In his hotel room in Toronto, Philip makes a call to his private detectives who are supposed to be looking for Shawn and Belle. He is angered when they tell him that they have no new information for him. He's very nasty to them and demands that they get off their butts, since he's paying them good money! He hears a knock and in comes Willow. Philip greets her with a lack of enthusiasm and wonders why she's back. She explains that she's there to tell him that she knows where Belle and Shawn are. He hangs up with the detectives and Willow tells him about her meeting with Merle. She says she has information to sell. He smirks and asks her where the money is that she got for lying on the witness stand. She pauses but then admits that she is using it to put her little brother through his first semester of college. She shows him a receipt, to verify this and apologizes for trying to steal from him. She knows it was wrong and she was desperate, she explains. Her little brother is nothing like her, she goes on to say but before she can continue she feels ill and runs off to the bathroom to throw up. When she returns, she tells Philip she is pregnant with Shawn's baby, and that's why she needs the money! Philip is shocked, and his jaw drops. When he comes to his senses, he snickers and calls Shawn a hypocrite until she admits that Shawn doesn't know. She says she didn't have a chance to tell him, but knows that when she does it won't make a difference. Philip doesn't find her story interesting and when she whines that things are rough for her, he doesn't care. She is insulted and starts towards the door but Philip re-considers and realizes that she could be of use to him. He asks her to stay, and they make a deal. Philip agrees to cover all of her expenses and give her a place to stay and she agrees to do whatever it is that he wants when the baby comes. Once back in Salem, he plans to take Willow to the hospital for a pregnancy test and an amniocentesis to ensure that the child is Shawn's baby. He tells her he doesn't care about Willow or her 'kid' and refers to her past occupation with distaste. Insulted, she asks that he treat her with respect, and when he agrees never to mention that she was once a prostitute, she tells him that Shawn and Belle are on a cruise ship. She apologizes because she has no more information for him but he doesn't mind. He tells her that what they know is enough to find them. She thinks that by the time they find Shawn and Belle that she could be showing. Philip smiles and tells her she can send Shawn a picture!!

Sami and Lucas have breakfast at home. Lucas tries to get Sami excited about Will's basketball team but she's not paying attention. She's thinking of the TV documentary and feels down about not being able to lift the beam off the floor. She is insecure and thinks people are going to start turning their backs on her when they find she's not really a hero. She looks guilty when Lucas says he doesn't care what they think because they [Lucas and Sami] know the truth about her. Lucas prepares for work with EJ as Sami calls the cable company ('Extreme TV') to ask if they can cut that part of the footage from the tape. She finds out that there is no show called 'Heroes Amongst Us'. When she inquires about the producer and director, she fumes as they tell her they've never heard of them. She slams the phone down as it dawns on her that the entire thing was a scam! She explains what she found to Lucas and they're both incensed that Kate is up to her old tricks. Lucas gets a call from EJ, who is still at Salem PD. He asks Lucas to meet him at the police station with his lawyer. Lucas and Sami ponder this until he's ready to leave.

EJ is at Salem PD. He animatedly explains what happened to him at Chez Rouge with Steve and Kayla. After he gives his statement, Kate shows up. She's looking for Roman she says and asks him why he's there. He explains that he and Steve were arrested and that he got off but Steve is in for it, after trying to kill him. She is surprised but is on a mission and tells him that she can't stay and chat. She doesn't come clean when he asks her why she's there to see Roman.

Kate goes into Roman's office and introduces Roman to Dr Walter Browrey who is a physics professor. Roman is polite but doesn't understand why they're there, so Kate whips out the DVD of the reenactment of Sami, lifting the beam from Lucas. Roman is still confused until the Doctor explains in detail that Sami could never have removed a large object such as that, all by herself. He goes on to explain the physics of the entire thing and says that Sami would have been exhausted if she had trekked up and down the highway looking for help, before coming back to the cabin to try to lift the beam. He says it is impossible. Kate smirks behind the professor and Roman thanks him for his help. The man leaves for a flight while Roman asks Kate what she's up to! She lies and says that her producer friend wanted to do a documentary about Sami's story. When Roman sees right through her, she admits that there was no producer and no TV documentary that she paid two private investigators to fake the entire thing because she is convinced that Sami had help moving that beam from Lucas' leg. Roman sighs and realizes that nothing has changed with Kate. She's still after Sami. Kate tells him that she thinks that EJ helped Sami move the beam from Lucas' leg that night. She has come to the conclusion that Sami aided and abetted a fugitive and asks that Roman get the truth from Sami. He has already spoken to Sami about this, he says.

Kayla visits Steve in jail. She demands that he check himself into the psychiatric ward of University Hospital and see Marlena - NOW! He starts to refuse, but she interrupts him and shouts how she's tired of his procrastinating. She crosses her arms as she says, "You have no choice. Do it or you'll have to rot there in jail!" Steve is against going into a psych ward and says, "If leaving here means that I have to commit myself to the house that nut job built, I'm staying here!" Kayla tells him that he's out of control, and she fears for herself. He promises he would never hurt her but she says that his word on this subject means nothing to her. Benjy arrives at the cell to talk to Steve. He says he read about what happened to him in the paper and wanted to see if he was okay. Kayla gives the two men time alone together, and Steve tells Benjy he is hearing sounds, seeing bright lights and having memories that someone has tortured him. "You know what I think, my little Benja-monkey?" Steve says, "I think it all started with you." Benjy shakes his head as if to say no and appears anxious. Steve reminds him of the evening they had dinner together. He says, "You put something in my hand and kissed both of my cheeks and hightailed it out of the hospital that night." He grabs Benjy and demands that he help him, but Benjy doesn't move a muscle. He pleads with Benjy, "I need answers or I will lose everything." Benjy looks frightened to sign but eventually, Benjy signs to Steve that Stefano gave the devil card to him and asked that he give the card to Steve at the proper time. Steve says he wishes that Benjy could have come to him previously. "I'd have kept you safe," he says. Benjy signs that nobody is safe from Stefano, and Steve agrees. Benjy tells him that he fears for his family, and explains that he really doesn't know anything else. Kayla comes back and gets an earful of what the two men discussed and then Benjy tells them he loves them and leaves. Kayla tells Steve that she's sure that Benjy is just as much of a victim as they are. She tells him that she'll be with him when he undergoes hypnotherapy and pleads with him to do this for her. Steve is emotional as he finally agrees to commit himself and get help once and for all, after his arraignment.

Benjy arrives at Salem PD and runs into EJ. He tries to get away from him but EJ grabs his brother and stops him short. He asks if Benjy was here to see Steve. Benjy shakes his head, "No," but EJ doesn't believe him and pressures Benjy to come clean. Benjy relents and says that he told Steve about the tarot card and that Stefano told him to give it to Steve. EJ says that it better be all he has told Steve and threatens Benjy and his family. He says, "If you have betrayed me, it'll be the last thing you ever do."

Lucas arrives at Salem PD and overhears EJ asking the police to press charges against Steve and also charges against Kayla for negligence! Lucas is surprised and upset that he'd press charges against Kayla and speaks up. He thinks that EJ is going overboard but EJ says that Kayla should have had a better handle on Steve, as she's a doctor. EJ warns Lucas not to question him if he wants to keep his job,and then tells his lawyer that from now on if anyone crosses him they'll get exactly what they deserve.

Sami calls Kate's office searching for her and when she doesn't find her, she takes a call from Roman who demands that she get her butt down to his office. She knows what it's about and tells him not to listen to Kate.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Marlena sits with John, who is still on the respirator, when we hear his voice say, Ive got to tell you what EJ said the night of the shooting.

EJ meets Billie outside her apartment and says Do I hear the sound of a damsel in distress?

Kayla tells Steve that she knows he's afraid that he might hurt her.

Sami cries as she angrily stomps through Kate's office, looking for incriminating evidence, Sami says, "You want to know my secrets Kate? Then Im going to find out yours." She flips through Kates files.

Marlena tells the doctors that she doesnt care about the arrangements. She says,"My husband is staying right here and thats my final word."