Chelsea and Dr. Rebert finish dining at Chez Rouge, and then the Doc takes it upon himself to teach Chelsea about fine wine. Chelsea looks uncomfortable and pulls out her calculus book. She's ready to talk calculus but when she sees Nick, spying on the two she tells the doctor that she's willing to learn whatever he wants to teach her.

Maggie walks up to Nick and finds out that he's spying on Dr. Rebert and Chelsea. Nick explains that Dr. Rebert is a pig and likes seducing women. He explains that he's worried about her. Maggie thinks that Chelsea is tough and can handle herself but Nick knows better. They watch as Chelsea feeds Dr. Rebert food.

Chelsea and Dr. Rebert discuss the hospital staff and he gives her tips on how to get by with the difficult nurses at work. In a loud voice, she tells him he's so much nicer than 'Boy Wonder', [referring to Nick]. Dr. Rebert plays on Chelsea's sympathies and tells her that he was hurt in the past and knows how she feels.

Nick continues watching and gets a drink as he waits. It occurs to him that Chelsea is drinking wine and he lets Maggie know that Chelsea is drinking underage. Maggie goes over to investigate. She removes the glass from Chelsea's hand and tells the doctor that Chelsea is underage. Chelsea looks to the bar where Nick stands. She knows he was the one to rat her out! Dr. Rebert tries to get Maggie to allow it this one time but Maggie pulls rank on Dr. Rebert and tells him she not only owns the place, she is the attorney Mickey Horton's wife. Dr. Rebert invites Chelsea over to his place for steak and wine and gets their coats to leave while Chelsea goes to give Nick a piece of her mind.

Chelsea comes up behind Nick and Maggie who are laughing it up over the fact that Maggie told Dr. Rebert to bring Chelsea for a Happy Meal, instead of taking her back to his house for Steak and wine. Chelsea calls Nick pathetic but Nick tells her that Dr. Rebert isn't nice or kind. She rehashes his faults and he agrees that he has a slight credibility problem but although he's jealous, he is there to protect her. He promises her that seducing women is his game. Dr. Rebert comes back and Nick lashes out at him, but it doesn't do him any good. The doctor tells Nick he knows that Chelsea isn't as sophisticated as she would have him believe and he prefers it that way! The two get into a scuffle and Rebert leaves without paying his bill! Maggie comes around looking for Dr. Rebert to pay the bill but Nick tells her they're gone. She tells him to fight for Chelsea.

Chelsea gets into the doctor's car and she tries to get him to take her home but he tells her he's hungry, and grabs her knee!

Philip yells at Officer Stratton to help find Shawn and Belle. The Officer tells him to look around [in the cabin]. They're gone. He says they've jumped ship. They found one of the lifeboats missing. Philip demands to see the Captain since he doesn't believe that Belle would put Claire in harm's way but the Captain assures him that they're long gone. Philip threatens the company who runs the cruise ship if they don't help him find Belle and Shawn.

The Officer leaves the cabin and Willow comes back. She apologizes for letting Shawn and Belle run off and claims she thought that they were going to hide out on the ship! He tells her apologies are too late and freaks out on her. She grabs him and throws him on the bed and tells him she can play just as rough as he can! She says she does hope that he finds Claire, but he doesn't believe her anymore and tells her that once they're home, he wants her out of his life. Willow is infuriated and reminds him that they had a deal. He tells her that she and Shawn's child can rot in hell. Officer Stratton comes in to tell them that they've just dropped anchor. They found a lifeboat ripped to shreds. He thinks that they were attacked by sharks. Philip is frantic and wants them to search for them, but the Officer is adamant that they'll never find them. Philip and Willow go out on deck. Philip looks through binoculars as Willow apologizes again. He tells her to get lost. The Captain comes on deck and Philip yells at him to rescue his daughter. The Captain tells Philip that he thinks they're dead because there is blood on the raft. Philip hits the Captain and tells him, "If that's my daughter's blood on that raft, you'll pay for the rest of your life." Philip breaks down and Willow comes to him with a promise. "I'll help make it right. I always pay back my debts."

Marlena arrives at Kayla's place and is upset to see the strangulation marks on Kayla's neck. Kayla blames EJ for it, claiming that Steve couldn't help himself. She requests that Marlena look for Steve for her, but Marlena declines. She knows better than to get involved with the DiMeras. She asks him to call Roman and have him brought in. Marlena thinks that Steve could hurt someone else and urges Kayla to listen but Kayla reminds her friend that she can get through to John, so she feels that she can get through to Steve. Marlena explains that Steve doesn't even know what he is doing. She says, "He has one focus, and that's to complete his mission. She turns to leave the Inn to take care of it herself but something Marlena says about her dream stops her. Marlena tells her that she had a dream that John told her that Steve has been programmed to kill someone. She tells him that the pawn tried to kill her and Steve will be blamed for whatever Steve does. Her guess is that Steve will commit murder. Kayla doesn't want to betray Steve but Marlena reassures her that it's not betrayal. "It's imperfect salvation," she says. Marlena thinks that she and Stephanie are in Steve's head and are helping him fight off the programming.

Steve cones off the elevator of University Hospital with one thought in mind. He hears EJ's voice that tells him to "'Bring John Black. To Me." He starts having head pains and once in John's room, he's unable to follow through. After a time, he goes into a room and gets changed into scrubs. He goes into John's room, loads John up on a gurney and takes him from the hospital. He pulls the fire alarm on the way out and the lights cause him to remember back to EJ torturing him again. As he leaves, the nurses find out that John has disappeared!

Belle runs through an island and finds Shawn lying face down. She wakes him up and screams that she can't find Claire anywhere. She is hysterical as Shawn tries to calm her to ask her to remember when she saw her last. He holds her and promises they'll search for her. They search the island and Shawn finds Claire but she is cut and bleeding. They get some food for her and bandage her up. They realize that Shawn's knife cut her by accident.

At the Inn, Marlena gets a call from the hospital staff. She finds out that John is missing and both she and Kayla rush off to the hospital.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Bo asks EJ what he did to Steve.

Kayla tells Steve that she wants to call the police but Steve informs her that if they do, people will die. John will die.

Shawn tells Belle that they'll take care of one another.

Nick grabs Dr. Rebert and throws him out of the car, on to the ground as he yells, "You're never to touch her!"