Kayla is impressed with Steve when they arrive at Chez Rouge to a romantic dinner. While they're dining, Kayla tries to emphasize how important it is for him to contact Marlena for an appointment right away. He agrees to call her today. Their conversation is cut short when Steve looks up in disgust to see EJ waltzing into the restaurant. He figured that EJ would be in jail by now and is angry to see him free. He makes a quick call to Roman to inquire as to what went down. When Roman explains that they had nothing on him, Steve decides to pay EJ a visit. Kayla is opposed to the idea; however, Steve makes his way to EJ's table, and has a seat. EJ asks how his favorite buccaneer is and when Kayla comes to the table, EJ tells her she looks ravishing. Steve bangs his hand on the table and tells EJ not to look at his wife. He demands to know what the DiMera family did to his mind, but EJ claims innocence. Steve goes on to tell him that the first episode he had came on the night that he and Kayla had dinner with Benjy. EJ says that he and Benjy share a name but that's about all. He knows nothing about what's going on. While he talks, he takes a steak knife and starts rhythmically tapping the table with each word he says. Steve's eyes narrow in on the knife as he clutches his head in pain. Kayla fills EJ in on what happened and reminds him that when in Mexico, he taunted Steve with his knowledge that Benjy had something to do with his episodes. She pleads with him to help them, but EJ isn't interested and keeps tapping the knife. Suddenly Steve jumps up and yells at EJ to stop. He gets behind EJ, grabs the knife and holds it to his throat, as Kayla gasps in astonishment. She makes a move to Steve's side and demands that Steve look at her. There is a tense moment where it looks as though Steve will cut EJ's throat, but as he stares at Kayla, she forces him to let go of the knife. Once he does EJ jumps out of his seat yelling and promises that he's going to jail for attempted murder!

Steve runs off and winds up crashing through a window!

Sami and Lucas head back to the cabin where Sami is to be filmed discussing how she saved Lucas. Inside the cabin, Kate is directing the fake producer and director. Lucas and Sami go into the cabin and Kate happily greets them. "There's our star and co-star!" she beams. The director has Sami dress in the same attire she wore the evening she saved Lucas and she is sat down on the sofa in the cabin to share details of her story for the camera. She stops for water, and Kate and Lucas talk about how well Sami is doing. Lucas leaves the cabin while Sami goes on to tell the rest of the story. She cries a little when she comes to the part about Lucas being pinned to the ground. When she gets to the part where she has to lift the beam from Lucas' leg, she lies and says, "I found a two by four and had a burst of adrenaline. I jammed it underneath the rafter... "The fake director stops her and tells her that she's doing great but now she has to reenact the rest of the scene! Sami's color drains from her face as she says, "Reenact?" She is stunned that she should have to reenact it and reminds them that she doesn't have the same urgency that she had at that time. The director tells Sami that the beam that they have is half the weight of the one she picked up off of Lucas. As she tries to lift the beam, she has troubles and falls to the floor, exhausted! She tries again but it won't budge. Lucas comes into the cabin and yells at Sami to stop what she's doing and think of the baby! Shooting is stopped and Kate gasps, "You're pregnant?" Lucas and Sami explain that they wanted to wait until after the first trimester to tell anyone. Kate's true feelings for Sami start to rear their ugly head and Sami asks if she has a problem with this. Kate realizes what she has at steak and makes a quick recovery. She congratulates the pair, and hugs Sami. Kate tells the men that they need one last shot of the log being lifted, so she lifts it herself, to prove to Sami that it can be done. Sami and Lucas leave.

In Toronto, Willow arrives back at the hotel screaming out loud that Philip is going to figure out the hard way that nobody treats her the way that he has. She feels her stomach and tells her unborn baby that she or he needs to learn a lesson from this. She goes through Philip's things and steals his watch and credit cards.

Philip busts into the safe house and finds a woman with her with her child turned away from him. The baby is wrapped up in a blanket, so Philip thinks its Belle and Claire at first. When but the woman turns around and it turns out to be Belle's homeless friend. Philip tells her to get out, and she leaves. It appears as though everyone else is gone until we see Belle come around a corner with a baby wrapped in a blanket. We see Chelsea take Claire away from the homeless woman and leave.

Philip takes what he thinks is Claire out of Belle's hands and once he sees that it's a doll, he throws it down and grabs Belle's arms and shakes her crossly. He yells, "What do you think you're doing?" He realizes that the baby with the homeless woman was Claire and chastises her for trusting a stranger with her daughter. Belle tells him that Claire is in good hands and yells that she is not afraid of him. The two argue and Philip confesses to Belle that this isn't about Shawn. He's there to make her pay for the pain he has caused her! Belle reminds him of what really happened, and again tells him that Claire isn't his baby. The two yell at each other more and Philip tells her that she is a bigger liar than Mimi is. Belle calls Philip selfish and asks if he really wants to be a father or if he just wants revenge. Philip is seething and yells at her to shut up but Belle pauses for a moment before she ask him, "Or what? You'll kill me?" Philip goes after the homeless woman to find Claire while Belle goes to Toronto PD.

Shawn is let out of his cell in jail and Nick gives the police officer Roman's number so he can verify that Shawn isn't a kidnapper. When he goes off to call Roman, Nick explains that he called Mickey and found out that the 'kidnapping' offense isn't extraditable, because of something to do with the jurisdiction. He says he's not too sure but asks that Shawn trust him. The cop comes back and lets Shawn go, and the two men are thrilled. Nick declares Chelsea the real hero. Chelsea and Claire arrive to the jail and Shawn sees Claire and asks her, "Is that package for me?" He takes Claire and holds her and apologizes to Chelsea for blaming her for everything about Zack's death. Chelsea forgives him and apologizes for all she has done in the past. He smiles and says that they're a lot alike. "We get it from Dad." He jokes. Chelsea gets misty eyed as Shawn thanks her again and hugs her! Suddenly he realizes that Belle is not with them, and they start out the doors of Toronto PD. Merle is on his way to meet them, and they stop him outside. As he explains that he has another plan for them to leave town on a cruise ship, headed for Australia. Nick leaves the group and Merle says that the ship is leaving in two hours and will cost $2000 for fake ID's and another $1000 for the ship. Shawn is concerned that they won't have the money, but Nick comes back with a backpack full of money! Belle shows up and fills everyone in on what happened. She says she's fine, but tells the group that Philip isn't ever going to leave them alone until he gets what he wants. She explains how he went nuts back at the safe house and they agree that they need to leave, pronto! Nick gives them money and they say goodbye. When Shawn and Belle leave, Chelsea notices that Nick's watch is gone. With a grin, he admits that he sold it to get more money to Belle and Shawn. He says, "You can replace a watch, not a child." Chelsea is proud of Nick and says that she thinks they make a good team! Belle and Shawn come back to give letters to Chelsea for John and Marlena and then they give hugs all around and leave.

Philip arrives back at the hotel to find Willow stealing his belongings. He grabs her and through gritted teeth asks her, "What are you doing?" When she says she was coming to look for him, he tells her that nobody steals from him. He looks through her purse, takes what is his and asks her what she did with the money that his father gave him to lie in court. She looks down and says, "It's gone." Angry, he grabs her stuff and her and throws her out the door. Pete from the Toronto police calls Philip on his cell phone and gives him the news about Shawn being let out of jail. Philip goes back to Toronto PD and finds out the reason why they let go of Shawn. He tells the officer that he has made a big mistake, but the officer isn't interested in listening to him.

Willow goes to the safe house, lies down on a mattress and begins to cry. Merle greets her and she tells him that she has nothing. He offers her help.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Willow goes to Philip regarding her pregnancy. He thinks that this is just another one of her scams but she assures him, "This isn't a trick. It's Shawn's baby!"

Benjy visits Steve in jail. Steve says, "If Kayla and I ever meant anything to do you tell me what you know."

EJ says, "Anyone who crosses me is going to get exactly what they deserve."