Nick and Chelsea are on the plane to Toronto. Nick is staring lovingly at a sleeping Chelsea and when she awakes, he's startled. She notices that he's sweating, he's pale and that his heart is beating wildly. She takes note of the magazine he's reading, which is a bridal magazine, and thinks that he's in love. He pretends that he's afraid of flying but helps Chelsea to relax when she freaks out during some turbulence. She wonders where his fear went and he laughs, "I'm cured!" Chelsea asks him to take a quiz with her from the magazine. She tallies the scores and finds that he is in the 'young and inexperienced' category, so she assumes that he is a virgin and comes right out and asks him, "Nick, you're a virgin?" He becomes embarrassed and asks that she leave it be, and says that the quiz is for entertainment purposes only. He admits that he's not a virgin, and she wants to know who he has had sex with but he wants her to let it go. When she presses on, he starts playing Sudoku and ignores her. She doesn't stop and tries to analyze his behavior when he can't say the word 'sex'. She thinks only virgins can't say the word 'sex'. When he denies that is the case, she assumes she knows who it is and asks if it was Abby or Stephanie. He shrugs her off and asks to see her scores to find out if she's a virgin. She asks him not to and promises to come clean. She says she has been with 10 people or more, but Nick doesn't believe her. He asks her to tell him one of the names on her list. She refuses to and he smiles and says, "I know that look. You're lying!" Chelsea finally admits that there was "Larry, Moe and then. Curly". Nick doesn't think she's very funny, and asks that she not speak to him until they arrive in Toronto. Nick is surprised when she apologizes almost immediately for hurting his feelings. She acknowledges that he's a great guy and in an 'Ultimate Frisbee' kind of way, he's good looking! She admits that she googled him because she wanted to know more about him. She asks him more about himself and they talk for a while until she brings up the girl who he had sex with.

In the safe house, Belle and Shawn lie in bed and talk about getting baby food. Belle can't help but think that Philip will come barging in. Belle again tells Shawn that he reminds her of John, but this upsets Shawn, because of his past mistakes. Belle thinks that he has changed and Shawn agrees but explains that he has never done all that her dad has done and Belle shouldn't be replacing him with her dad. She argues that she's not doing it but knows him. He smiles and says he has made many mistakes but will kill Philip before he allows him to get close to Belle or Claire. Merle comes by and tells him that something has gone down and advises them to start packing. Merle says that the place is being raided in a few minutes, so they all have to leave. Everyone packs up quickly and heads out of the warehouse through an opening in the back wall while Shawn pours beer all over himself and answers the door as a drunken vagrant! Shawn is hauled off to jail.

Everyone comes back into the warehouse while Shawn is arrested and taken away and Chelsea and Nick arrive at that moment to meet with Belle. Merle comes over to Belle and tells her that his contact has informed him that Shawn was arrested. Chelsea and Nick blow up and Belle is frantic.

Airport security handcuffs Philip to a chair in the office while they process him. Willow enters the room and is surprised that Philip blames her for getting him in this predicament. She denies having any knowledge of how the knife got into his baggage. Philip threatens to kill her if he finds out that she's lying. Willow demands respect from Philip. If she doesn't get it says she'll leave. She wants to go on to Toronto in order to stall Shawn and Belle but he doesn't trust her. The security guard comes back with an angry Victor, who tells Philip that this is an outrage. "I promise you son, people are going to pay," he promises. He has brought his lawyers with him. Victor asks Philip to walk away from this fight but Philip tells his dad not to fight his fight. Victor warns Philip that if he makes this trip to Toronto about revenge, he'll take away his resources. He goes on to say that Philip is obsessed and asks that he not throw away the good lessons that he has learned in the marines. Philip realizes that his dad is right and he starts to plan his next move. Victor already knows where they are, he says. [When Belle went to pawn her ring, Victor got word of their location.] Philip is thankful to his father and they hug. He goes to sign papers to say that he has never seen the knife found in his luggage while Willow visits with Victor. She's eating an ice cream cone and tells him that, "Revenge is like ice cream, best served cold!" She asks him if he wants a lick [it's bubble gum flavor] and tells him that he can have the bubble gum! He's unimpressed with her and tells her that her ice cream is dripping all over. She goes to get a napkin while Victor insists that he leave Willow behind. "That little tramp could cause trouble," he says, but Philip wants her by his side until he finds Claire. Then he never wants to see her again. Victor understands him and tells him to be careful. Willow and Philip leave.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Lucas tells Sami that he can't work with EJ. He says, "That guy just tried to play the family card on me, saying we could use the income, if we have another baby!" Sami looks at him nervously.

Willow talks to Shawn in jail and yells that Belle helped take her dream of having a future with him.

Belle asks Nick and Chelsea how she is supposed to protect her little girl without Shawn.

Philip arrives at the safe house and pounds on the door demanding that he have access to Claire!