EJ notices Billie trying to get into her new apartment and puts on the charm. "Do I hear the sound of a damsel in distress?" he asks. He goes to her and when she is surprised he's not in jail, he tells Billie that the charges against him were dropped and Mystic is back in business. He says he even has Lucas working for him! With the last part of the news, Billie's jaw drops and EJ closes it for her while he tells her that Sami encouraged Lucas to take the job. He says that he was branded a monster in the papers but in real life, he is a nice guy. EJ tells Billie that he envies Lucas and Sami's relationship and says maybe one day he'll be lucky to find someone. There is an uncomfortable silence and then EJ helps Billie get her boxes into Sami and Lucas' apartment for storage. He also offers to allow her to store her boxes in his place, but she declines and doesn't think it wise of her to spend time with him. She says she's been relying on other people too much these days and wants to start relying on herself again. She reminisces and says that she used to be a very successful executive at a cosmetics company. She tells EJ how things didn't work out with she and Kate in business together and ever since she left the job, things have "snowballed to hell". She goes on to say she was also in law enforcement and that went to pot, so she refuses to rely on the kindness of strangers! EJ listens intently and asks her what she'd like to do now. She explains in detail how she wants to go into home security and EJ says that Mythic is always looking to expand their assets. He thinks that if they can find a way to build up their existing assets that they could have her work for them in that capacity. He asks if she's interested. While she is, she doesn't want Lucas and Kate to think she is horning in on their territory. He suggests that they go over to his place for some wine and a discussion. She tells him she doesn't drink and he offers prune juice. She laughs and declines and he agrees to escort her to a presentation that Kate's giving.

Marlena visits with John at the hospital. She tells him that this is the day she has dreamed of; the day that he gets released from the hospital. She is crushed because she assumed he'd be awake, and not transferred to long term care hospital facility. She tells him she can't give him the kind of care he needs but promises him that she's never going to give up on him. While she talks, John's spirit gets out of his body. He stands by the bed and looks at her while she tells him of her dreams. John tells her that he's trying to reach her but doesn't know how to make it happen. She can't hear him. He goes on to let her know that he has to find a way to reach her to tell her what EJ said the night of the shooting. Marlena can feel John and asks him if he can feel her. He is frustrated and tells her that he can, but he is trapped. She still cannot hear him. She explains that she looks for him in her dreams and John tells her to keep looking for him there. "Follow my voice in your dreams," he says. Marlena starts to cry as Dr. Tucker comes in to prepare John's chart for his release. She kisses John and he goes right back into his body at the same time. His entire body moves and she smiles then calls out to Dr. Tucker, "John moved!" John's voice is heard. He tells her to come to him in her dreams. She grabs John and cries out, "I can hear you!" She asks Dr. Tucker to examine John and reluctantly, Dr. Tucker does so. He explains that it's involuntary muscle movement. Marlena is excited and knows that they haven't lost him! "Oh John, I'm here," she assures him! Marlena refuses to transfer John to the new facility now that she has heard his voice and has seen him move. Marlena is adamant about this and asks the doctor to leave, because he's no help to her. She goes to John and snuggles next to him. She smiles and wonders if she was too hard on the doctor, then changes her mind and says that she doesn't really care. All she knows is that she is going to wait for him to tell her that he loves her. "So you'd better get busy, buster," she says. "I'll be here waiting!"

Marlena gets into bed with John and falls asleep.His eyes flutter open a little and she dreams she is in a room in a white dress. She hears John's voice and he tells her he's behind the door (it's rattling). She tells John that she's scared but he tells her not to be and asks her to open the door. She moves toward the door as lightening strikes outside.

Kayla visits Steve in jail after his arraignment. He lists off the charges that he is in there for, including assault and battery, resisting arrest and terrorist threats! He calls himself "Osama Bin Johnson" as he tries to make light of things. He tells Kayla that he's going to take her home, make love to her and then she can take him to the cuckoo's nest to be with the rest of the cuckoos! He admits he's afraid as Dr. Beals (chief of Psychiatric hospital in Salem) arrives. Dr. Beals gives Steve the papers to sign but when Steve reads though them he can't sign them. "I want to solve this 'puzzle' on my own," he says and asks Kayla for her help. She tells him she can't help him with his rage and pleads that he work with Dr. Beal to get his life back. The doctor tells him that he'll be in the ward for two weeks and reminds Steve that he is only being released on the contingent that he goes in for evaluation. Steve paces the cell and then refuses to sign the contract. The Doctor goes off to get a coffee while Kayla and Steve time to talk. Steve apologizes but doesn't think he could handle being in a psych ward for two whole weeks. Kayla reminds him that he stuck by her side when she was in the hospital; he also risked his life for Shawn and Belle and is always willing to go to the ends of the earth for everyone else so why can't he go that extra distance for himself? Kayla soon realizes that Steve won't leave jail because he's afraid to hurt someone else. Kayla asks him to prove his love for her by signing the contract to go into the psych ward. He agrees to it if she comes into her cell and makes love with him. Steve kisses Kayla and then signs the papers.

Sami shows up at Roman's office and he launches into Kate's story and the conclusions that she came to. Roman is surprised that Sami isn't that upset but she explains that she was. She wanted to tear Kate's hair out but now she blames herself more! She thinks she's more of an idiot than a hero and won't fall for Kate's "BFF" (Best friends forever.) routine again! She says she feels better to keep the peace right now, but Roman isn't so sure she's being honest. He wonders if there is another reason why she's not going after Kate right now and asks her if there is something else that she remembers that she wants to fill in from that night. This angers Sami. She thinks he's calling her a liar, but Roman wants her to be able to trust him and tells her that her word is good enough for him. She goes into her story again and when she's done, Roman tells her that Kate brought a physic's expert with her to alert Roman that Sami couldn't possibly have saved Lucas alone and that she had help from EJ. Sami looks shocked and reminds her dad that she helped set EJ up in the first place, so why would she help him? He isn't sure. "Why don't you tell me?" he asks. Sami is hurt and tells him that he has seen how much she has changed. She goes on to tell him how important it was to her that he was proud of her, but he promises that he still is proud but it's his job to ask her these questions. Now that he has asked, he won't ask her again. Sami flies into his arms to thank him. She sobs and can't catch her breath. Roman wrongly thinks that if Sami tells Kate about the baby that she'll come around but Sami says they've already told her and she pretended to care! She blubbers a little and asks Roman to get her a glass of water. While he's gone, she rifles through the files to find any secrets on Kate! She grabs a disc from the files, stuffs it in her handbag and then is interrupted by Roman, so she starts looking around on the floor. He asks if she's looking for something but she ignores him and takes the water and drinks it before she heads out. Roman doesn't suspect anything.

Next on Days of our Lives:

John tells Marlena, "Because this time your fear is the only thing that will keep you alive."

KATE tells Lucas that someone else was in that cabin with he and Sami.

EJ asks Billie if she thinks he's the monster everyone says he is, but she tells him if he is, she'll find out. She doesn't scare easily.

Sami asks Kate what vows mean to someone like her. (Prostitute background.)