A bum finds Carly near the dumpster. He likes his women strung out and starts kissing her. She bites him so he hauls off and slaps her. Quinn shows up, pulls him off Carly and does a few Kung Fu moves on him. The guy runs off and Quinn takes Carly away.

At Cheatin' Heart, Nicole asks Brady not to get involved with Taylor. He explains the kiss was drunken and it's going nowhere. Nicole tells him the DiMera's will kill whomever beat EJ. Brady makes light of it. He doubts EJ will remember everything that happened that night. Nicole can't risk it and is taking control starting now. They'll leave town together. Brady reminds her they've already discussed this. Nicole thinks he's punishing her. He thinks she's punishing herself. She recants their history and talks about how she stayed with EJ for Sydney, but Sydney doesn't need her. She only complicates her life. Nicole goes off to handle things for Brady.

At the hospital, EJ tells Taylor Melanie was on the pier the night he was beaten. Taylor worries that he'll involve Stefano who will harm Melanie. EJ hasn't told Stefano. He's not interested in causing anybody more pain. EJ just wants the truth. Taylor has a hard time believing that after what he has done. She leaves and gives Maxine a message to have Melanie call her. She calls Brady. She has bad news and will meet him.

Abby's outside the pub when Chad calls from the club to ask to meet. She will call him back. Abby heads in and apologizes to Melanie. She explains how she knew about Carly's addiction and kept it quiet. Melanie's angry and goes off on her. Dario tries to relax her but it only pisses Mel off more. Eventually Dario's words help and Melanie apologizes for her outburst. She and Dario leave and Abby calls Chad. She's heading to the club.

At SPD, DA Woods tells Bo that somebody has to pay for Bo's mistake of letting a witness die. It's not going to be him. Bo whines and Woods leaves. Hope walks up. Bo tells her Woods is going to blame them for Arnold's death. Hope blames herself. Roman turns up to demote Bo to detective again. He's Hope's new partner. Bo won't miss the paperwork or his new collection of ties. Roman hopes this'll be win-win for everyone, and Bo admits this job was never a fit for him. Hope hugs him and Roman admits he's the new commissioner. McCarthy interrupts to show them the photo of Carly passed out with drugs on her. There's an inscription that reads, "Dr. Feelgood."

Quinn takes Carly to his hotel room and promises not to tell anybody about this. He covers her with a blanket and sniffs his shirt, which reeks. He removes it. Vivian arrives with champagne. He tries to rush her out and tells her this isn't what it seems. Vivian hopes the woman - who she cannot see - is daughter-in-law material. Quinn says this isn't his girlfriend and sees her out. Later, Quinn finds Carly's hospital identification and is surprised at who she is.

DA Woods arrives at the Sapphire club to apologize to Chad. Chad says there's no need. He knows what Woods is like when he's on a case. Woods doesn't think that excuses it and is sorry. He was humiliated at his mother's betrayal and took it out on Chad. Chad refuses to forgive him. He has moved on with his new family, who makes him feel as though he belongs. Woods just wants his son to feel loved, so he takes off. Abby turns up and hugs him while he chokes back tears. She brings up her knowledge of Carly's addiction and feels irresponsible for keeping it a secret. Chad tells her not to beat herself up.

Mel and Dario show up at the hospital. Maxine wants her to work, since they're short staffed. Dario thinks it's a good distraction. He goes to search for Carly. Maxine gives Mel Taylor's message. Mel will call her later and goes to examine EJ. His color is coming back to him. He tells her that's not the only thing coming back to him. He remembers her on the pier after his attack. Melanie denies it and EJ thinks she was cleaning up Brady's mess.

Taylor pops into Cheatin' Heart and tells Brady that EJ remembers Melanie was on the pier that night. Brady didn't want Mel to take the fall for this. He calls Dario to leave a message to look for Mel. Nicole turns up and tells her sister she and Brady are leaving town. Brady's eyes glaze over.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Bo tells Hope, "She's in trouble. Big trouble."

"EJ's 'Go after her' is a euphemism for kill," Brady tells Nicole and Taylor.

EJ grabs Melanie as Dario rushes into his room. "Let her go," he orders.

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