At SPD, Hope and Bo are shocked to find the photo of "Dr. Feelgood" on their computer. Bo remembers Carly's strange behavior during Ciara's disappearance and her reaction to him when he brought her mail. He fills Hope in. In another room, Jenn and Daniel report Carly as missing. Things are tense between Jenn and Daniel while Roman goes to Bo and Hope to share that Carly's missing. Later, Jenn tells Hope, Bo and Roman that Carly admitted to being an addict and Jenn kept it a secret. She explains how Carly was falling for Daniel and was humiliated after seeing the photo of herself unconscious on the internet. Roman tells them they can launch a missing person's report because of the photo. Bo and Hope go off to find Louis, Salem's resident drug addict.

At the pub, Vivian gloats about how Quinn's a saint for what she has done to Carly. Meanwhile, it was Gus who did all the work. Vivian wonders how Quinn's father brought up such a fine son without her. She sees more of herself in him. She prefers Quinn's revenge to anything Gus has come up with in the past, so he invites her to plan things with those she loves and takes off.

Quinn finds Carly's identification in his hotel room and learns who she is. She wakes up confused. He tells her he found her by a dumpster and he doesn't bite. Introductions are made and Quinn offers to lend an ear. Carly tells him she's a surgeon, she married the wrong guy and he kept her locked up. She talks about her son and how he won't see her. Quinn goes off to get her some Aspirin and she calls the hospital to reschedule her patients.

At Cheatin' Heart, Nicole tells Taylor and Brady that EJ's going to seek revenge when he remembers Brady's his attacker. She thinks EJ will kill Melanie. Again, Nicole asks him to go away with her. Taylor doesn't like the idea of them running for the rest of their lives. Brady gets a call from Dario. Brady later tells the girls he started this, and now he's going to finish it. He leaves and the girls bicker over whether or not Nicole should follow. Taylor tells Nicole that she and EJ are through and there's nothing going on between her and Brady, either. Nicole has trouble believing her. She has forgiven her for EJ and kissing Brady but if she tries to stop Brady from leaving town, Nicole will make her life hell.

EJ confronts Melanie in his hospital room. He knows she was there the night he was beaten. She denies it. He grabs her forcefully and asks if she wants to continue to lie for a man who had her clean up his mess. Melanie tells him it's all in his head. She screams so he covers her mouth. Dario rushes in and tells him to let her go. EJ does so and learns Dario's Rafe's brother. He finds that amusing. Melanie drags Dario out after EJ warns her that he won't forget. Chad waltzes in. He wonders if EJ's attack was an attack on the family. He's concerned about Stefano. EJ's evasive. Chad thinks he's hiding something. Chad leaves and EJ decides to go home.

Brady arrives home where he digs through a drawer and comes up with a lock. Dario brings Melanie by and Mel tells him EJ remembers her being on the pier. Brady's not worried. Mel assumes he has a plan. Brady rushes them out and unlocks a box and takes out a gun.

Bo and Hope find Louis by the dumpster. They show him a photo of Carly. He lies and says he has never seen her. Hope saw the surveillance video of Louis with Carly by the dumpster earlier. Louis admits he may know where Carly is. He lets them know some guy came for her. They take him downtown.

Back at SPD, Roman tells Jenn and Daniel that their man Louis may know where Carly is. Jenn jumps into Daniel's arms with relief. Bo and Hope return with a sketch of Quinn. In Bo's office, Hope finds the sketch looks familiar.

Quinn bumps into Vivian outside the pub. She's giddy because Carly's missing and she owes it all to him. Vivian wonders why he's not with his woman. Did she bore him already? He admits he found her very interesting.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Maggie asks Victor, "You want to leave Salem?" He replies in the positive.

"Take off with Nicole, and don't ever come back," Taylor orders Brady.

Nicole says, "Go to hell, EJ."

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