Max talks to Mimi on his cell phone outside the garage. He apologizes to her and lets her know that he can't see her this evening as he has three oil changes to do. He hangs up and notices that the door to the garage is unlocked. He enters the garage, tentatively and relaxes when he sees Abby underneath a car doing an oil change! He asks her why she's there, since she has already quit. She admits that she felt bad about leaving him in the lurch and with Shawn gone, she knew he needed her! Max is incredulous and asks her if she knows what she's doing. She talks a good game and it appears she knows exactly what she's doing! She admits she used to watch him and was inspired by him to learn more about cars. Max holds Abby's hand and tells her how much he appreciates what she did for him. There is some romantic tension in the air when he asks her to go out for a bite, to thank her for saving his butt. She agrees and goes to get cleaned up.

The two dine at Chez Rouge and discuss Mimi's dad and the ring. Max tells Abby that he's sure that Mimi's mom and brothers are somehow involved in the death and that Mimi is a basket case right now. He goes on to tell Abby that while he's there for Mimi, he isn't sure it's enough. He thinks that she deserves a break. Abby stops him and says if he thinks that Mimi is a good person, she believes him. She understands how responsible he must feel for Mimi because being friends with Chelsea is much the same! She feels that if she doesn't pay attention, her life will move on without her! Max says that Mimi has nobody and if she didn't have him, she'd be all alone. He says he is just trying to be there for her and support her but is overwhelmed by it all. He smiles as Abby nods in understanding and then tells her that it feels great being able to vent. Abby apologizes to him for the awful things she said about Mimi in the past and confesses she was jealous of the two of them. Max is puzzled until she comes right out with it. "I had a huge crush on you and when you started falling for Mimi I was jealous." She says. She apologizes and Max is surprised. He confesses that he had no idea. Abby tells him she has grown up a lot since then. He tells her that something is missing in his life, but isn't sure of what it is. Abby tells him she knows what it is."You need to get back on the race circuit and start racing again!" she pronounces. He tells her that that chapter of his life is over. He thinks he could have died that day that Stephanie crashed and is afraid he'll hurt someone else, but Abby tells him to at least get back in the pit. Max is happy with the encouragement and holds her hand and says, "Anyone ever told you how smart you are?!" Abby reflects, "Not lately!" He thanks her for listening to him and they both confess they missed each other! He then tells her that although this may not be the right timing, he says that she wasn't the only one who had a crush! Abby is happily surprised when he admits he was attracted to her. The timing was off, he admits. He says he was with Chelsea at the time and there's six years difference between he and Abby. He sees Abby as innocent and could see Jack flying across the ocean to kick his butt if he was with her! He says now that she's a co-ed, she must have tons of guys after her. She smiles. "Tons," she says. She's happy to be at school fulltime. He is proud of her, he says. She tells him he hasn't gotten rid of her that quickly. She'll be around to check up on him!

Billie and Nick arrive back at the apartment and call out for Chelsea. She's not there, and Nick is frantic. He feels guilty and worries he may have lost not only the chance to be with her but he may have lost a friend. Billie thinks that Chelsea will forgive him in the long run, and reminds Nick that he made Chelsea want to be a better person. Billie is encouraging while Nick's attitude goes further down in the dumps. Billie thinks that what's done is done and asks Nick to help her fix it. She advises him to allow Chelsea to calm down but he can't when he thinks back to when he slept with Billie. "Secrets have a way of coming out," he says. Billie wants to focus on the positive. She says if Chelsea didn't care about him so much, she would not be as devastated. Nick asks her why it's so important to be in her daughter's life. "I just thought that after what we did, you wouldn't want me anywhere near her!" he says. Billie says that he would be good for Chelsea.

Back at the Brady home, Chelsea argues with her dad about helping Patrick with the cops. She cries and tells him that this isn't true but he hands her Patrick's written statement, which she reads aloud. Patrick confesses that from time to time, Chelsea helped him out of a jam. He goes on to say that Chelsea helped him out the night that John got shot. She stops reading and tells Bo that this is a lie. She says that while Patrick called her that night, she rejected him and instead called Bo. Her dad doesn't believe her and tells her he will never make the mistake of believing her again. Hope tries to get Bo to calm down but he refuses to listen to her. Bo tells Chelsea that Patrick has nothing to gain by lying but Chelsea does. Chelsea maintains her innocence yet Bo doesn't believe her. Chelsea admits that while she thought at that time that Billie and Bo could get back together, she didn't go along with what Patrick said, she went straight to Bo with the tip. She cries and begs her dad to believe her. Bo angrily explains to her that she's a threat to the family and while he wants to believe her, she is no longer welcomed in their house. Chelsea cries some more and begs him to stay in her life. Hope senses that Chelsea is telling the truth and asks that Bo talk to her privately. He refuses her. He's finished. He goes to the door, opens it up and asks Chelsea, "How many chances have I given you? I've got to protect my family. I want you out of my house. Don't ever come back," he yells. Chelsea tries one last time to get him to listen but he's adamant. He slams the door on her when she goes outside.

Once outside, Chelsea stands crying to herself while inside, Hope calls Billie to tell her that Chelsea is devastated after a huge argument with Bo. She asks that she go after her. Hope reminds Bo that Patrick isn't to be trusted, so she doesn't get why he would take what Patrick says at face value over his own daughter. She asks that Bo not turn his back on Chelsea anymore. She's a Brady, Hope says, and reminds him that they're a family. She doesn't want them to be torn apart again. Bo is puzzled when she tells him she doesnt want him to turn his back on Chelsea.

Back at the apartment, Billie explains to Nick that Hope was just on the phone and relays that Chelsea and Bo had a huge fight and asks Nick where Chelsea would go. Nick thinks for a bit and realizes that she'd try to find Abby. They rush off.

Back at the Brady home, hope hangs up with Billie and tries to get Bo to see that hanging on to all of this anger isn't going to help. She knows that a lot has changed since Zach's death. She asks that Bo take Chelsea's word over Patrick's word, and goes on to tell Bo that tonight Chelsea opened up to her when he was gone to see Roman. She reminds Bo that Chelsea went to Toronto to help her brother and to make Bo proud. Bo hugs her and tells her she has a big heart - but he can't give Chelsea another chance.

Billie finds Chelsea at the garage crying. She grabs Chelsea and holds her close while Chelsea sobs, "I just realized I'm not meant to be loved, no matter if I'm good or bad." Billie holds her and comforts her and then Nick speaks up. "Your friends love you," he starts to say but Chelsea doesn't want to hear it and yells at him to get out! Billie encourages Nick to leave and tells him she'll take care of it. Once he's gone, she goes to Chelsea. "It's been quite a night for you between Nick and your dad," she says. She thinks that Bo has a temper and doesn't mean the things he said. Chelsea isn't so sure. She thinks that every time she finds one thread of happiness it doesn't work out," she says. Billie comforts her daughter but reminds Chelsea that she's come a long way and she's proud of her! Chelsea thinks that once Billie hears the whole story, she won't feel the same. Billie believes Chelsea didn't do anything wrong and adds that this doesnt mean that Bo won't eventually trust her. She encourages her daughter to keep trying. Once Chelsea hears that Hope believes in her, she smiles and they go home to eat chocolate!

A listless Nick arrives back at the lab to finish up some reports. He sees Dr. Rebert, who offers to listen and Nick tells him that Chelsea just told him to go to hell, after learning of his dishonesty. The doctor feels bad for Nick and calls Chelsea beautiful and a great kisser! Nick isn't exactly happy to hear this. To himself, Dr. Rebert says, "I think I just filled this lab job!"

Next on Days of our Lives:

Billie tells Nick, "Knowing my daughter the way I do, it is going to take a while before she forgives you."

Chelsea tells Abby that she thinks if she gets the job at the lab, she can use Dr. Rebert to make Nick jealous!

Steve tells Kayla that the DiMeras could come after him all they want but he couldn't bear to lose her again.

EJ holds the hand of Stefano in the hospital and says, "Nothing is too good for you, father."