Melanie runs into Chad at the pub. They chat and Abby wanders in just in time to see Chad hold Mel’s hand. She takes off and Mel races after her.

Brady and Madison run into her hotel room after a work out. Soon they’re making out and head off to shower together. After, Madison tries to check in with work but when Brady grabs her from behind, she ditches work by saying ‘something came up’ and they slowly undress each other.

Chad stops by Intensity to drop off homework for Gabi. He mentions a pulled muscle and Gabi coyly asks him to take his shirt off. She grabs the Countess W sport lotion and is soon giving him a massage. Kate and Sami arrive and while they discuss work they notice both Gabi and Chad are fully enjoying the massage. Kate has a brief word with Quinn about business and Sami gets an idea. When Quinn leaves to grab a coffee Sami says they’re looking at the next face of Countess W. Kate agrees that Gabi is a natural beauty and takes it a step further by wanting Chad to be part of it as a sizzling young couple. Under the guise of it being a favor they approach Gabi and Chad with the idea of doing private testing of Countess W products. Chad hesitates but Kate says she’ll consider it a personal favor and that it has nothing to do with the DiMera’s. He relents and soon the unknowingly new models are getting full make-overs done under the direction of Sami. Kate admits that Sami might be right by getting Chad and Gabi together for the test shots. She can feel the heat. Melanie wanders in and smiles to herself while watching as sexy photos are taken of Gabi with her hand on Chad’s chest. Later Kate pulls Chad aside to ask him to stop by the mansion to talk to his dad. She tells him that Stefano loves and misses him. Then Chad takes a moment alone with Mel to assure her he cares about her and wonders what’s standing in their way.

At the townhouse Marlena and John talk about how they’ve jumped into real life without a chance to enjoy his freedom or each other they way they should. They laugh and John kisses her after admitting she’s his happiness. They chat about Brady and John working together and how that is a success. Later, while John is alone, Brady shows up to get to work. They wonder what their first venture should be before the subject of Madison comes up. Brady says he thinks he can go the long haul with her. He sings her praises to his dad and confesses that secrets and lies have always killed his relationships but he’s happy that won’t happen with her. It’s soon back to business as they brainstorm ideas for BB. John declares fashion is the new Basic Black and they shake on sticking to what they know.

In the square Mel catches up with Abby. She denies that there’s anything going on between her and Chad but Abby angrily demands that she stop lying. She saw them holding hands and blasts her for kissing him while he was her boyfriend. Mel calls Abby her best friend and Abby retorts that she should have thought of that when she jammed her tongue down her boyfriend’s throat. Mel wants Abby to trust her again and although Abby appreciates her trying to make amends but she’s betrayed her, there’s no going back. Abby leaves and Quinn sits with down with Melanie while she shares details about Abby and Chad. Melanie admits that she wants both them but doesn’t know how to make that happen. Quinn suggests things sometimes either work out or they don’t and heads back to Intensity. Nearby Madison talks to Brady about an internship with MadWorld. Abigail overhears and when Brady leaves she comes over to tell Madison she wants the job. They sit down as Abby shares her credentials. Marlena happens by and soon betrayals by friends are brought up. Madison talks about Sami working for Kate prompting Marlena to declare she can’t see anything good from Kate and Sami being together. Madison heads off to take a phone call and tells the mystery caller she needs help deciding what to do about Titan. While alone, Abby confesses to Marlena that even if she didn’t think Chad and Mel were still seeing each other she doesn’t know if she could be friends with either of them again. Madison comes back, says good bye to Abby and chats Marlena up about Brady. Marlena sees that Madison really does care about him.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Rafe tells Carrie, "We’re a team, if you’re not in, I’m not in, that’s it."

Nicole makes a secret call regarding personal files on EJ.

Marlena asks Will and EJ, "What’s going on here?"

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