On the island, Shawn builds a shelter while Belle worries about Claire's cut finger. They've used up all of the first aid supplies but Shawn thinks Claire will be fine. Shawn's shelter falls to the ground as they talk and he yells in frustration. He is irritated at himself for his inability to create a decent shelter. Belle asks him to remember their trip to Puerto Rico. She reminds him that they all survived there and they can do it again. Shawn apologizes for disappointing her but Belle doesn't think they could have gotten this far without him. They reminisce about kidnapping JT a few years back and he remembers that it didn't help then. Belle points out that it's different. Claire is happy, and doesn't have to grow up a Kiriakis, she tells him. "That has to count for something," she offers. She decides to step up to bat so Shawn takes her cue and promises he'll stop feeling sorry for himself. They agree to start working on their accommodations. Shawn is impressed with her work and she tells him that although she misses her family, as long as she has Claire, she's okay. It starts to rain and the three of them get under the shelter.

Chelsea and Dr. Rebert are in his car getting ready to go back to his house when Chelsea decides that she'd prefer to go to Dune to talk, instead of going back to his place. He counters that his home has a fully stocked bar and a hot tub! She asks him if he thinks it's a little inappropriate for them to be alone together at his house but he tells her "No more games. I thought you were attracted to me. Was I wrong?" Chelsea thinks he's too old for her but he disagrees and asks her to call him 'Al'. "I thought you were going to teach me math, not about sex-ed." she states. He tells her that he did a background check on her as he does on all new hires, and he knows that she was picked up for prostitution! Chelsea is aghast when she hears this and more so when he threatens her job if she doesn't put out. He grabs her and forces himself on her but before he gets too far, Nick comes to her rescue and opens the car door and pulls 'Al' off of Chelsea! "You will never touch her," he yells. "Never!" Chelsea gets out of the car and runs to Nick's side. Chelsea kicks Al hard in the shin before she runs off with Nick!!

Kayla paces at the hospital while Bo calls someone about Steve to discuss how unstable he is. Kayla comes clean and tells Bo that she thinks Steve took John. She explains to her brother that Steve was fighting a battle with himself and during a nightmare he strangled her, and then left her. Bo is alarmed but Kayla doesn't blame Steve and tells her brother that Steve was dreaming of EJ when he strangled her. It was an accident. Bo thinks that Steve has done the right thing by leaving her. He thinks that if Steve is being programmed he is better off away from Kayla. Kayla disagrees and wants to find her husband before he harms anyone else. She sadly tells Bo that she's ready to have Steve committed before he hurts himself or anyone else. Steve puts out an APB on Steve and Kayla asks if he can bring in EJ for questioning. Bo shakes his head. He can't do it but he can at least talk to him to see if he can get anything out of him. Kayla waits in the hospital for Steve while Bo goes off to call EJ.

At the warehouse, Steve assures EJ that nobody saw him take John from the hospital. Steve asks what their next move is. EJ asks if Steve's hungry and suggests he go get them some steak or a kidney! He laughs wickedly and suggests that they take John's kidney from him. Steve stares at him in disbelief. He is revolted and calls EJ sick. "John could die from an operation." he warns EJ. EJ retorts that he doesn't give a damn. A doctor arrives to perform surgery on John but Steve pushes him around. EJ asks the doctor not to worry about Steve as he has him under control. Steve looks as though he's going to be sick and walks toward the door. The doctor tries to enter the area behind the curtains but Steve crosses his path and refuses to let him see John. EJ asks Steve if he needs a little coaxing to do his bidding but Steve starts laughing and tells him that he tried to program John but that didn't work out. He goes on to remind EJ that it backfired and John led a good life. He says, "I saved John's life and can't step aside while this doctor butchers him." EJ says, "Okay, we'll do it your way. If you can find someone else, to operate on our friend, we'll allow it." He suggests Steve call Marlena or Kayla or otherwise he needs to keep his mouth shut. EJ sends the doctor away and Steve is told he has fifteen minutes to get Kayla here to do the operation. He flashes the tarot card and reminds Steve to keep his name out of this. Steve goes to get Kayla.

Nick takes Chelsea home and asks if he can get her some tea. She refuses the tea and doesn't allow him call Billie. She doesn't think she can deal with a lecture from her mom right now and comments that she must have inherited her mom's judgment when it comes to guys. She gets down on herself but Nick blames himself for this and apologizes to her for putting her through all of it. She asks why he followed her to Chez Rouge and he lets on that when they were at work, Dr. Rebert was talking trash about her. He tells her that he was also surprised that the doctor would invite a new hire to dinner. Chelsea thanks him for saving her and apologizes for being rude to him at Chez Rouge. She thinks that she's going to have to look for a new job but Nick tells her that Rebert should be the one to find a new job. He doesn't think that Rebert will fire either of them because he'd have to answer to Nick. Nick once again apologizes to her and asks for her forgiveness. She smiles and says she's leaning heavily toward forgiving him and asks if he meant all of the things he wrote in her blog as Dr. Patton. He nods and tells her it was all him. Nick tells Chelsea that she should report what happened because Rebert could do this to other women. She's afraid but asks if he will back her up. He promises and tells her that he'll always find another job if he gets fired but he'll never find another Chelsea! "Why do you confuse me like this?" she asks and walks away. Chelsea says that before, Nick was just 'Abby's geeky cousin' and Dr. Shane Patton was a mystery man. She thought he'd be her soul mate. Nick says that he lied about who he was but the words were true. Chelsea kisses him on the lips and asks if tomorrow is the day they take down Dr. Rebert. Nick smiles.

EJ gets a call from Steve to talk to him about John. EJ plays innocent but Bo tells him to cut the bull. EJ agrees to go see Bo and tells the doctor to take the kidney if the patient expires and dispose of the body.

EJ arrives at the hospital and asks BO what's going on with John Black. EJ feigns innocence and Bo bets that if he put a tail on him, it would lead him to John. He then asks what he did to Steve, but EJ doesn't say a word. Bo grabs him and accuses him of turning Steve into a DiMera errand boy. EJ doesn't think Bo can win against a DiMera but Bo reminds him that he has done it before. Bo also tells him Salem PD has a case against him in regards to the black glove crimes. EJ thinks it's a bluff but Bo smiles and assures him it's not.

Kayla arrives at home to find Steve already there waiting for her. She questions where he has been but he doesn't answer her. Instead he asks her to come with him. She moves to call the police. "Don't ask questions or call the police or people will die. John Black will die," he assures her. Steve tells her to listen to him and do exactly as he says. He tells her to come with him right now. He tells her she doesn't have a choice but says, "Please sweetness, I need you." He opens the door for her. She's hesitant but Kayla goes with him.

They arrive at the warehouse and Steve kicks out the doctor. He tells Kayla that she's John's only chance. She is confused until he says, "You have to take out one of John's Kidneys!"

Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ sits with Sami at Chez Rouge and says, "You know that this child isnt Lucas', it's mine!" Lucas walks up behind the two at that moment.

Kayla yells to Steve, "He won't survive here! You need to get on the phone and call an ambulance right now!"

Philip is furious and screams at Bo and Roman about Claire. "Because of you, my little girl is dead and I wont rest until the entire Brady family pays for that."