Nick and Chelsea drive to the airport while they exchange barbs about who is more obnoxious - Nick, for being a know it all or Chelsea for the way she usually acts! Nick calls Chelsea 'plucky' and she laughs but has no idea what the word means. Nick notices that an expensive car is following them and Chelsea figures that it must be Philip.

Philip and Willow follow behind Nick and Chelsea. It's obvious that Willow is attracted to Philip, but he shoots her down hard and assures her that he's not remotely interested. He reminds her of her past profession and refuses to be used!

Nick has an idea and stops by Maggie's house. He gets out of the car and goes inside to get something while Chelsea waits in the car. She panics when she notices Philip stop his car and turn off his lights. While Nick is still inside, Philip gets into the car with Chelsea and asks where she's going. She lies and says they're going on a date but Philip notices the bags and asks if they're going to Toronto! Nick gets in the car and forces Philip to leave. He does so but warns them that he'll be behind them the entire way. Nick urges Chelsea not to worry. He has a plan and shows her a knife! Chelsea doesn't get how that's going to help but agrees to distract Philip by kissing him while Nick follows through with his plan.

They arrive at the airport and playfully argue about who gets the aisle seat. When they find Philip and Willow in line Chelsea snidely comments that with all of Philip's money, he could do better than a streetwalker. She wanders off to distract him, while Nick plants a knife in Philip's baggage. Chelsea lies to Philip and says she wants to tell him where Shawn and Belle are but when he comes close to hear her secret; she yells in his ear that Shawn and Belle are in Canada, calls him an idiot and stomps off.

Chelsea and Nick make it through security at the airport but Philip is detained when they finds a knife in Philip's bags. Willow watches in dismay as Philip is stopped by gun toting security men and taken away. Chelsea and Nick watch and laugh then make their way toward the plane.

Kate, Lucas and Sami dine at Chez Rouge as they discuss how Lucas turned down Victor's demands to kidnap Claire. Kate and Sami agree that it was the right thing to do and aren't pleased with Victor or Philip. The conversation turns to Lucas needing a new job, so he asks if there is room for him at Mythic. Kate says that she has to answer to EJ. She can't make that decision alone. Suddenly, EJ appears and sits down, wishing everyone a good evening. Sami looks down to her plate as EJ comments on her beauty. When Lucas lashes out that EJ's a murderer, EJ whips out today's newspaper article that shows he is in the clear! EJ tells them that the John Black shooting is behind them but Lucas disagrees. He tells Kate, "I'd rather squeegee windows in the snow up to my butt than work for this scuzz ball!" EJ isn't offended and thinks that Lucas would be a great asset to Mythic. He tries to convince Lucas to take a job with him and says that in the spring he'll be back on the race track so he won't even work with him. Lucas still is unconvinced. Kate asks him to reconsider and says that for all they know, Tek and Lexi could be 'shacked up' on some island together. Sami reconsiders for him and tells him that she's not afraid of EJ or anything anymore, so Lucas agrees to talk to EJ. plane.

Lucas arrives at EJ's table and offers his services only if EJ agrees to move out of his apartment building and stay away from Sami. He warns EJ that he doesn't trust him. EJ isn't daunted and agrees that Lucas is smart not to trust anyone. He agrees to stay away from Samantha and then asks how plans are going for the wedding, and if they're having children soon. Lucas declines to answer because he doesn't want to be EJ's friend, so instead, he signs the contract that EJ just happens to have in his jacket pocket, and makes plans to start work in the morning.

While EJ and Lucas talk, Kate tells Sami about her meeting with a producer who wants to make a television show about the rescue of Lucas. Sami looks distressed but Kate explains that she could be on television and she says she's grateful to Sami for saving Lucas. Kate feels that this is a good way for her to make up for past mistakes by helping her out. Sami's interest is piqued but the ladies are cut short with the arrival of Lucas. He launches into the news that he's now working for EJ and also tells Sami that EJ has agreed to stay away from her and move out of the building. The ladies tell Lucas the news about the producer who wants to make Sami's rescue of Lucas into a television program and then Sami and Lucas leave to get home to Will. Kate and EJ sit together for a moment and discuss Lucas coming to work for them. She wonders why he suddenly has an interest in Lucas and as she leaves she says, "I hope you're not up to your old tricks." EJ promises he isn't and once Kate is gone, he comments that he is keeping Lucas close; he'll stay close to Samantha.

A few guys who reside at the safe house in Toronto are drinking and partying outside. Shawn, Belle and Claire can't sleep so Shawn goes off to ask the guys to tone it down. He notices a police officer poking around and goes back inside to tell Belle that they need to leave soon. Claire is teething so Shawn prepares to go to a 24 hour pharmacy to get her something for the pain, and Belle meets him out there to give Claire her medicine. The police come back and start pounding on the door while Shawn, Belle and Claire rest on a cot.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea makes Nick a deal! "I will tell you the name of the one guy I slept with, if you will give me the name of your one and only," she says.

Shawn tells Belle that he can take care of her and Claire.

Philip tells Victor that while he doesn't trust Willow, and although he'll keep her around for now, he wants her out of his sight after he finds Claire!