Sami and Lucas cozy up together on the sofa after making love. Sami shares her worries about her 'curse' but Lucas tells her that they're not going to worry about that anymore. He kisses her and she tells him she worries that her mother will try something at the church.

Billie is upset when she pours over an eviction notice at home. EJ comes to the door and gets an earful as she vents to him about the eviction. He feels for her and listens as she sadly tells him that her daughter needs stability. "This is the one thing I'm unable to give her," she says. EJ insists on speaking to Lucas about it, even when Billie asks him not to.

Chelsea drops by Bo and Hope's house crying. She explains that she just found out that Nick is her online love, 'Lonely Splicer'. He has been lying to her this whole time she says, and asks, "How awful can things get?" She goes on about how humiliating it was when she went to the hospital and threw herself at Dr. Rebert, thinking he was Dr. Shane Patton. She can't help but wonder if this is payback for all of the bad things she has done. Hope looks down sadly as Bo tries to comfort Chelsea. It dawns on Chelsea that she got a taste of her own medicine and reminds her father and Hope that not too long ago she sent them that photo of Bo and Billie in bed. The phone rings and Roman requests Bo's presence at the station. Bo apologizes and has to leave but Hope quickly invites Chelsea to stick around and help her finish of f the ice cream until Bo arrives home!

Bo arrives at Salem PD to discuss Patrick Lockhart. He shows his confession to Bo and is stunned to find that Patrick admitted that Chelsea helped Patrick from time to time!

Chelsea is flattered that Hope would want her to stay with her alone, and the two ladies sit on the sofa with their treat as Hope forgives Chelsea for her past mistakes. Chelsea is in shock and is literally stunned when Hope asks that Chelsea forgive her for not opening her arms to her. She goes on to say that she should have realized what Chelsea had gone through with losing her parents. "I made everything worse for you and I need to be forgiven for that," Hope says. Hope goes on to promise that she'll do all she can to make a fresh start, and Chelsea agrees to make it easier on her. Doodlebug wakes up and Hope offers Chelsea to hold her little baby sister. Chelsea's tears start up again as she happily holds her sister in her arms! She promises both the baby and Hope she'll do them proud. Hope brings up Nick, and suggests that possibly Nick is just a shy guy who was trying to tell Chelsea what he really felt about her.

Bo arrives home at that moment to chastise Chelsea about helping Patrick Lockhart. Chelsea denies helping him but Bo doesn't hear her. He tells her, "I'm tired of the excuses. I can't do it anymore. You're not my daughter." Chelsea sobs while she tries to defend herself, but Bo won't have any of it.

At the hospital, Nick confesses everything to Dr. Rebert, who tells him that there was no harm done. In fact, he says, the nurses curiosity about him is piqued because of Chelsea's display! He thinks she did him a favor!

On the cruise ship, Shawn threatens to throw Philip overboard if he touches Claire. Philip snickers at Shawn's threats, and the Captain stops the two from getting into it any further. Shawn asks Willow how much money she was paid to come with Philip on the ship and is thrown when Willow tells him it was a freebie. She's just there to see the look on their faces when Philip takes Claire away from them, she admits! Belle yells at her to shut up and calls her a few choice names until the Captain has to step in again. The Captain leaves the foursome to consider his options and lets them know he'll be back with a decision on what to do with the situation. Philip asks Belle to talk to her alone. Belle agrees to it and once alone, Phil asks to hold Claire. Belle hands her over, albeit reluctantly. His behavior changes and he smiles adoringly at Claire and give her a promise that he'll never go away again. Belle comments that Claire remembers him and they both admit that they didn't want all of this fighting to take place. Philip asks if they can put Claire first and forgive and forget. He asks her to come home with him but she isn't interested in going anywhere with him. She reminds him that he once called her the 'Queen of deception'. He admits he made a mistake and didn't mean it when he said those awful things to her. "I was angry," he acknowledges. He doesn't feel that way anymore and shocks Belle when he professes he's still in love with her! Philip puts Claire to bed and turns to Belle to ask for a commitment to Claire, her future and her happiness. He points out that he has sole custody and if they're together, she will be able to see Claire all the time in comparison to the meager hour or so for visitation she'd have if they weren't together. Belle stops him. "I get it. This is blackmail!" She calls him "sad" and tells him he has come home unbalanced. She wonders if the judge will want to hear about his violent tendencies. As she talks, Philip grows angrier and angrier. She ends the conversation by telling Philip that she isn't talking about it anymore. "You're not getting me or Claire, so deal with it!" she retorts.

Outside the room, Shawn asks Willow what tricks she used on Phil to get him to take her with him. She tells him that she doesn't need to trick him, and goes on to tell him that she is living in the mansion with Philip and Victor. She paints a pretty picture. He's confused so she spells it out. "I'm pregnant!" Shawn laughs at her in disbelief. She takes his hand and places it on her growing tummy and snidely remarks, "This isn't a basketball under my shirt!" Shawn asks who the unlucky father is and gets a shocker. "You Shawn, this is your little basketball!" she says. It dawns on Shawn that Philip is going to use the baby as a bargaining chip to get to Claire. Suddenly the Captain stops by and asks Shawn and Willow to come inside and talk. He has made a decision! Once they're in Australia they'll have to settle things with the American Consult. Until then, Belle and Shawn are to stay in their cabin. He puts Shawn Belle and Claire under house arrest, where they'll stay there until they dock. Philip insists that he stay across the hall. The Captain, Philip and Willow leave Shawn and Belle locked in their cabin and Belle starts to panic, but Shawn assures her that they'll formulate a plan to get off the ship!

Meanwhile, at Lucas and Sami's apartment, they sit on the sofa and discuss the wedding. Sami tells Lucas that Billie is mad at her for warning her off of EJ. She isn't sure if she'll be attending the wedding. Lucas starts to bring up EJ but Sami stops him. "You have a great way of distracting me," she reminds him. The two start kissing until they're interrupted by EJ himself! He comes to the door to tell Lucas that Victor is evicting Billie. Sami and Lucas are upset and at Sami's insistence, Lucas goes to talk to Billie. An unwanted EJ sticks around to chat with Sami. He disgusts her when he goes on about how he is pining away for her. He asks for a conciliatory drink, but Sami has other ideas. She opens the door for him to leave, but he stubbornly refuses to go. She tells him that she doesn't keep alcohol in the house anymore and so he offers to go get some bubbly from his apartment. EJ leaves even though Sami tells him, "I wish you wouldn't go through all the trouble." He ignores her pleas and gets the champagne. He gives her a glass and asks that they drink to her future happiness with Lucas. She won't take a sip and EJ notices and starts questioning her. She lies and says she has lost her taste for alcohol, and goes off to get juice to toast with. EJ mumbles to himself, "I guess I'll go to plan 2!" He starts searching for around for any evidence that she's pregnant, but Sami stops him. He then tries to light up a cigar but Sami tells him that they don't allow smoking in their home.

Lucas drops by Billie's apartment to give her comfort and money. She declines the money and tells him she'll work it out. She's taking EJ up on his job offer. Lucas demands that she rethink this and warns her against spending time with EJ. Lucas offers Billie to move in with them and thinks it would be fun. She can help Sami plan the wedding! Billie is surprised and hugs her brother. "This time, nothing will stand in our way," he promises. The two are interrupted by Nick who is looking for Chelsea. He explains to Billie and Lucas that he's the guy who has been sending her the emails from Lonely Splicer. Billie exclaims, "What? Oh Nick. What did you do?" He tells them that he's crazy about Chelsea and tried so many times to tell her but was too shy to. Billie is upset and wonders if this could push Chelsea over the edge again. She tells Lucas to go back to Sami and she'll take care of Nick. They call around looking for Chelsea but can't find her anywhere. They go off together to look for her.

Back at Sami's apartment, EJ surprises Sami by toasting to her baby and to motherhood. She's too taken aback to say anything and he tells her he meant Will! She tries to rush him out again but he keeps talking and tells her that he thinks that she and Lucas are rushing into marriage. Sami defends herself by divulging to EJ that she and Lucas have been in love for years! EJ thinks she's pregnant but she denies such a thing and Lucas strides in and asks EJ to leave. "Next time you want to drop by, .. dont!" he says. He leaves and Lucas and Sami go off to bed!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Bo yells at Chelsea to get out of his house and never come back. Chelsea cries, "Dad please. I swear I didn't do it! Bo isn't listening anymore and demands that she leave.

Nick tells Billie that secrets have a way of coming out.

Max confesses to Abby, "You arent the only one who had a crush!"

Bo tells Hope that she's the reason he is willing to turn his back on Chelsea. Hope says, "You havent listened to anything I have said. That's not what I want!"