Bonnie sits in Roman's office at Salem PD while Mimi and Max wait outside, distressed. Roman comes out of his office and tells a stunned Mimi that Bonnie just confessed to the murder of her father! Roman explains the whole story. "Bonnie says that David came home drunk one night, smelling of perfume and the two had a fight. She said he smacked her and she took a poker and" he says. Mimi stops him there. She doesn't believe it. Roman goes on to tell her that Bonnie then dressed up the body in a civil war uniform and dragged it into the basement of that church. Max asks if Bonnie had help but Roman tells him that she claims she did it alone and that Patrick and Connor were out of town. Roman tells her that they're not booking Connor for helping Bonnie steal the bones from the morgue but they are booking Bonnie for murder! He adds that he has no choice but to book her because she hid a lot of things from the police. He promises to be fair with her and to take good care of her. Mimi and Max try to find a way out of it and wonder if there is DNA from someone else that she's covering for on the ring. Max calls someone to get the ring back for more tests while Mimi enters Roman's office to demand Bonnie for the truth.

Abby is working on her laptop at Java caf when she meets a new guy from one of her classes. Jed introduces himself and sits down to discuss journalist John Reed. Jed explains that he needs help with this journalist and Abby advises, "Rent 'Reds' and it'll give you all of the facts you need." Chelsea barges in on the two and complains about the calculus class she's taking. Jed offers that maybe she should quit before she gets in over her head. And Chelsea gives him a steely gaze. She's insulted and asks him who the hell he is, and who asked him! She then tells him to scram, claiming that she and Abby have to talk. Jed leaves and Chelsea rants about her class some more, until she notices that Jed is staring at Abby from another table. She teases her friend about it and Abby ignores her taunts saying she's not interested. Abby suggests that Chelsea ask Nick to tutor her in Calculus but Chelsea's refuses. They go on about how Chelsea is going to get Dr. Rebert to make Nick jealous. Chelsea leaves and invites Jed to come back and continue his conversation with Abby. He wanders over and asks Abby for a ride to the mall, claiming that his car broke down and he needs to get to work. She lets him know that she's involved with someone else but he tells her he wasnt trying to hit on her. She notices his friends behind him laughing and knows that Jed's playing her. She tells him that he can go back and tell his locker-room buddies that he struck out. She turns to them and tells them herself before she stomps off.

Nick is working in the lab when Dr. Rebert startles him. Nick drops a beaker and breaks it. He cleans it up while the two discuss working with Chelsea. Nick assures Dr. Rebert that he has no issues working with Chelsea and the doctor appears to be relieved. He expresses how glad he is because he's looking forward to working with her and goes off about how it's going to be even easier because Chelsea has a great body. "You should appreciate Chelsea's ASSets," he says, crudely. Nick is not impressed with the way his boss' talks about Chelsea and tells the man he'd prefer to talk about something else. Dr. Rebert rudely tells Nick that although he's a great lab assistant, he's the dumbest person he has ever met when it comes to women. Nick thanks him sarcastically and turns away. Dr. Rebert offers to teach Nick some tricks to get female attention but Nick isn't interested in his methods of teaching and doesn't feel that this is the place to discuss this type of thing. He says, "What if a woman was to overhear this conversation? They wouldn't think it appropriate conversation for work and could bring us up on charges." Dr. Rebert firmly states that nobody is going to bring him up on charges. "They never have and they never will," he ominously promises. He leaves and later on, Max shows up with the ring. Once again, Nick is startled and drops one of his beakers. The two men get down on the floor to clean up the mess while Max explains that Bonnie was arrested for murder and they want to prove she didn't do it. Max gives Nick the ring for DNA testing and stutters a little while he asks Nick if he plans to see Abby later. Nick casually mentions he will probably see her at Maggie's later. Max looks uncomfortable, as though he wants to say something more but instead asks if he'll say 'hi' for him. Nick agrees to it and Max leaves. Chelsea shows up and Dr. Rebert comes back to the lab. Chelsea tells the doctor how she is looking forward to working with him and when he asks how classes are going, she admits she's having issues with her calculus class. Nick steps in to try to offer his assistance but Dr. Rebert puts his hand up as if to quiet him while he offers to help tutor Chelsea himself! She hems and haws and finally accepts his proposal, and the two go off to show Chelsea around the hospital. Once they're back, the doctor asks Chelsea to dinner to get to know one another and go over some of her calculus problems. Nick looks sick as he watches the two disappear out the door.

Belle and Shawn whisper inside their cabin about how they need to hurry up and get Claire off of this ship - now! Shawn listens at the door and tells Belle that they first need to get rid of Philip.

Outside the cabin, Philip keeps guard. Executive Officer, Kenneth Stratton walks up to take Shawn into custody. He sees Philip and asks him what he's doing. Philip explains he's guarding the door and demands Stratton to, "Dump those two in the brig and give Claire to me. What are you waiting for, Stratton? Do it!" Officer Stratton makes it clear that he doesn't take orders from Philip and demands that he get back into his cabin. Philip doesn't listen and the Officer turns and lets himself into the cabin. He asks for Shawn and Belle thanks the Officer for coming. She lies and says, "Philip has been out there all day, banging on my door!" The two go to the cabin and Philip smashes in the bathroom door, looking for Shawn. The Officer sees the open vent and realizes that Shawn must have gone through it and taken Claire with him. They lock Belle inside the cabin as they dash outside to search for Shawn.

Philip and the Officer look in the vent up on deck and come to the conclusion that it would have been too difficult - almost impossible for Shawn to have gone through the vent with a small child. They notice a man laying on a chair on deck moaning and investigate. Officer Stratton is surprised to see that it's one of his officers. Philip realizes that Shawn must have knocked the Officer out and taken his clothing. They rush back to the cabin.

Back inside the cabin, Philip and Officer Stratton have left and Belle turns to the bed and says, "You can come out now!" Shawn and Claire come out from underneath the bed and they leave through the door. Willow stops them just outside the door and asks where they think they're going. She toys with them for a while and threatens to pull the fire alarm to bring Philip and the Officers running. Belle and Shawn both look on in terror but Willow starts to laugh and yells, "Gotcha!" Shawn and Belle look to each other in disbelief and Willow says, "When I see Philip, I'll tell him you said goodbye!" She goes into her cabin and although still perplexed, they run off.

Philip and the Officer arrive back at the cabin to find Belle gone. Willow comes out of her cabin and tells them that they're too late. Philip thinks she's crazy to have let them leave, but she makes a good point when she tells him that since he's always telling her to shut up, so finally took his advice!

Back at Salem PD, Bonnie sobs as Mimi tells her mom that she doesn't see her as a murderer and lets her know that Max is getting DNA from the ring. Bonnie says that it won't get her anywhere and prefers that she wouldn't bother trying. She confesses, "It was me, all me and I'm going to prison where I belong." Mimi knows Bonnie is hiding something and asks straight out if she's covering for someone else. Bonnie cries and says, "You're crazy. It's me! All me!" Roman comes back to book Bonnie and Bonnie sobs in Mimi's hair as she gets a hug from her daughter. Mimi tells her mom she loves her and waits in the office as Bonnie is taken away. Max comes into the office upset that Roman is taking Bonnie away but Mimi tells him that she is certain that her mom is covering for someone else. Mimi thanks him for being in her life and gives him a hug. When she asks if they can get out of this mess for a while and go back to his place, he looks for excuses. He declines and says he has to work. Mimi leaves and Max calls Abby to leave a message for her that he'll be working at the garage if she wants to drop by.

Belle, Claire and Shawn arrive on deck and Shawn tells Belle that they need to jump in order to get off the ship! Belle is worried that Claire will get hurt but Shawn reminds her that there is no other option. They jump!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Marlena tells Kayla, "I am talking about the person we need to save from Steve."

Nick asks Chelsea why she thinks he would do that and she retorts, "Like all immature world-class losers, you are also a spiteful jerk!"

Philip tells Willow that she has nothing that he wants, but Willow claims she owes Philip and reminds him that she has Shawn's baby. She promises that she always pays back her debts.

Shawn and Belle are on an Island and Belle screams to Shawn that she lost Claire!