Sami and Lucas are at home kissing. They take a breather and Lucas promises that their best days are to come. He pulls out a beautiful necklace he purchased for their daughter. Sami looks at it adoringly but asks how he knows it's a girl and not a boy! He tells her he'll put a football on it or something, if it's a boy. He goes on to share how happy he is that their baby will know from day one that he's the daddy. Sami appears nervous. Lucas holds her and tells her not to concentrate on the bad stuff that happened that night. She acquiesces and admits she really just wants to focus on the baby, Lucas and Will. The two are interrupted by an unwanted visit from EJ. He rushes in smiling and says," Your secret's out!" He goes on to tell the two that Kate told him the good news and he's there to mend wounds. He asks if Sami and Lucas would let him know the date so that he may write it on his calendar, and Lucas asks why the heck he'd want to know that. When EJ says he knows he won't be invited but would like to send a gift, Lucas and Sami finally realize that he's talking about their wedding, not the baby! He offers them a paid honeymoon for one month and generously gives them access to the company jet to take Sami just about anywhere. He recommends they take a month off because when they get back, Sami will have to deal with Kate as a mother-in-law for the rest of her life! Sami thanks EJ for painting such a rosy picture of their future but EJ backpedals and apologizes and says it was just a joke! Sami leaves the room while EJ talks to Lucas about Kate. He promises he won't let Kate interfere with Lucas but Lucas refuses his help, and states that he can deal with his mother himself. When Sami returns, she snidely asks what EJ's still doing there, so he takes his leave and on his way out he grabs their garbage. "I'll take this out for you," he offers. He rushes out before Sami can stop him, and outside the closed door he ponders, what Sami could be hiding from him. "One man's garbage is another man's treasure," he says as he looks at the bag.

Back inside the apartment, Sami tells Lucas she doesn't want EJ to know about their child because she doesn't trust him and thinks he's out to destroy them. She tells him that the doctor told her that she had high blood pressure and that she needs to avoid stress. Lucas is alarmed but still doesn't understand why they have to keep the baby a secret from EJ. He asks if she is still attracted to EJ, but she vehemently denies it but says that she thinks EJ's scary and she fears for their little family. Lucas promises that nobody will take away their happiness. Not even EJ!

At the Inn, Steve throws clothes into a bag and tells Kayla he's leaving. He points out the marks on Kayla's neck and says he's going to save her life by leaving her. Kayla desperately tries to get him to change his mind but he begs her not to let him live the rest of his life with her blood on his hands. Kayla implores him not to take her miracle away but he whispers, "You have to let me go." She doesn't listen. She says she wants her hero there with her and is willing to take a risk. "My life is over without you," she says and jumps on him. She hits his chest and yells that he married her for better or for worse.. She slumps back in emotional exhaustion and Steve starts kissing her, passionately. He stops and while she rants and raves at him to stay, he tells her he loves her and runs out. Kayla falls to the floor and sobs uncontrollably. Later, she makes a call to someone. "It's me. I need you. It's about Steve. It's a matter of life or death," she says cryptically into the phone.

Philip and Willow are out on deck arguing about the money Willow is spending on gambling. She shows him her new dress and tells him she won a lot of money from some 'mid-life crisis' men. She attempts to give him back his loan, with interest but he refuses her. He grabs her forcefully and tells her to remember why they're there. It's not for pleasure! She reminds him that Shawn and Belle are locked up and not going anywhere, but Philip gives Shawn more credit than that. After all, he tells her, they got this far. He gives his word that he won't lighten up until he gets Claire back. Willow comments that Claire will be raised by some foreigner while he's running Victor's empire. She offers herself as his nanny as he laughs in her face! She pleads her case and tells him that she's actually very good with kids. She has raised her baby brother. Philip isn't interested and assures her that her free ride is almost over. This worries Willow, so she goes on about how it's not that easy to get rid of her! Philip laughs at her again and after she threatens to tell the judge that she committed perjury, he picks her up and holds her over the rail of the deck. Willow screams in terror as she fears he'll drop her. She yells, "Philip! Put me down! Put me down! I'm pregnant, I'm sorry!" Once he hears the apology, he lifts her up. Terrified, she calls him a sick twisted bastard. "I hope that Shawn and Belle get to keep your kid." She yells as she storms off.

In their cabin, Shawn and Belle discuss a plan to escape. They're to dock in Australia tomorrow so don't have much time to escape, Shawn explains. He says that he found a raft and knows that there is a group of islands not far away from where they are now. He goes on to tell her that they have to get enough food for the next few days and jump ship! If they give up, they'll lose Claire for good he adds. Belle agrees to do whatever they can and then goes off to change Claire while Shawn thinks of a way out of the cabin. Belle calls for Shawn to come into the bathroom, where she saw a loose vent. Shawn checks it out and thinks he can shimmy through the vent and find a way to come back to get them out. He tells her to pack a bag and wait an hour.

Shawn comes out of a vent on deck and takes out a guard. He changes clothes with a ship's officer (it appears as though he knocked him out) and walks back to his room quietly.

Belle finishes packing and is interrupted by Officer Stratton who requests to come in and speak with them. Belle thinks fast and pulls a robe over her clothes and turns on the shower before she lets him in. She explains that Shawn's in the shower and so he shows Belle a newspaper article from the Canadian authorities that accuse the two of kidnapping. He wants to take Shawn to the brig until they dock, he says, but Belle convinces him to come back in ten minutes, after she has fed Claire. He agrees to it and leaves. Shawn lets himself into the room with a key, grabs a bag and he, Belle and Claire wait to get outside but stop short when they see Philip at his door across the hall.

EJ arrives at Stefano's bedside with Sami's trash. He looks through it and finds a note from Dr. Leiberman who is her obstetrician. "Father, Sami is having a baby!" EJ says happily. He tells Stefano that everything is going to plan and there is a good chance that he planted the DiMera seed in Samantha. Stefano makes a fist and thrusts it up in victory and then grabs EJ's hand. EJ says, "Words can't express how I feel. You made me the man I am today, a son that I hope you're proud of." He promises to make him well again.

Steve interrupts the discussion when he enters the warehouse to tell EJ he has won. EJ turns away momentarily and Steve grabs a knife and holds it to his throat. EJ holds the death tarot card to Steve's face and Steve drops to his knees. EJ has a request. He asks Steve to bring John Black to him. Steve repeats his request. "Bring John Black."

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nick listens in at the door of the lab while Chelsea tells Dr. Rebert that she's anxious to show him what she can do.

Mimi tells Max she thinks her mom is hiding something and that they need to find out before it's too late.

Willow tells Philip that he's too late. If he's looking for Shawn, Belle and Claire, they just left! Philip is incredulous and asks her, "Why didnt you stop them? What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Shawn, Claire and Belle are standing on deck. Shawn turns to Belle and tells her that they have to jump!!