At the club, Gus becomes upset after Vivian credits Quinn for Carly's downfall. Vivian sends Gus for drinks and offers to buy Quinn a sports car for helping her. He turns her down and Vivian wonders where Gus went and why he's so peevish lately. Her thoughts turn back to Carly.

While he’s at work, Daniel gets a call from Melanie. They’ve both been sent a photo of Carly. He’s on his way to Carly's room. Meanwhile, Stefano finds EJ in his room and suggests they transfer him to the psych ward, have him declared incompetent and he will get custody of the kids back once he's declared well. EJ threatens to make a full confession if Stefano interferes. EJ says he's remembering the night of his attack.

Brady finds Taylor drinking a Mai Tai at Cheatin’ Heart. "I like little umbrellas," she drawls, grinning. She blames herself for how meaningless EJ's life is. Tay flirts with Brady and he asks if she's drawn to men with a dark side. They giggle and start kissing when Nicole finds them. She tells her sister off and Tay drunkenly apologizes. Brady has to get between them when things get physical. Taylor leaves and spots Quinn. Back inside, Brady is sorry for kissing Taylor. Nic moans that she messed up with him but he doesn't think they'd have worked out anyway. Nicole just hopes he doesn't move on with Tay.

At the beach, Sonny and Kinsey run off to get drinks while Will and Gabi go for a swim. Tad shows up, demanding to know whose side Will’s on. His or Sonny’s? Will doesn't like the horrible things T has said about Sonny and Tad maintains that Sonny set him up. Will tries talking sense into him but is unable. Tad runs off and Gabi returns. Will thought T was open minded and wonders if he learned it from his parents. Gabi doesn't think that matters. She wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Back at the hotel, Jenn’s phone rings and she receives a photo of Carly. She and Carly panic and wonder who sent it. Daniel turns up and they ponder who took the photo and didn't help her. Carly admits she felt as though she was falling apart. She's the one who was stealing prescription drugs. She tried to stop but wasn't able. She confesses it's about Bo, Nicholas and she has feelings for Daniel. Daniel apologizes, thinking he hurt her.

On the pier, Dario tries calming Melanie down. He offers to drop her off at the hotel so she can be with her mother.

Melanie rushes into the hotel and hugs her mother. She promises to take care of her. Carly feels trapped and runs to the bathroom. Jenn lets Mel know that Carly's in love with Daniel and feels as though she has missed out on opportunities. Daniel can see that's why their relationship is on the rocks. Melanie goes to Carly but finds the bathroom window open and her mother gone. They split up to look for Carly.

Kinsey and Sonny arrive at the pub to get drinks. They discuss Kinsey's plans to become a singer and Sonny opens up about how it's been for him living abroad. He's taking a year off college and has been mountain climbing. Kinsey thinks Sonny's her first gay friend but he's sure he's the only one who is out. Later, Mel and Dario have coffee.

Vivian bumps into Carly on the pier. Vivian asks if she's looking for her dealer. Carly assumes she is the one who took the photo. Vivian denies it but says somebody sent it to her and Nicholas, who was disgusted. Carly's defeated and wanders away. Nearby, she finds beer bottles in a dumpster and drinks them down. She's lying on the ground later when Quinn shows up.

Jenn and Daniel arrive at Cheatin' Heart. Nic and Brady haven't seen Carly so Daniel and Jenn take off to look elsewhere.

Sonny shows up at the beach and hears Will asking Tad to apologize to Sonny. He refuses and walks off, calling the whole thing messed up.

Jenn and Daniel return to Carly's hotel room. She's not there. Daniel yells at Jenn for keeping this from him. Jenn tries to explain her motives but he hates that she lied to him. They're through. He stalks off to find Carly.

Taylor arrives at EJ's room. He's out of bed and glad to see her. He can tell she's been drinking and shares that he's having memories of the night he was beaten. Melanie was there.

Stefano calls one of his goons and lets him know EJ's starting to remember the night he was beaten. He'll give instructions when he hears more.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Taylor asks why Melanie would be at the pier the night he was beaten. That's what they have to find out, he tells her.

Nicole informs Brady she's taking control once and for all.

Mel yells, "You don't keep that a secret. Does that make sense Abigail?"

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