Phyllis eats with Malcolm at the Club, and tells him about the situation with Nick and Sharon's baby. Malcolm jokes that her marriage is doomed. Phyllis reminds him this is very serious. Malcolm reassures her of Nick's love, saying that the only reason that baby will know her real parents is because of her. Phyllis says that Nick is conflicted, and Malcolm urges her to go home and help him work through this.

At home, Ashley tells Jack and Neil that she knows she needs to call Nick and Sharon. They agree that they want to kill Adam for causing all of this, but Ashley defends him, saying Dr. Taylor is to blame - Adam was with her the whole time. Jack gently suggests that Ashley call Sharon. Ash cries that they'll want her to do a DNA test, but agrees that she doesn't want things to get unpleasant.

Nick and Sharon discuss the situation at the tack house. He says he was up all night thinking of the many ways he wanted to kill Adam. Phyllis comes in and asks what the word is. Sharon says they're just waiting. Nick explains that they're trying to let Ashley go at her own pace. Phyllis excuses herself to let them talk, but Sharon stops her. Tearfully, she tells Phyllis that she owes her everything - her entire future! Sharon leaves, and Nick and Phyllis discuss the situation - he says she's been amazing through all of this.

At the hospital, Victor comes in with a file folder and holds up a paper from it. He says it's from Sharon - it's annulment papers - not a divorce. Adam says Sharon wouldn't do that to him. Victor comments that he needs to go back to jail, and asks who he is - what happened to him? As Victor walks out, Adam shouts, "Just let me die!" Heather comes in and he tells her that they'll just torture him in jail. She says that's a pretty good description for what he did to Ashley and Sharon! Adam pleads with her to help him - she knows him. Heather says no one knows him! Adam begs from the bottom of his heart - she scoffs at the idea that he has a heart - it's all smoke and mirrors!

Victor arrives at Ashley's house, and Jack leaves to go see his wife. Victor sits down by Faith, and Ashley tells him Nick and Sharon want to do a DNA test. She asks if he's heard anything else from Adam, but he doesn't respond, just looks at the baby. Ashley talks about how she sees Victor in Faith, and sees herself in her too. Ashley recalls how Adam placed the baby in her arms - it couldn't be a lie! Victor reminds her of the dream where Sabrina told her their baby was gone. He asks if she truly believes Faith is hers? Ashley gasps, "I can't lose her!" Victor holds her.

Sharon comes back into the tack house and tells Nick and Phyllis that she was about to drive off when Ashley called. She takes the call right there. Ashley asks for them to come to her house. Sharon say they'll be right over. Phyllis insists on staying behind.

Phyllis goes to the tree at the Abbott cabin where the plaque is. She stands thinking about all of the things said by Nick and Sharon to her in the past, remembering when she told Nick to go back to Sharon before. She removes the plaque from the tree. She gets back in her car with it and is upset. She swerves several times and ultimately goes off the road!

Lily is with Cane at the lock up. She rants at him that he must promise not to try to escape. Cane says she can't go through this alone. Jill and Katherine come in and see Lily crying - they reassure her that Cane won't be gone for long. Cane hugs Jill and Kay, and they promise Lily will be in good hands. He is then taken out.

Lily, Neil, and Malcolm see Cane off at the airport. Lily looks miserable as Neil brags to Malcolm that she beat the cancer. Cane takes Neil aside and warns that Lily is going to need him. Neil's got her covered. Cane and Lily say their private goodbye. He laments all he's put her through, but she says if he hadn't, they would never have met and wouldn't have two babies coming into the world. They kiss goodbye. Cane shouts, "I love you," as he is taken onto the plane. When the waiting room is empty, Cane and his guardian come back in - Cane is saying he lost something. He belts the man in the head and runs!

Back at the Club, Katherine reassures Jill about Cane, saying it's only a temporary situation. Jill says she calls Cane her son without even thinking about it. Kay says she can relate. Jill wonders how it could even be the same with Tucker. Kay says she meant her - she thinks of her as her daughter!

Patty is with one of Emily's clients at the coffee house. The girl is becoming increasingly upset as Patty tells her things like, "Go to your happy place." As the young woman shouts that she is being so unprofessional, Patty tells her it was wrong for her to accost her in public - she tells her to find another psychiatrist! Jack walks in and Patty throws herself in his arms. Suddenly she gets a call from her boss. Jack tells her to take it.

Jack comes back to Ashley's house as Ashley is telling Nick and Sharon that she's reached a decision. She notes that she feels Faith is her little girl, but her feelings are beside the point. She tells them she will agree to the DNA test and whatever the outcome, she will respect it. Sharon holds the baby for a moment before handing her back to Ashley. Nick and Sharon grasp hands.

Heather comes back into Adam's room and tells him not to get excited - she hasn't changed her mind about helping him - she's just there to introduce him to his court-appointed psychiatrist - it's Patty!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Paul tells Emily (Patty) that he doesn't want her treating his sister!

Lily tells her father, uncle, and brother that she was afraid Cane would do something like this! Devon asks her if she knows where Cane is.

Nick gets a phone call and says he's on his way! Victor asks what happened. Nick says there's been an accident!

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