Chelsea arrives for her interview with Dr. Rebert at the hospital. Nick eavesdrops outside the door as Chelsea apologizes to the doctor for draping herself all over him the first time they met. Chelsea appears puzzled as the doctor tells her that he didn't mind at all. They discuss Nick and how he used both of them, and then Dr. Rebert tells Chelsea that the interview is only a formality and offers her the job. Chelsea excitedly accepts and looks a little surprised when he says, "What no kisses this time?" and Chelsea looks confused momentarily. She thanks him for the position and leaves. Nick bumps into Chelsea on her way out and she lets him in on her new job. He admits the last thing he wants is to work with her. Chelsea tells Nick that although she did poke fun of him in the past, about his hair, polyester shirts, shoes and such, she wasn't being mean. She actually did think of him as a friend. He says he knows that and then they discuss his deception. She tells him that things have changed and she no longer sees him as a friend. She turns to leave until Nick blurts out, "You don't get it! I love you!" Chelsea spins around startled. Nick can see that she's uncomfortable with this revelation and wants to leave, but he implores her to stay and listen to what he has to say. He reminds her that she once asked him to promise to be her friend and he asks if she still wants this. Chelsea says that at this point they're only co-workers. She lets on that she and Dr. Rebert like each other - a lot! Once she leaves, a crushed Nick wanders into the lab to talk to Dr. Rebert. Nick tries to warn the doctor that Chelsea is young and nave but the doctor raises his voice to Nick, and tells him he's already skating on thin ice. Nick explains that he just doesn't want Chelsea to get hurt, but Dr. Rebert is insulted and ends the conversation.

At the Carver home, Celeste reads to Theo a little and sends him off to work on a puzzle while she opens the mail. She finds a speeding ticket for Alexandra and mutters to herself how she's always warning her daughter about speeding. She's taken aback when she sees something else within the ticket and murmurs, "That's not my Alexandra!"

Sami is gazing at the cover of a bridal magazine at the apartment when Lucas comes up behind her to check on her. She explains how she is daydreaming about the perfect wedding and all of her failed weddings. They kiss, and Sami tells him that at this point, she could be a wedding planner with all of the weddings she has had! Lucas vows to her that this is the last time she's getting married so she should go all out! Sami has concerns that their wedding will wind up like the other disasters. They hear a knock at the door. Lucas was expecting Kate. She wrongfully thinks she's there for an apology from Sami, but Lucas tells his mother not to hold her breath. He expects an apology from her. She is stunned and more so when she sees Sami's engagement ring. Lucas tells Kate that he and Sami are getting married, and Kate makes a few disrespectful comments to her son's future bride. Lucas warns her about respecting the woman he loves. Sami gets a phone call from Celeste, who demands that she meet with her in 10 minutes or she will call the police. Sami nervously makes up an excuse that she doesn't need to listen to Kate and prefers to go shopping. Kate reminds her of the time, but Sami says she needs to get out. Once Sami is gone, Kate puts the seed of doubt in Lucas' head. She thinks Sami is lying about where she's going and calls Lucas a fool for trusting her. Lucas has just about had it with Kate's negativity and pleads with her to let go of the past. He turns the tables on her and tells her that this isn't about Sami. It's about her being a control freak! Kate defends herself and warns him that Sami is lying to him about where she's going now, and about the night that John Black was shot. She finally tells him that she is certain that EJ helped Sami move the beam off of his leg that night at the cabin. Lucas asks her if she has proof, and when she doesn't, he tells Kate that she isn't welcome in his apartment anymore. She reminds him that she's his mother but he tells her, "Not anymore." Lucas says he knows that he has made this threat before but he can't have her in his life if she can't respect the woman he loves. He informs her in no uncertain terms that she's not invited to the wedding and she won't be a part of the baby's life, either. "Until you can respect Sami, we have nothing to say to one another." He says as he opens the door for her to leave. Kate has tears in her eyes as she leaves the apartment.

At the Inn, Kayla sleeps peacefully in bed while Steve has nightmares about being tortured by EJ, who laughs maniacally. Steve strangles EJ as the laughter continues and he wakes up with his hands around Kayla's neck! She screams and struggles beneath him and he finally lets go of her when he gains conscious thought. He throws himself to the floor as Kayla jumps out of bed to grab a candlestick for security. "Get away from me!" she whimpers. Steve is apologetic and tells her that he was dreaming. He's extremely upset at his actions and morosely says, "I'd be better off dead." Kayla is calmer and knows she's in no immediate danger so she relaxes a little. They discuss how he escaped from the hospital and confronted EJ and he says that he remembers EJ telling him, "You're one of us now." Kayla reminds him that John was one of Stefano's pawns as well and he went on to have a fulfilling life. Again, she asks him to seek help from Marlena, but he refuses. He knows that John doesn't have his full memory back either, and begs Kayla to call Roman and have him arrested for domestic abuse. "At least in jail, I won't be able to hurt anyone," he exclaims. Kayla refuses and tells him that she knows he wouldn't have hurt her. Steve is disturbed by the entire turn of events and packs a bag. "I'm leaving," he says.

Sami arrives at the Carver home to find out what the problem is. Celeste discusses the disappearance of Alexandra, and asks Sami if she saw her daughter the night that John Black was shot. Sami is honest with her and denies seeing Lexi. She says, "Lexi and I weren't friends but I didn't have anything to do with her disappearance." Celeste tells Sami that she knows she was with EJ the night that John was shot. She shows her a picture from the photo radar. Sami's lip starts to tremble as she looks at a photo of she and EJ in Lexi's car! Sami knows there is no way out of this and tells Celeste that when Lucas was wounded, and her car wouldn't start, she flagged down the first car she saw. It turned out to be EJ in Lexi's car. She goes on to say that EJ offered to help her take the log off of Lucas' leg if she helped him get through the roadblocks. She starts to cry and Celeste stops her to ask why she didn't come forward with the information before. Sami explains that EJ had a gun on her and forced her to get him through the police barricades. Celeste doesn't believe her but Sami comes clean completely and tells her that she needed EJ's help with Lucas so she agreed to have sex with EJ if he would help her with Lucas' leg. Celeste is flabbergasted and says, "Darling, he raped you." Sami starts to cry and nods as Celeste envelopes her into a hug. The two sit on the sofa and Celeste comforts Sami. Celeste explains that this was rape and that she's a survivor, not a victim. She encourages Sami to go to the police, but Sami explains that she can't. She reveals that she's pregnant, and Celeste sighs as comprehension sets in. She knows that the baby could be EJ or Lucas' and mumbles that even if Stefano is dead, the evil never ends. Sami says that she just got engaged and that if Lucas were to find out that she cheated on him, it would be over. Celeste again reminds her that she didn't cheat. She says that it was rape and that all about control. Sami tells Celeste that EJ told her that Stefano sent him to impregnate one of the Brady women. Celeste is afraid the worst is to come and promises to keep her secret. They discuss Lexi and how either she or Tek must have seen EJ shoot John Black. While Celeste is devastated with the thoughts that EJ murdered her daughter, Sami comforts her and says maybe EJ has Lexi kept somewhere. They agree never to discuss the radar photograph of Sami and EJ for fear that EJ will learn of its existence and Sami leaves soon thereafter.

Chelsea arrives at the garage in good spirits. She gives the good news to Abby that she got the job. Abby is happy for her friend but a little surprised considering Chelsea has no experience, and she came on to the doctor. With a grin, Chelsea admits that Dr. Rebert was flirting with her. Abby isn't happy to hear this and reminds Chelsea that he's not the guy she spoke with on the internet. She asks if Nick knows about this, and Chelsea tells her that he was there. She admits that Nick came clean with his feelings for her. Abby assumes that her friend only took the job to make Nick pay. Chelsea admits it's true and then blows off her studies in order to go shopping to look good for Nick and Dr. Rebert.

Sami arrives home and listens as Lucas tells her that he has disowned Kate. He relays what Kate said about EJ helping her get the beam off of his leg and Sami's eyes widen. She covers and brushes it off, saying that Kate's crazy. They hug.

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