting until after her first trimester to tell people, but EJ calls her on it and tells her, "You know this child isn't Lucas' it's mine." Lucas wanders up after he has completed the call and EJ tries to send him off again to fax the documents to his apartment. Lucas thinks EJ is sending him on a wild goose chase and just wants to get rid of him in order to hit on Sami but Sami assures him that EJ isn't hitting on her and urges him go make the call. Once he's gone, EJ gets back to business and tells her how thrilled he is that they're pregnant but she tells him she can tell its Lucas'. He tells her that they made love eight weeks ago but she retorts, "You don't even get to use that word. You raped me." He denies rape and tells her that she had a choice. They quarrel about technicalities and he tells her that it won't be hard to prove that the child is his. She refuses to do any test until he threatens to tell Lucas everything. "Nobody raises my child but me. Got that?" he states, menacingly. Sami has daggers in her eyes for him and when Lucas comes back, EJ tells him that he has something to discuss with him about the little one on the way. Sami is afraid he'll spill the beans but instead he tells Lucas to take four months off for paternity leave and leaves. Lucas sits down confused. He asks why she told EJ about the baby. She explains that he figured it out on his own. They get back to dining when from outside, EJ calls Lucas to ask if he's free tomorrow morning, "There's something I need to discuss with you - man to man," he says. He hangs up.

Roman and Bo discuss John Black, Steve and the DiMera's at Salem PD. Roman does not understand what the DiMera's want from the two men. Bo calls the pub to look for Kayla while Roman calls her cell phone. Shawn Sr. hasn't seen Kayla since yesterday and it appears as though she isn't answering her cell, so Roman asks Bo, "You don't think she went after Steve?" Bo replies, "You know our sister!" Roman gives photos of Kayla and Steve to a few police officers and puts out an APB on them both. They discuss the need of evidence and Bo considers that there is one person who can help bring them down - Shawn!! If they can get Shawn to sign a statement that he witnessed illegal activity, they'll be able to bring EJ in. BO thinks that they could use the statement to get Lockhart to help them. As they talk, Philip walks into Roman's office and shows them the box marked "Remains". "You can't," he says. "This is all that's left of him." Bo looks through the box and finds a teddy bear that he and Hope purchased for Claire. Roman asks Philip to explain, so he explains everything to them and tells them that Shawn and Belle took Claire and jumped overboard into a raft. Philip goes on to explain that the lifeboat was shredded and that's all that is left of them. He is almost in tears as he explains, "There was blood found on a piece of rope belonging to Claire." Bo is no longer skeptical and asks how he's supposed to tell Hope. Philip lashes out at him and says, "You can start by telling her you're to blame. Because of you, my little girl is dead and I won't let the Brady family rest until you all pay!" A police officer comes into the office to let them know there may be a lead on Steve Johnson. Roman goes off with the officer while Bo ponders Shawn's demise. Bo is visibly upset and grabs Philip and blames him for all of this. The two argue and Bo warns Philip to get out of there, before he gets hurt. Bo tells Philip he's no longer his brother and throws him out, angrily. He knees by the desk and holds Shawn and Claire's belongings. "This can't be. This can't be" He repeats to himself.

Roman comes back and Bo tells him to get a search and rescue going. With hope he says, "Shawn, Belle and Claire are not dead!" He shows a code that Shawn wrote on the raft! SAFE! Bo and Roman smile, "He is safe!!" Roman hopes his brother is right and they agree to keep it to themselves.

Philip bumps into Willow outside Salem. Annoyed, he asks what she's still doing hanging around. Once again, she pleads with him to help her. She tells him that one child is already dead and then threatens to taint his reputation by telling everyone that the child is his. He says, "I've got to hand it to you Willow. You know how to play hardball." He asks her to come over tomorrow to talk terms and leaves.

At the warehouse, Steve reveals to Kayla that she has to take out one of John's vital organs. Kayla puts her hands up in disbelief and tells him that if she did that, John could die! Steve tells her that she has no choice. She starts asking questions but he tells her that if she doesn't operate on John, that butcher will do it and John will die. Kayla reminds him that he's under the DiMera control and tells him that it is not too late. "You do not have to do this," she promises. "It is too late, and if you don't do it, that butcher will take what he wants from John." He warns her. Kayla paces and stutters as she tries to make sense of it all and when she starts to make a call to Roman, he grabs her cell phone from her. He tells her, "This is our only chance to make sure John survives." Kayla is exasperated. She knows that this is not her area of expertise and is worried that John could die. The two argue about operating and Kayla gives in. She enters the curtained off area and as she cries she prepares for surgery. She sighs, "I am so sorry. I am so sorry John." She starts to operate but has troubles with it. Steve hears police sirens as John's blood pressure drops. She finishes the operation as the sirens fade in the distance. She tells him that there is a good chance infection could set in. Steve asks her to make him a list of things John will need but Kayla demands that he call an ambulance right now. Steve mumbles, "They won't like it." Kayla asks him who he's talking about and thinks it's the DiMeras, but Steve doesn't come clean. She implores him to listen and Steve declares that he doesn't want John to die. He lets her have the phone and as he looks around in sorrow, she calls for an ambulance. Steve goes to the door looks back and tells Kayla he loves her. He then walks out the door.

Back at Salem PD, Roman gets a call from someone who tells him that Kayla is with John, and it doesn't look good. They two leave.

Outside the warehouse, Steve calls EJ and tells him, "It's done and the kidney on its way." EJ replies, "Splendid. Let's hear it for the miracle of life, eh?"

Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea is happy when one of the doctor's calls her Nick's colleague. She feels as though she belongs! Nick feels she deserves it.

Jed asks Abby, "What would you say I if I"

Belle comments that she is happy she and Shawn stuck together.

Sami asks EJ, "What's so freaking important here, anyway?" EJ tells her, "You are. You're the reason I came back."