Shawn encourages Belle to live it up a little on the cruise ship with him, but she says she'll hide in her room until she feels it's safe to leave. Shawn feels that they're safe and wants Claire to have some fun for a change. Belle isn't willing to risk being caught if someone were to recognize them, she says. They discuss her guilt over Philip and she admits she wishes things were different. Shawn tells her that they need to live their lives for themselves. He asks that he trust that he will do whatever it takes to take care of the three of them. She trusts him and relents. They make up names for each of them and agree that they'll say they're from Nova Scotia. They look in wonder at the stars and discuss how much each of them has given up ensuring Claire is safe. Belle notices that Claire is running a fever and Shawn calls the ship's doctor, Dr. Dearden. He examines Claire as Belle says that "Lucy Ann" (Claire) is teething. He smiles and tells them that is probably why she's feverish. Babies often do have a fever when they're teething! He also attributes her fever to sea sickness and tells them to keep her hydrated. When he asks for "Lucy Ann's" passport for his files, Belle and Shawn are alarmed. They give it to him but he notices that her immunization stamp isn't there.

Steve paces his room in the Psych ward and tells Kayla that he can't bear to be there. She kisses him and tells him that he can handle this. "You're the strongest person I know," she says, comfortingly. He doesn't want to become institutionalized like the people he sees there and feels like a loser. Kayla tries her best to make him feel at ease but he feels as though she's treating him as though he is 'ill'. . Dr Beale enters the room to hypnotize Steve. Steve lies on the bed and jokingly asks the doctor if there are any benefits to hypnosis such as weight loss or anything. Kayla laughs uneasily and tells the doctor that Steve is nervous. The doctor lets them know that Steve may say things under hypnosis that he would not normally say and they begin. The doctor puts Steve under and asks him to go back in time to tell him what he sees when he heard this sound. [Dr. Beale starts tapping something against his clip board.] Steve flashes back to being in a lab on a table with electrodes attached to him. He shakes violently. It looks as though it's some form of electric shock treatment. When it's over, he sees EJ and a doctor standing over him. EJ keeps smiling and repeating, "You're one of us now," as he shows him the death Tarot card. The doctor wakes Steve up because he was so worked up being under, and lets him listen to a tape he made of the hypnosis. We hear Steve describe that he is lying on a table with a bright light in front of him and bare walls. When the doctor asks what else Steve saw, he says, "Nothing. Nobody." Steve gets up and flashes back to what happened under hypnosis, but won't admit to it. He wants to leave but Kayla reminds him he's there for two weeks and can't. The doctor leaves and explains they will try again in a day. Steve asks Kayla to leave so he can go to some beading class, but once she's gone, he pulls a dime out of his pocket and starts to jimmy the bars that are on the window of his room. He jumps out the window, after he pries the bars off!

Sami talks to the press and clients at Mythic Communications and goats over her feat. She tells the press that this is what moral code that they can expect when doing business with Kate Roberts and EJ Wells. [Referring to the DVD of EJ and Kate in bed] Sami tells Kate she now knows what it's like to be publically humiliated. Kate pulls Sami into the hallway and tells her that EJ was also humiliated and isn't sure he will take it that well. Kate goes off to talk to the Audio Visual guy, as EJ explains to the press and clients about the DVD. EJ asks the group of people, "Did you like that?! Let me get a show of hands of who thought that was Kate Roberts and I!" Everyone puts up their hands and he exclaims that this is the future of Mythic Communications. He saves Mythic by making up that they have a ground breaking new technology of animated reality called CGI Technology, goes into a bit of detail, then turns the presentation back to Kate then goes over to Billie, who is confused. She asks, "I thought you were always interested in Sami?" He admits he once was but now Sami is with Lucas, and he had to move on. She asks EJ to make things right with Kate, so he stays behind while Billie runs into the hallway.

Billie runs after Sami and tells her that what she did was wrong and asks how she could do it. Sami tells her about what Kate did to her recently and thinks she'll learn her lesson this time. Billie thinks that Kate will probably just find another way to get back at her and Sami says, "If she wants a war. She can have one, but she won't win!" Billie tells her that she really hasn't changed and asks that she at least not let Lucas get caught in the crossfire. Sami thinks that Billie is just upset to know that Kate was with EJ. She says she has this history of looking for the bad guys and is only trying to be her friend. Billie pauses and says, "I think you still have the hots for EJ!" Sami looks a little green and dashes off to the ladies room.

Sami comes out of the bathroom and looks really sick. Billie asks her if she wants Will to come stay with her until she feels better, but Sami says she's fine! Billie thinks Sami has the flu and is really concerned but Sami laughs it off and says she's fine now. Billie stops short and her jaw slackens. In shock, she exclaims, "You're pregnant!" Sami doesn't deny it and Billie says that she doesn't understand why Sami isn't rubbing Kate's nose in it! Sami starts to cry a little and says that she didn't want anyone to know until she was through her first trimester, but Billie has already assumed the worse. She asks, "This baby isn't Lucas' is it?" Sami is angered by Billie's question and says that she didn't cheat on Lucas and has never cheated on anyone. She rants and raves until Billie calms her down when she apologizes and says she believes her. Kate and EJ enter the hallway and EJ notices how sick Sami looks. He can't take his eyes off of her and once Kate launches into a tirade about how Sami didn't even think about how this could have cost Lucas his job, Billie cuts her short and asks her to cut Sami some slack. She's got the flu! Sami thanks Billie while trying not to look at EJ, and heads home. As she leaves, EJ looks after her with a vested interest. EJ goes inside and Kate warns Billie off of him and says that EJ Wells is trouble. Billie says, "Thanks for the 'maternal concern but I don't take orders from you!" She marches off.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kayla tells Bo that Steve's in danger and worries that something horrible is going to happen to him.

EJ holds up the death tarot card to Steve and tells him that if he fails to accept his fate it will affect someone very close to him.

Belle looks at a sexy, showered and shirtless Shawn and says, "You look nice and refreshed!" Shawn stares at her and tells her she doesn't look so bad herself.

Willow tells Philip she has found Belle and Shawn!