Kate walks into the press room at Mythic where tables are set up for her press release/presentation. She pushes her weight around with her assistant and demands that everything be perfect when Lucas busts in on her to demand that she tell him how she could set Sami up again. Kate sighs and tells him, "I don't think this is the time." Lucas keeps talking and asks her what Sami has to do to get on her good side. Kate tells her that Sami has to tell the truth about the night that she saved his life. She calls Sami's story ridiculous but Lucas tells her to stop her insatiable hate for Sami or she knows what will happen. (She'll lose he and Will.) Lucas asks his mom to get a life but she claims to be trying to save a life. She professes to be trying to protect him against Sami and because she is his mother, she will never stop watching over him. She tells him that the reenactment tape proves that she wasn't alone when she lifted the beam from Lucas' leg. Lucas asks her to prove it, so she tells him that she took the footage to a professor at MIT and to a forensics expert and both agree it is impossible that she could have lifted the beam without help. Lucas says that it happens all the time, and tells him if he makes her choose between her and Sami, she'll lose. He walks out on her.

Kate starts the press release/presentation. The press asks about EJ and Kate tells them that although he is not there, he is still the co-owner. She explains that EJ was cleared of all charges and Mythic is back and better than ever, and then steps down to talk one on one with the reporters.

At home, Sami grabs her CD and heads out of the apartment. She bumps into EJ and Billie who appear to be having a great time kidding around. Sami comments that she didn't know that Billie and EJ were good friends. EJ goes to take a call while Sami berates Billie for spending time alone with the man who shot John Black. Billie wonders if she's jealous but Sami tells her she's worried about her, not jealous. "EJ is not who you think he is," she guarantees, but Billie knows that the charges were dropped and believes EJ is innocent. Sami frantically insists that Billie listen to her before she gets hurt. She tells Billie that EJ is charming but not who she thinks that he is. Billie thinks that there is a little tiny bit of Sami that is 'itching' for EJ Wells, and Sami begs her to listen. They argue until EJ interrupts the two. She tells Billie, "Don't say I didn't warn you." She saunters off while Billie warns EJ, "If you are the monster that Sami makes you out to be - or not, I will find out. I don't scare easily." She reminds EJ she used to be a cop and has a sixth sense about people. He asks her what it's telling her about him and she says, "Proceed with caution." If she finds him to be a monster, she'll stop their business. They start joking around again as she gets him to do Elvis impersonations, and then they're interrupted by Lucas. It's obvious that he doesn't trust EJ and tells Billie that if she needs help she can come to him. He then asks EJ when he's moving out and EJ says in a few weeks. EJ leaves as Lucas tells Billie that she can forget business plans with EJ because he's not letting her near, "That sick SOB." He lectures her about EJ and when she doesn't listen, he tells her that EJ has her snowed. She is insulted and tells him that she's going into business with EJ and asks that he give her one reason why she shouldn't. He looks around and holds his hands up in the air and says, "Why? Because I love you, okay? She smiles and tells him she loves him too and then goes back to her place to prepare for the presentation.

Sami arrives at Mythic and as Kate is talking to the press, she speaks to the guy in charge of the Audio Visual equipment and tells him he has an important phone call at the front desk. He goes to take the call as Sami changes the DVD in the machine with the one she has stolen from Roman's office. The Audio Visual guy comes back upset because there was no call for him and she starts backing away as she apologizes and then bumps into EJ, who is on his way into the presentation. EJ asks what she's apologizing for this time and says he's on to her. She greets him nervously and he tells her she looks a little 'green around the gills'. The way that he talks makes it appear as though he suspects that she's pregnant. She says, I'm not surprised after listening to him talk, but assures him she's 'fine, perfect and has never been better'! She then storms off.

Billie arrives at Mythic all dressed up and EJ compliments her. She tells him she has been warned twice about him and he can't get his mind off of Sami. He thinks that she's up to something and Billie feigns surprise. "Sami? No!"

The press notices EJ is there and they want to ask Kate and EJ about EJ losing his contract and reputation. They ask about his family and Kate puts a stop to their questions and tells them that they're dedicated to holding up a morally strict ethic code. She says that they'll understand what Mythic is all about when they see the movie presentation. The presentation starts and we see the old clip of Kate and EJ making love at his apartment! [This was taken by John and Bo a while ago.] The press looks at each other wide eyed and starts whispering to one another, while Kate's jaw drops as she says, "Oh my God!" Sami stands in the back with a venomous look on her face. She comes forward to tell everyone "There they are, Kate Roberts and EJ Wells, on tape holding up their morally ethic code!" Billie turns to EJ in disgust and says, "You slept with my mother? What are you? Crazy?"

At the hospital, Marlena dreams about John. In her dream she heads toward the rattling door and smiles as John says to open the door. He is waiting for her, he says. She opens the door and sees bright light. He asks her to cross the threshold and take his hand. "Come into the light," he asks. She resists him and asks if this is heaven. "Oh dear lord, John. Are you dead?" she asks."No, you know I'm not," he reassures her. She reaches out for him and takes his hand and then is shown in bed with John holding his hand and talking in her sleep. "Don't let go of my hand. Hold my hand tighter," she says. She asks him where they are and he says, "A place between life and death, waking and dreaming." He tells her love makes anything possible and reminds her that she taught him that. She asks to touch him and caresses his face. She smiles and tells him he's real and feels warm. She second guesses herself but he kisses her to comfort her and let her know that he's real. He says he has something important to tell her and lets her know what EJ said to him before he shot him. He says that she needs to remember this and when she says how scared she is, he tells her that her fear is the only thing that will keep her alive. He goes on to tell her that Steve is in trouble. Marlena remembers john at the hospital saying, "Killer." John tells Marlena the horrible story of how Steve was tortured and brainwashed by the DiMeras during his 16 years away. He was programmed him and set things up that he has no control over. When she asks John to repeat the last thing that he says, she can't hear him. We hear a doctor trying to wake her up.

Once awake, she's upset that the doctor pulled her away from John, just as he was telling her something important. She tries to be polite and the doctor tells her that Dr. Johnson called to tell her that Steve signed himself into the psych ward. She was hoping that Marlena would check in on him. She hears John's voice again, telling her about Steve's past with the DiMeras. She asks him to talk to her again, after the doctor leaves. Marlena tells John that this is their secret. She knows nobody would believe them anyway. She tells John that she needs him to come back to her and says, "I love you so much. Please don't leave me." John's eyes start moving.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Belle says to Shawn, "I dont want to draw attention to ourselves but we need to call the ship doctor."

Kayla reminds Steve that he committed himself to the psych ward for a full two weeks, when he says he needs to get out of there.

Sami tells Billie, "If she wants a war, she can have one. Kate wont win."

(Steve is having a flashback.) EJ tells Steve, "You are one of us now."