Bo paces the Java cafe as he waits for Kayla to arrive. She finally makes it there and tells him that she's late because of Steve's hypnosis. BO asks if Steve remembered anything from when he was under and she tells a shocked Bo that Steve remembered being tortured. She thinks he remembers more but was holding back. She goes on to tell her brother that she didn't feel she could pressure him. Bo mentions a conversation he had with Marlena about the dreams she has been having about John and Steve. He explains that although he isn't sure he can take the dreams seriously, Marlena said that she dreamed that John told her about Steve's torture by the DiMeras. Kayla listens intently and knows that this isn't the first time that Marlena has had these dreams. She feels that they're somehow connected to what's going on with Steve and Kayla thinks if they dont do something to stop this; something terrible will happen to Steve. Kayla gets a call from the hospital, notifying her that Steve has broken out of the Psych ward. Bo jumps up and says, "I know where he is." The two leave.

At Mythic, EJ is on his cell phone with someone, discussing his father's health. He says, "I'm glad the old man is doing better." Steve barges into the room and tells him, "I remember!" He goes to EJ and EJ feigns innocence. He tells Steve, "Go back to the Psych ward, where the nice doctors can take care of you." Steve makes a move to grab EJ but backs off when EJ pulls out the death tarot card from his pocket. The card causes Steve to become subdued and he appears in pain. EJ rubs Steve's head with his other hand and says, "Nice doggie." He then tells Steve that his willpower is exceedingly strong, even stronger than John Black's! EJ tells him that he was chosen to be an agent/pawn for the DiMeras' and will do whatever EJ tells him to do, or he'll harm Kayla and Stephanie. Steve fights the card, but is weak and exhausted and tries to turn away. He tells EJ, "You can't make me hurt anyone." EJ follows him and holds the card in front of his face again and asks Steve how he's sure he hasn't hurt people already. Steve gets angry and makes another grab for the card but it's futile. EJ tells Steve he owns him, and Steve falls to his knees.

Just then, Bo and Kayla arrive and rush in to find out what's going on. EJ quickly puts away the tarot card and feigns innocence. Steve tells Bo and Kayla that EJ was the one who tortured him. He begs Bo to take him to jail, just not back to the Psych ward. Steve cries and apologizes to Kayla but she understands and promises to stick with him. She kisses him and holds him then before she takes him out to the car, she slaps EJ across the face and promises as God as her witness, "You're going to pay for what you've done to my husband." Bo stays behind to have a little chat with EJ.
Bo tells EJ he knows that he is using the tarot card to brainwash Steve, but EJ laughs it off and makes a crack that maybe Bo ought to check himself into the Psych ward as well. Bo doesn't like that and threatens to knock that smirk off of his face if he ever says that again. Bo then goes on to tell EJ that he knows that he shot John Black. EJ claims that he's just a business man but Bo says he's a DiMera. They argue a little more and Bo says, "Go to hell, Elvis Junior Dimera!" As Bo leaves Mythic, EJ calls after him, "Not before you."

Philip looks at maps at the mansion, as he takes a call from his investigators. He's informed of a false lead and goes back to his maps until he is interrupted by Lucas. At first, Lucas doesn't recognize him but when he does; he jokes with his brother and says, "At least you're good looking, huh? Almost as good looking as me! We could pass for brothers." Philip is testy with Lucas because he knows that his half-brother doesn't agree with what Phil is doing. Phillip is hurt. "When I needed my brother, you turned your back on me," he says, through gritted teeth. Lucas sighs and tells him it's not like that, and then turns to leave. Philip stops him and asks why he's there. Lucas tells Phil that he needs a favor. "I need you to help me get my job back," he explains. Philip says that Lucas was disloyal and Sami was disloyal too, so doesn't see how he can help. Lucas begs him. He says that he wants to have another baby and he can't work for someone he doesn't respect [EJ]. He tells Philip what Victor asked him to do was wrong, but he still respects both Philip and Victor. Philip tells Lucas that the last time he felt like a hero was when he found one of Claire's stuffed animals behind the sofa. He feels that Claire is the only thing he has left, but Lucas reminds him he has family who love him. Victor shows up and tells Lucas that he walked away from him. Lucas denies it and says he walked away from Titan, but Victor claims, "I am Titan!" Victor asks Philip to call security but Philip refuses, instead he tells his dad that Lucas knows his way out. He asks Lucas why he didn't show up sooner. Instead, he opted to turn up only to ask a favor. Lucas feels bad and agrees that he should have come sooner but was busy. He gives his key to the mansion back to Philip and apologizes. He makes his way out the door. Once he has left the room, Victor notices how upset Philip is, and gives his son a lecture. He tells Philip that sometimes people have to make difficult decisions. Philip knows that Lucas has always been good to him and doesn't like how he's in the middle of this. Victor takes a look at the maps and tells his son that he's been slacking off because he hasn't found Belle and Shawn yet! He suggests that they find the tax records of everyone on the ship. If they're under an assumed name, they'll be the ones without the records and will be found! Victor goes off to find the taxes.

Lucas is standing at the front door calling a garage, because his car won't start. Philip comes to the front door and when he finds out that Lucas' car doesn't work, he offers his own car. Lucas is happy about this but when Philip apologizes for not being able to cross the old man, and takes out a stack of money, Lucas can't accept it. Phil tells Lucas that Victor is getting old and once he's 'put out to pasture', he'll take over Titan and Lucas will work for him! He asks Lucas to be patient until that time comes. Lucas leaves. Victor comes back into the room to give Philip tax records from everyone on the ship. Philip is in awe, "How do you do that?" he asks. Victor tells him to 'never mind' and they are interrupted by Willow, who bursts into the room. She is in awe of the mansion and praises it. Victor leaves the room and she tells Philip she has just come from the doctor's office and is four months pregnant. She shows him a note and they discuss getting her an amniocentesis. He gives her his word that she'll be out of there if it turns out she's not carrying Shawn's kid. She swears to him that she hasn't been with anyone else and asks him not to be so mean about it. He apologizes and says that's the only reason why she's living with him. She starts to rub Philip's arms and tells him that she's feeling very amorous. "Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm dead," she reminds him. Phil allows her to kiss his neck for a few moments but tells her, "I think I've made it clear. I don't mix business with pleasure." He shows her the tax records and explains what their next move is. As they're reading the tax reports, Willow starts massaging Philip's neck. He appears to enjoy it and looks bushed, but stops her with a look. Willow moves away from him and takes another look at the tax records. Suddenly she jumps up happily and yells, "I found them!"

On the cruise ship, Dr. Dearden asks Shawn and Belle for Claire's immunization stamp but they don't have one. He asks them for a paper from their doctor, but they don't have it either. They put on a pretty good show of looking for it, while the doctor waits. After they feign looking through their items, they stop and turn to the doctor. They promise to show proof of immunization in the morning as it's late and Shawn and Belle want to get some rest. He agrees with this and leaves. Belle becomes frantic. She's worried what they'll do when they find out that Claire doesnt have a stamp. Shawn smiles and tells her not to worry. He says that they'll lie again and say they lost it in their travels. He feels that the worst thing that could happen is that the doctor could immunize Claire! Belle seems happy with this response and goes off to shower. When she's gone, Shawn puts up a sheet for her to dress behind. Belle comes out of the shower and dresses behind the sheet while Shawn watches intently from the other side of the sheet!! The air is thick with sexual tension as he watches. Once she is done, Shawn mumbles to himself that he needs a good cold shower, and heads off as Belle starts to read a book. Once done his shower, he walks around the room wet and half naked! Belle tries in vain to read her book but has a hard time keeping her mind off of Shawn, as he parades around. He notices that she can't keep her head in her book and asks her if she wants to go to the ship's library for something more stimulating. She eyes him and mumbles, "That won't be necessary." He asks her to repeat herself as he hasn't heard her, so she says, "You look nice and refreshed." Shawn takes a good look at her and tells her she looks pretty good herself. They stare at one another and share a moment until Shawn goes to the sofa to sleep. Belle is left alone in bed!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea tells Billie, "Did you know that Nick did the deed with some older woman?

Sami cries as she tells Lucas, "I have to tell you something, and I dont think you'll like it."

Belle and Shawn study a newspaper with photographs of them in it. Belle is afraid someone will see the paper and recognize them.