In their apartment, Lucas is still on one knee proposing. Sami asks Lucas to repeat his proposal and starts to weep quietly as Lucas tells her he has never stopped loving her and wants her to be his wife, future and love. She smiles as he opens the ring box but her smile turns to a frown and she starts sobbing. She sniffles, "I can't," and hides her face in the sofa. Lucas gets her talking and finds out that she's worried that her issues with Kate will come between them, but Lucas reassures her that he loves everything about her - the good and the bad! He asks her once again to marry him and she says, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" while she kisses him passionately. She holds the ring and tells Lucas how beautiful it is, and then Lucas slips it on her finger. She worries about the cost, but he assures her that although it was expensive, they'll be okay, financially! She becomes more emotional thinking about her family. She wants them to be happy as well. Lucas wishes that Philip was happy, too. Lucas whips out a marsupial for the baby, and admits he's happy that this time around he knows it's really his. Sami freaks out and hits him with the stuffed toy. She asks why he is thinking about that, and then she changes her tune when she realizes how difficult those times once were. She tells him she doesnt deserve him and has a hard time trusting happiness. She often waits for the other shoe to drop, whether it is Kate or EJ Lucas interrupts her and asks why she'd mention EJ, so she explains that he was after them before. He stops her again and tells her that nothing happened between she and EJ, so he is not worried. Sami promises to be the world's best mom and wife and promises she will make him happy. "You always make me happy," Lucas tells his new fianc! They snuggle in front of the fire until Lucas gets up to answer the door. It's EJ! He comes in to explain that what Sami did to he and Kate is fair play and there are no hard feelings. He notices that there is a ring box on the floor, and Lucas tells him that they're engaged. He asks what inspired Lucas, and observes the toys that Lucas bought for the baby. Sami and Lucas don't say a word, as EJ looks from one to the other! Sami tells EJ it's for Claire for when she returns to Salem. EJ accepts this and again invites them to a family weekend in New York for Mythic. He leaves. When outside the door, he mumbles, "You're hiding something Samantha. I wonder what that could be."

As Steve and Kayla are about to go down to lock up at Salem PD, EJ arrives and explains that he had time to reflect. He drops the charges against Steve, and EJ explains that he's trying to run a business and doesn't want to make the police his enemies. He asks that they think of it as more practical rather than magnanimous. Steve asks him what game he's up to and wants him to finally tell him what he did to him but EJ refuses to talk. Steve threatens EJ, "By the time this is over with, you'll be the one begging for mercy!" he says. EJ warns Steve not to threaten him and Kayla rushes Steve out of the PD. EJ warns Kayla that the next person Steve attacks might not be as understanding as he is. Kayla scoffs as she replies, "I doubt that you let Steve go out of compassion." She makes him a deal. "I will keep Steve away from you and out of trouble, and you stay away from him," she says. She then threatens to kill him if he does otherwise!

Later, Steve comes back up into the Salem PD offices and sits with EJ. He asks EJ what this game is all about and says, "Come on Squire, it's just you and me now." EJ looks around and quietly tells him, "It's a battle of wills, "If you try to defy me, someone you love will get hurt." Steve is livid. EJ gets up and leaves. After he's gone, Steve's head starts hurting. When Kayla comes in to get him, he acts as though he is fine and picks up his coat to leave. A small velvet box falls out of his pocket and he bends to retrieve it. He gives it to Kayla, and says, "This is for today. It's two hearts intertwined." Kayla smiles and is happy to receive it. Kayla says she wants Steve to stay away from EJ but knows she'd be wasting her breath by asking him to do so. Steve reminds her that EJ is the only one who knows what happened to him.

At the hospital, Chelsea finishes kissing Dr. Rebert and quickly finds out that he's not who she thinks he is! Dr. Alan Rebert politely introduces himself! She asks him if he's the Lonely Splicer and he denies knowing what she's talking about but asks her if she's on drugs. She refutes this and stands there in shock, trying to explain herself. Billie stands back from the two with one hand clamped over her mouth! Chelsea explains that someone used his photo to meet her on the internet. She apologizes and explains she is there to apply for the lab position but then rushes off, embarrassed with her mother in tow. Dr Rebert stays behind. Although he is still stunned, he appears to have enjoyed Chelsea's attention!

Billie catches up with Chelsea and tells her that the guy who wrote to her on the internet probably works at the hospital. Chelsea agrees and decides she needs to talk to Nick. She figures that Nick will be able to help her find out who this Lonely Splicer is! Nick and rushes to see him as Billie makes a call to Nick to warn him Chelsea is on her way to his place.

Abby and Nick bang on Chelsea's door until they realize she's not there. Nick gets down on himself. He's angry for telling all of the lies he has told her and knows he has to come clean. He tells Abby that he and Chelsea really clicked in Toronto and Abby tells him that Chelsea felt the same! Nick is worried that if he tells Chelsea the truth, it'll break her heart, but Abby thinks Nick ought to take his medicine and be the hero that Chelsea thinks he is. Nick receives a call from Billie, who warns him that Chelsea is tracking him down. She tells him what happened and asks that he run to his place, as Chelsea is on her way. He dashes off.

Belle and Shawn panic when the Captain and the ship's doctor enter their cabin, to demand that the couple surrender their passports. Belle gives the passports to the Captain, who sees that they're fraudulent. They explain what's been going on to the Captain and Shawn begs him to turn his back while they escape to the next island port. Belle pleads to him, and asks if he has children of his own. He does have a daughter, he says and Belle appeals to him as a father and asks how he would feel if someone was trying to take his daughter away. The Captain hesitates but before he can answer they're interrupted by Philip and Willow, who barge in on their cabin. "You're not taking her anywhere. Did you really think I'd let you get away with taking my daughter?" Philip asks. He shows the Captain his passport and tells him that he and Willow got permission to get on the ship in Caledonia. He also shows the man papers that identify Claire as his child. He demands that Claire be handed over to him. Belle explains that Shawn is the real father of Claire, and they all get into it over Willow's past occupation and her love of a man in uniform. Philip throws his weight around.

Chelsea shows up at Maggie's house to look for Nick. Maggie lets her in and allows Chelsea to go up to Nick's room to wait for him. Once in Nick's room, she looks around. She notices two posters on the wall. One is of an old George Stevens western film called 'Shane'. The other is 'Patton', starring George C. Scott. "Oh my God," she says as it dawns on her who Lonely Splicer is! Nick comes into his room to find Chelsea crying. "Shane Patton?" she asks him. Nick starts to apologize but she explains in detail that she met Dr. Rebert and humiliated herself by kissing him. Nick tells her that he never meant to hurt her, but she explains that he has. "You are a lying pathetic nobody and I never want to see you again." She tells him, through her tears. She goes toward the door but Nick asks that she allow him to explain how it happened. She refuses to look at him but stops and listens as he explains that he noticed her online video blog and says he saw her picture. "It was so beautiful, so tragic. I made up the stupid name because I wanted to reach out to you. I sent you the picture of my boss and before I knew it, I was in over my head." He confesses. Chelsea tells him that she shared things about herself that nobody else knew. "I was completely honest about myself, and the person that I thought changed my life and made me a better person, turned out to be a liar. You made me fall for a figment of your imagination. How could you do this to me? How?" She asks through her tears of anger. She yells at him and tells him he broke her heart. She storms off.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Willow tells Shawn she is pregnant!

Philip asks Belle to take their little girl home with them. He is asking her to give him another chance!

EJ toasts to Sami's child!

Bo tells Hope that she's the reason he's able to turn his back on her, but this isn't what Hope wants!