At SPD, Gus holds a knife to his throat and threatens to off himself. He grabs Nicole when she walks around the corner and takes her hostage in the interrogation room. Bo and Roman beg him to let her go. Nicole screams for Gus to let her go but things are about to get worse, he promises. EJ inches toward the door but Gus yells at him to stop and appeals to Vivian. He says they were happy together, scheming and plotting. Quinn tried to take her away from him. Vivian's astounded. Under her breath, she calls him messed up so Hope takes her aside and warns her to play along with Gus to save Nicole. EJ will hold her responsible for what happens if she doesn't comply. Viv tries talking Gus down. He tells her he loves her. She cares for him and asks him to come away with her. He weeps and Vivian rolls her eyes, making Gus freak out. Roman and Bo rush Gus and Nic falls to the floor. Gus screams for Madame while EJ cradles an unconscious Nicole.

In the cells, Quinn maintains his innocence. Taylor believes him and thinks EJ should represent him. She reassures him that her relationship with EJ was a mistake and that she was with EJ in order to forget him. They discuss a future together and learn from Officer Landry that the police have called for backup upstairs. Landry locks them up together for safety and rushes upstairs, where Hope tells EJ that the paramedics are on the way. Roman arrests Gus and Vivian nearly passes out. She tells Abe she didn't know Gus was so disturbed and orders the cops to get "that monster" out of her sight. Nearby, Nic is up and crying on EJ's shoulder. He saved her life and she's thankful. "I thought that whack job was going to kill me." Meanwhile, Roman tells Vivian that Taylor and Quinn are being released. Vivian tells Gus to rot in hell when he asks for her support. "Don't leave me again mother," he says, scaring Vivian. She fires him and Quinn stops him to give him a piece of his mind, too. Gus reminds Quinn that he's not much better being a drug dealer and a pimp! Back in the interrogation room, Nic and EJ rehash their history. EJ's glad she's okay and wants to take her home. She needs to be alone. Quinn and Vivian reunite and Roman offers an official apology. Vivian wants more. Roman says the DA is willing to drop all charges if he leaves town. Taylor decides to go with him but Vivian worries she'll be alone. Just then, Ivan and three Bollywood actresses show up. Ivan tells her she won't be alone. "Madame, I have come for you."

Melanie finds Maggie at the hospital. She had a doctor's appointment. They discuss how much Mel misses Dario. He called to tell her how beautiful it is in the spring in Argentina. The ladies prepare to go shopping in style. Victor's car is coming for them.

Jennifer is late for her date with Daniel at the pub. She lets him know she helped Sami prepare for a job interview. Daniel thinks she should think of coaching as a job. They discuss going cycling and make out. Caroline interrupts and they talk about renovations to the Town Square. Caroline wouldn't miss it or the party afterward. Jenn's surprised Caroline doesn't know what the big surprises are. Caroline even tried to bribe Ciara with ice cream, but it was a no go. Laughter ensues. "Everybody likes a good surprise," Jenn quips. Caroline leaves and Jenn schemes to find out the surprise. Melanie and Maggie turn up with packages after hitting the sales. Mel informs them that Dario left for Argentina and Daniel hugs her. Jenn tells her the story about how Frankie went away to school and broke her heart years ago and what got her through were friends, family and a gigantic ice cream sundae. They order one from Caroline and chow down. Later, Melanie perks up and leaves with Maggie and Jenn gets a mysterious call.

A mysterious man holding a cell phone is told the embassy is to be called and they'll get him home.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Carly hugs Jenn. "I'll miss you so much," she says. Jenn tells her the same.

Dr. Norman tells Carly she has one thing left to do. "Are you ready to do it?"

Carly tells Nicholas and Mel, "I'm not going to leave here today."

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