In Alice’s living room, Hope opens the envelope, drops a paper and collapses. Bo grabs the paper and tells her it’s not true, it’s a DiMera trick. She announces the marriage certificate from the envelope says she’s married to John and doesn’t think it looks like a forgery. Bo reminds her that according to the date it was when Stefano brainwashed her into believing she was Princess Gina. He wonders why Hope is so quick to accept it as true and she admits her memory is sketchy at best and that John might not remember it either thanks to Stefano. Bo thinks Stefano has been hanging on to the certificate for leverage which makes Hope believe Stefano knows how to use it against them. Hope continues to analyze the certificate which prompts Bo to tear it away and declare she’s his wife and nothing is going to change that. They share a tender moment before heading to John and Marlena’s.

John arrives home. Soon he’s making out with Marlena. After she leaves the townhouse Bo and Hope show up. They share the information about Gran having a safety deposit box with Stefano and then hand John the envelope. John thinks it's no big deal, if the marriage was real they’ll get it annulled but Bo wonders about opening the Pandora’s box that Stefano warned them about. When it comes to Stefano, nothing is ever simple.

From her hotel room, Madison flashes to making a mysterious phone call before receiving a blocked text requesting her to open the door. A visibly shaken Madison flings the door open while wielding a vase. She's relieved to see it’s only Brady who’s ditched work to come profess his love for her. She loves him too but it’s all new and that scares the hell out of her. He understands and whisks her out the door to show her something.

In Carrie’s office, Austin demands to know if she has feelings for Rafe. Carrie hedges but he can tell by looking at her. Carrie wants to figure it out but she’s broken Austin’s heart and he leaves. Later Carrie calls Marlena to confess she did something stupid. Soon Marlena shows up and Carrie spills the details of her kiss with Rafe. Marlena listens while Carrie shares that she loves Austin but her feelings for Rafe are real. After chatting more, Marlena suggests she think before she does something she might regret.

Abby is working in Austin’s office. Austin stumbles in with a bottle of booze in hand. She helps him sit down while taking the bottle away. She doesn’t like to see him upset. Austin tells her about Carrie kissing Rafe while gulping from the bottle again. He explains he saw it coming. Abby wonders what she can do but he tells her that she’s a friend who he can count on and that’s all he wants. Abby lets him know that she’ll stay all night but no more liquor. She thinks Carrie is crazy not to see how amazing he is. Austin stands up and tells her she’s the amazing one for not leaving him passed out on the couch. He admits he needs her and Abby reaches out, kissing him passionately. Austin starts to pull away but when Abby assures him it's alright he kisses her more.

In the loft, Sami screams at Rafe to get out. She blasts him for kissing her sister and thinks he’s mad he got caught. He admits there was only one kiss but that he’s glad he got caught. He knows he’s messed up but throws it out to Sami that he’s not the only one. Rafe shares that they’ve been off and he’s trying to figure out why they haven’t been connecting. Sami doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Rafe realizes it began when Johnny went missing. He wonders if she really was sorry for blaming him for his disappearance. Sami changes the subject back to the kiss with Carrie prompting Rafe to reiterate he’s just trying to fix things. They continue to go back and forth before Rafe declares their marriage is in trouble and they both need to be willing to fix it. As Rafe apologizes for hurting her, Sami flashes back to Will confronting her about having sex with EJ. Rafe tells her if she wants to talk more, he’ll stay but if she’s tired of him, he’ll go. A tearful Sami wanders off to the window leaving Rafe to pack a bag and leave.

In the square, Brady leads Madison to two segways. He’s managed to clear out the square and they have fun riding them together. He confesses that he wanted her to feel what it was like to be a kid. As they wander out of the square a gloved figure peers at them from behind a bush.

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