In her room, Carly is asked by her son what's wrong - she's been doing so well. He wants to know if she really needs a break all of the sudden or if she's scared to meet with Jennifer and Daniel.

In the doctor's office, Daniel and Jennifer discuss Carly. He gets a call that there's been no change in Chloe's status. He tells Jennifer she's got to wake up soon. They wonder what's holding up Carly. The doctor comes in and Carly and her son appear behind her. Carly talks about how facing up to the pain she caused her kids was more difficult than detoxing. Carly wants to apologize to them. Daniel talks about her also needing to apologize to her co-workers at the hospital. Carly promises not to tempt fate again and muses that she may not have a career to go back to. Daniel says that would be a loss. Carly apologizes for keeping Melanie from Daniel, and tells Jennifer she wouldn't be there today if she hadn't been so persistent. She then admits that part of what pushed her to the edge was Jennifer dating Daniel - she still can't handle it. Carly explains when she sees Daniel she gets stuck on what might have been. She believes Jennifer and Daniel belong together, but she can't make these feelings go away. Jennifer asks her to let the guilt go. Carly thinks she should stay out of their lives. They disagree. The session ends and everyone is proud of Carly. Carly asks Jen to stand with Daniel and says that's as it should be. Carly's son takes her aside and asks if she's okay. She reassures him that pushing her was the right thing to do. They hug.

Nicole arrives in Chloe's hospital room and tells Brady she owes him an apology. She says she can't stand being there and seeing Chloe like this. Brady says he thought she was coming around earlier, but he was wrong. Nicole wonders if she'd respond to her son's voice. Brady worries about Parker seeing her like this, but agrees to call Justin to work something out with Philip. Brady says maybe they can tape Parker's voice. Nicole convinces Brady to go eat.

At the station, Bo, Hope, and Rafe discuss the name Quinn Hudson, which came back from the DNA lab. Rafe looks him up as they search for an address. They find out he's got a record as a pimp. They learn that Taylor was arrested in connection with him. Bo says she's been working there for weeks and could have been feeding him information.

Quinn goes into his room and Gus is forced to hide in the closet. Quinn gets a call and leaves the room long enough for Gus to slip out. In the hall, he listens to his police radio and learns they're waiting for an address for the attacker. After Quinn returns to his room, Gus knocks on the door and tells Quinn that Vivian is on her way to talk to him and asked him to meet her there. He sits on the bed to wait. Quinn makes small talk for a moment. Gus recalls attacking Chloe. Quinn decides to call Vivian. Right then, Bo, Hope, and Rafe show up with a warrant to search Quinn's room. Gus watches as Quinn says he has nothing to hide. Before long, Rafe finds the baton Gus hit Chloe with and planted in the closet. Quinn says he's never seen it before and protests as they arrest him.

EJ and Kate arrive at the restaurant discussing Bo and Hope's party. Kate thinks maybe there will be a surprise. She spots Stefano, who quips, "Will I do?" They hug. Stefano and Kate say they missed each other and kiss. Stefano thanks EJ for bringing her. Stefano and EJ mention business, and Kate reminds them they don't have to talk in code in front of her. Kate and Stefano dance. They return to the table and needle EJ about finding a new woman. Just then, Nicole comes in with Brady. Stefano grumps that he lost his appetite. Brady asks Nicole if she wants to go somewhere else. She says they can leave. Brady and Nicole dance. Brady gets a call from the hospital and steps out. EJ goes over and asks Nicole to dance. She refuses, but he pulls her up to Tango. Stefano asks Kate what the hell EJ is doing. Brady re-enters as the dance becomes very sexy. Nicole awkwardly re-joins Brady, who says there's no change with Chloe. Stefano and Kate grill EJ about 'the show'. He's not talking.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Dario tells Melanie they moved up the date when he has to go to Argentina.

Rafe tells Dario, "Don't take the job. Just stay here."

Melanie cries as Dario holds her.

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