Roman enters Sami's apartment to confront her about stealing the surveillance disc of EJ and Kate from his office. He's angry and close to putting her in handcuffs and bringing her downtown. He's really disappointed with her, he says. "I thought you were finally somebody I could trust, but apparently I was wrong again," he tells her. He goes on to explain that Kate is talking about a lawsuit against Salem PD! Sami tells her dad that what Kate did to her is a lot worse than what she did back. She just wants Kate to leave her alone. Roman tells Sami that what she did to Kate was public humiliation. It's not the same as what Kate did to her. It's far worse! Sami takes full responsibility and asks her father to arrest her. "I did the crime, I am more than willing to do the time," she says as she holds her hands up. Roman isn't taking her downtown; he says and tells her that she should consider that she could lose a good man [Lucas] if she keeps up this feud. He demands that she back off and leaves the apartment as Sami cries.

Sami is still crying when Lucas shows up. Right away she says, "I have something to tell you and you're not going to like it!" She starts to tell him about what she did to Kate, but he already knows! She starts apologizing until he tells her that he thought it was great! He says Kate called him to tell him on the car phone to blast him with the news about what Sami did, and he could barely hear what Kate was saying through all of the four letter words! He says, once she got the whole story out, he laughed so hard, he almost drove off the road! He kisses Sami and tells her he is fine with how she humiliated Kate and tells her that he loves her. Sami is thankful that he stood up to his mother. Lucas has been thinking a lot about John and Marlena and Belle and Shawn and all that they're all going through. He says that it has made him think a lot. He says that they've been through so much together and he realizes that if you want something, you need to go after it! Sami is confused until Lucas gets on one knee and asks Sami, "Will you marry me?!"

At the lab, Nick tells Mimi and Max that he completed the DNA testing and the sample of blood from the ring they found on the skeleton is from her father, David Lockhart! Mimi is clearly upset with the news. They go into the hallway and Mimi tells Max that she thinks that her family killed her father. "Why else would they steal his bones from the morgue and bury them?" she asks. Max isn't sure but encourages her to find out the truth.

Chelsea calls Abby from Billie's apartment to talk about Nick. As she goes on and on about how heroic Nick was in Toronto, Abby has a good laugh and tells her friend, "It looks to me as though you have a crush on 'the nerd'!" Chelsea tries to deny it yet she goes on and on about how truly amazing Nick really is!

Billie arrives home and tells her the good news that she just saw Hope and Bo. She says that they were raving about Chelsea and how proud they are of her. Chelsea is amazed and even happier when Billie announces that Hope wants to talk to Chelsea personally to thank her!

On the cruise ship, Shawn buys bathing suits for everyone. He wants them to get some sun on deck and go for a swim, but Belle backpedals with concern that someone will recognize them.

Outside their door, Dr. Deardon and the Captain of the ship discuss Shawn and Belle. The doctor tells the Captain his thoughts on how something is 'off' about the couple.

Later, Belle is sunning herself on the deck of the cruise ship when Shawn comes up to her wearing a scuba mask and flippers! He won them in a scuba diving contest, he shares. Belle tells Shawn that this was a good idea to come up on deck. She says that she and Claire have had a terrific time meeting new people. The two are very relaxed and Shawn promises that this is how things are going to be from now on. They giggle with delight as one of the ship's waiters brings them drinks and refers to them as 'Mr. and Mrs. Perkins'. Belle opens the newspaper and her mood changes when she notices a photograph of she and Shawn in the paper along with a story that explains who they really are and that they've kidnapped Claire. She panics and thinks they'll be recognized so grabs all of her things and stomps off back to the cabin. She promises she won't leave there until they arrive in Australia. Once back at the cabin, she packs frantically and they agree to get off at the next port and stay there. Before they can rush to get off the ship, the Captain and the Doctor come to the door to tell them that there is a problem with their passports!

Abe and Theo have breakfast at home when Celeste shows up with some groceries. Abe whispers to her that Theo needs Valentine's Day cards but she's one step ahead of him and holds up a box. Celeste asks Theo to go get some ice cream with her in the afternoon and he happily accepts, before he goes off to play. Abe trips over something while on his way to have a seat on the sofa and Celeste notices. She asks if he's taking his medicine every day but he admits to being more concerned about Theo than himself. He worries about Theo, because he's always asking where his mommy is. Abe goes on to voice his concerns that he won't be able to take care of Theo soon, either, but Celeste promises she will be there to help. Abe asks Celeste if Theo could go live with her for a while, because he needs someone to take care of him. Celeste is shocked and says that she'd love to have him in her home but she's worried he'd miss Abe too much, in addition to missing Lexi. She offers to move in and take care of them. Abe considers it and later agrees that it's a good idea. She goes to pack her belongings.

Mimi and Max show up at Abe's house to tell him that the DNA belongs to Mimi's father, David Lockhart. Abe is surprised and apologizes to her, and then lets them know that they'll have to talk to Roman about this now. He also tells them that they can't ignore the fact that her brothers and mother could be involved in a homicide. They leave and Celeste arrives with Theo, who is still on a high from his ice cream! The little guy runs off to remove his outdoor clothes while Abe asks Celeste if she has spoken to Theo about staying with them. She is happy to announce that she has, and Theo is very happy with it. He offers her the master bedroom to stay in, admitting to her that he can't sleep in there anymore because it's too painful.

At the hospital, Dr. Rebert tells Nick that he's running an ad in the paper for the lab assistant job. A flustered Nick quickly calls Abby and tells her he's in trouble and needs her help!

Nick meets with Abby at Java Caf and explains that he lied to Chelsea about there being any openings at the lab for her and now Dr. Rebert has put an ad in the paper for the position of lab assistant. He's worried that Chelsea will find out that he lied to her about there being any available openings and if she goes to apply for it, he's through! She'll find out everything once she sees Dr. Rebert. Abby fails when she tries to get Nick to finally come clean. She warns him that Chelsea is going to find out on her own and it will be worse! They leave the caf and Nick thanks Abby for listening to her. She adds that she only wishes that he'd listen to her! They agree to go together to the hospital.

Back at Billie's place, Chelsea tells her mom that she needs to get a job, but Billie says she's working on a great new job that will take care of them. Chelsea thinks that's great for her - but she wants to start taking care of herself! Billie is shocked and tells her daughter that she likes her new attitude! She shows Chelsea the ad in the paper for the lab assistant job at University Hospital and Chelsea is interested. She stops short when she realizes that Nick must have lied to her about there being any work at the hospital for her. Billie wonders if the post came up while they were in Toronto, but Chelsea frowns and thinks that maybe Nick doesn't want her around. "I thought that we were becoming real buds. Was I wrong?" she sadly asks her mom. Billie doesn't know but gives her another possibility. Perhaps Nick thought that she was inexperienced. Chelsea doesn't feel any better and tells her that 'speaking of experience,' Nick told her he wasn't a virgin and did 'the deed' with an older woman. She goes on to say she would have bet her life on Nick being a virgin, but was dead wrong. Billie is shocked but tells her she should let it go. Chelsea gets her coat and says she's heading off to corner Nick. Billie offers support and goes along with her.

Chelsea and Billie arrive at the hospital and Chelsea fills out an application for the position. She is alarmed when she has to answer a question about whether or not she has been convicted of a felon. Billie advises her to check 'no', because she's only going to be carrying blood samples upstairs and downstairs. She doesn't think her daughter should have to talk about it or say anything. Just then, Dr. Rebert comes down the hall. Chelsea watches him and grabs her mother. "That's him," she says, quietly. She calls out, "Dr. Patten!" and runs into his arms. Dr. Rebert is in shock as Chelsea kisses and hugs him!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Lucas asks Sami what she's crying about.

Chelsea pushes Nick angrily and screams at him, "Nick, how can you do this to me?"

Steve tells Kayla, "We cant be happy until we find out the truth." He tells her that EJ is the one who can give it to him.

Philip and Willow barge in on Shawn and Belle's cabin on the cruise ship with the doctor and Captain and Philip asks them, "Did you really think Id let you get away with this?"