Sami meets with Kate and the producer and director of a TV show called, 'Heroes Among Us'. They're pleased that Sami is a gorgeous blonde and may be interested in purchasing the rights to her story. Kate whispers to Sami to sell it to them and reminds her not to leave out any details! Sami launches into her story about how she saved Lucas and when she comes to the part of where she 'lifted the beam off of Lucas' leg', she appears nervous and makes light of it. Kate asks her what happened next and she says she found a strength she didn't know she had and lifted the beam. The men start clapping but tell her that they get stories like this all the time. Suddenly, they appear disinterested until Kate makes a comment that NBC is interested in Sami's story. They ask Sami to take them to the cabin to show them exactly what happened and let her know that are interested and will need to buy the rights to her story from her. She appears happy with the news. The men leave and Sami thanks Kate for giving her this opportunity. She apologizes for questioning Kate's motives. Kate says she has misjudged Sami and regrets trying to make Sami look bad in front of Lucas' eyes all these years. They both apologize for past mistakes, and hug. Sami leaves the restaurant to tell Lucas the news.

After Sami leaves, Kate meets with the 'director and producer once' again, who turn out to be Private Investigators! She gives them a wad of cash for deceiving Sami. They ask her why she's doing this to Sami and she replies that she knows Sami is lying about the rescue and she plans to expose her lies. To herself she mumbles that Sami is a lying 'skank' who dug her nails into her son!

At a meeting in Lucas' apartment, EJ tells a puzzled Lucas why he is going to have a press release to tell the world about how Mythic's stock is down. When Lucas says that this is bad press for the company, EJ retorts that, "Any press is good press." Lucas tells EJ that while he thinks that his ideas are interesting he's not interested in working for him. He has changed his mind. EJ asks if Lucas still needs a job and although Lucas admits he does, he just doesn't like EJ and can't work for him! EJ tells him that he won't be moving out of the building now that he's not going to work for him and gives Lucas his word that he won't make the moves on Samantha. Lucas doesn't trust him but does trust Samantha. He mentions that Sami wants to see him to rot in jail! EJ doesn't understand why Lucas won't take the job, so Lucas brings up EJ's heritage. Since EJ is a DiMera, he doesn't want anything to do with him. EJ presses on and says he doesn't think that's the real reason but wonders if Lucas has issues working for his 'Mummy'! EJ gets pushy and tries to make Lucas another offer to do the PR for Mythic, so he gives him a second offer. He promises Lucas his own office, stock options, bonuses and a staff that he can hire and fire at will. Lucas won't budge even when EJ reminds him that Lucas has mouths to feed. Lucas says they have 'mouth' to feed. They have just one child. Just then Will walks in, takes one look at EJ and after Lucas greets him by saying, "Hi mouth," Will rudely asks EJ, "Aren't you supposed to be in jail?" Lucas smirks as he half heartedly chastises Will for asking such a question. EJ leaves for a moment and when he returns, he brings Will a Playstation 3! Will thanks EJ politely for it but tells him that if he really needed one he'd ask his dad!! EJ stuffs the Playstation in the garbage and apologizes for what it looks like. He goes on to say that this is just his way for making up for past mistakes. Lucas finally allows Will to take the game and Will is thrilled. He exclaims, "Yes!!" and fishes it out of the garbage. EJ thinks Will is a good kid and has two good parents. He asks Lucas, "Why don't you have more children?"

In the safe house, Nick and Chelsea try to calm Belle down but she's frantic and cries that she has to get on that freighter tonight! She needs Shawn and knows that Philip is on his way, even though Nick and Chelsea tricked him at the airport. She is dealing with a lot these days; she explains and brings up her dad being in a coma. Chelsea promises to Belle that they're not going to let Philip take Claire away and as Belle sobs, Chelsea comforts her and tells her she understands how she feels. She reminisces about the Benson's deaths due to their car accident and knows what it's like to lose someone she loves. She also reminds Belle that she has an entire family back home that are praying she will be safe. Belle is thankful for the kind words and the two bond as Nick brings Belle some tea. He agrees with what Chelsea has said and tries to cheer her up.

In jail, Shawn is read a list of offenses including trespassing that add up to $8600 dollars in bail money. Shawn is taken aback but promises to get the money. Philip and Willow arrive and tell the officer not to believe a word he says, and as the officer leaves, Philip tells Shawn of his proposition. "Tell me where Claire and Belle are and I'll bail you out." Shawn would rather die before he tells Philip anything and this causes Philip to react by grabbing Shawn through the bars! Willow has to hold Philip back and remind him of where they are. The two men exchange barbs and Philip threatens to go to extreme lengths to get Claire back. Philip leaves for a moment while Shawn makes snide comments to Willow. She looks saddened and holds her belly.

Merle goes to see the arresting officer and asks him how he can help get 'this American kid' out of jail. The officer says, "Unless you have $8600 dollars, you can't!" He leaves.

In the Toronto PD offices, Philip shows the court order to the arresting police officer and asks him to add kidnapping to the long list of offenses. Philip heads back to the cell and tells Shawn that he can't stop him from getting what he wants. He tells Willow to pack their bags and get ready to leave. He knows where Belle is!

Nick arrives with bail money and they rush to get Shawn out of jail, before Philip finds Belle and Claire.

Merle gets back to the safe house to tell Belle that bail is set at $8600 and that someone fittig Philip and Willow's descriptions are there visiting him. Belle is freaked out more than ever but Chelsea says that she can deal with Philip. Belle is surprised that Chelsea is helping them out but Chelsea goes on about how great Nick was at the airport. Belle stops her and says that Shawn will be really proud of her. They get packed up and Belle asks if Chelsea would take some of Kayla's money to buy one of the homeless woman some food for her child. Chelsea gets emotional and tells Belle that she's so giving but she feels selfish and shallow all the time. Belle encourages her by telling her that she did well, but Chelsea starts to cry and says that everyone loves Belle but she is an outcast from their family.

Sami arrives home to see Lucas and EJ talking. EJ leaves and Sami tells Lucas about the opportunity for her story to be on 'Heroes Amongst Us'. They're both happy! The topic turns to work and Lucas tells her that he can't work with EJ. He explains why and Sami agrees with him, but later when Lucas is doing the books, he realizes that they're running out of funds and thinks maybe he should work for EJ. Suddenly EJ barges into their apartment and comments that they really should lock their door. He then asks them to come to a company retreat in New York. He asks them to bring 'The Kid'. Sami raises an eyebrow but says nothing.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Philip asks Belle if she thinks this is about Shawn. He tells her "Theres only one person that I want to see suffer for the hell Ive been through, and that's you Belle!

Chelsea and Nick, Shawn, Belle and Claire there appear happy! Chelsea says, "We did it," and Nick says, "No, you did it!"

In front of Kate, Lucas tells Sami not to pull on something. "You'll hurt the baby," he says. Kate's eyebrows lift and she asks, "Youre pregnant?