Abby finishes up working on a car at Max's garage when Nick comes in. He tells Abby that he has a leak in his brain and asks if she can fix it. They go on to talk about Chelsea and then he asks her why she's helping Max. She explains that Max is backed up and needed the help. This prompts Nick to give her friendly advice: Don't bother liking someone who doesn't like you back! He doesnt think it's a good idea for her to spend so much time with Max considering her feelings for him. Abby happily tells her cousin that she and Max were honest with each other and that Max has feelings for her. Nick wishes he could have been honest with Chelsea and asks Abby what he could do to make things up to Chelsea. Abby thinks Nick should lay low and let Chelsea think, but Nick wants to do something romantic like serenade her outside her apartment! Abby doesn't think it's a good idea. She calls herself "Switzerland" and says she's neutral as far as he and Chelsea go. Nick hopes everything will work out between her and Max and decides he'll have to figure out something on his own. Suddenly Abby has an idea. "I think I know a way for you to get Chelsea back!" she says excitedly. She thinks that he could convince Dr. Rebert to hire Chelsea. Nick is positive it won't work but Abby presses on. She gets a call from Chelsea, who asks if she can come over.

Chelsea sits at home and listens to Nick's messages on the answering machine. Billie comes in the room and urges Chelsea to forgive Nick, but her daughter is stubborn and isn't interested in forgiving him. "Why did he have to pretend to be someone else?" she asks. Billie replies, "If he had told you who he was in the first place, what would you have done?" She answers her own question, "You would have made fun of him!" Chelsea says she isn't sure about that but Billie thinks she is right. She tells Chelsea that what Nick did was wrong, but the reasons were right! She launches into the story of Cyrano de Bergerac and Roxanne. She relates how similar it is to Chelsea and Nicks' story. Chelsea accuses her mother of being on Nick's side but Billie assures her she's not.

At Salem Inn, Steve works out vigorously as Kayla comes into the room to check up on him. He admits he can't sleep and is worried that she's disappointed in him. She's not, she assures him. He goes on to tell her that he doesn't need therapy. "I just need you," he cries out. He goes on about how strong and supportive she is and if he didn't have her, he wouldn't be able to survive this. Kayla tells Steve she will never give up on him. She says hasn't in the past and she won't start now! Kayla adds that if they don't do something to solve the issue, it won't go away on its own - in fact it'll get worse. She tells him she loves the man he is now, and holds him close. Steve starts to cry and confesses, "I'm scared, Sweetness. I'm really scared." Kayla knows Steve can attack this fear that's gripping him. She says the DiMeras tortured him for weeks or years and most wouldn't survive that. "But you did, and if you could survive that, you can survive this," she promises. She asks him to try. The two get into bed and make love. Afterwards, they hold one another close and whisper sweet nothings to each other. Steve agrees to talk to Marlena. They fall asleep and Steve dreams of being tortured by EJ and wakes up.

EJ meets with a mysterious man down by the dock. The man explains that it wasn't easy getting 'him' off of the boat. EJ asks how 'he' is and the man replies in the positive. EJ pays the man and then threatens his life if things don't go according to plan. The two go into a warehouse. EJ walks into a curtain sectioned off room, and looks at a replica of the hospital bed that we say in Italy when Stefano was last seen! EJ asks a nurse to check on his vitals and eventually asks the nurses to leave, while he sits with the patient. He holds the patient's hand and says, "Well, I got the finest technology available. Nothing's too good for you, father!" EJ puts on opera music and tells his father that he has a plan to save him. He says he has located several donors and tells Stefano, "Nobody is more important to me than you." He thinks its funny how they almost never met and says, "You should have heard the awful things my mother said about you!" He says "You gave me the best of everything, music appreciation, art you gave me the world and now it's time I gave something back to you." He pledges to save Stefano's life, even if it means that others die!

Nick goes to the bar at Chez Rouge to drown his sorrows. He slams down a few drinks and Billie shows up. She takes his drink from his hand and puts it down. "You don't need this," she says. He offers her a drink and she declines, reminding him she is a recovering alcoholic. She reminds him that he called for her to meet him there in order to talk about Chelsea. Nick starts to tell Billie that he feels like a 'scum sucking, bottom feeding" She finishes for him, "Worthless piece of trash?" He nods and she explains that she knows that feeling. She has felt it before! Nick tells her that he feels like his life is a country and western song. Billie asks the bartender for water and an espresso. Nick asks how Chelsea's doing and Billie shares that Chelsea won't talk about her father, but Nick's number one on her hit list. She promises that it'll take a while before Chelsea forgives him. Nick doesn't care what it takes. He promises he'll fight! Nick shares Abby's idea to get Chelsea a job at the lab. Billie thinks is a good idea; however Chelsea could see things differently. She reminds Nick that he'd have to work alongside Chelsea, and if Chelsea hasn't forgiven him, she may make his life miserable! Nick decides to do something to prove to Chelsea how much she means to him. He's going to call Dr. Rebert tomorrow.

Abby shows up at Chelsea's place to talk, but Chelsea is miserable and not in the mood to talk about Bo or Nick. She tells Abby how embarrassed she was when she met Dr. Rebert. She describes the scene and how she jumped him and kissed him. Abby winces and says, "If it's any consolation, Nick feels really bad about what happened." She goes on to tell her friend that she had been trying to get Nick to tell Chelsea the truth for weeks. Chelsea looks at her with pain in her eyes and asks, "You knew? Abby, you knew the whole time?" Chelsea is angry and paces the room. Abby admits that she did. Chelsea asks Abby if it was fun to let her make a fool out of herself, but Abby stutters and says that while she has no excuses, she hoped Nick would do the right thing. She promises that she was the only one who knew. She felt stuck in the middle and while admits she should have gone to Chelsea; she wanted to stay out of it. Chelsea thinks it's payback time all around for her. The two are interrupted when Dr. Rebert calls to ask Chelsea for an interview at the hospital. Chelsea agrees to the interview and she hangs up she tells Abby that she'd like nothing more than to work with Nick each day and make his life hell! She admits that Dr. Rebert is pretty hot and thinks she could make Nick jealous at the same time! Abby isn't so sure that's a good idea, but Chelsea is adamant that Nick deserves it. She runs off to her interview. Abby stays behind to lock up but first calls Nick to update him about the situation and interview. She thinks that Nick arranged it but Nick denies knowledge of it. He's upset and tells Billie that he's screwed. He hangs up and tells Billie, "Apparently Dr. Rebert liked playing tonsil hockey with Chelsea and called her for an interview!" Billie stands there slack mouthed while Nick pays his check and runs off.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nick tells Chelsea, "If I hadnt pretended to be someone else, you would never have let me see who you really are. He goes on to tell her that he loves her!

Celeste tells Sami that she knows she was with EJ the night that John was shot!

Lucas asks Kate if she's on drugs or something, in response to her thoughts that EJ saved his life, not Sami!

Steve chokes Kayla as he hears EJ's laughter in his mind and sees EJ torturing him. Kayla screams.