Kate's irked by Nicole's presence at the mansion and reminds the other Mrs. DiMera of how much she hates her. Nicole feigns sadness and Kate snipes that Nicole should have done something about Taylor, who ruined everything. Nicole counters that Stefano's the one who ruined everything. Kate opens up about how afraid for Stefano she is. He didn't sleep after hearing EJ gave up custody of the kids. Nicole assumes Kate has a pre-nup and worries if Stefano dies, she'll get nothing, but upon seeing Kate gaze at Stefano's portrait, she realizes Kate's in love. They commiserate over loving DiMera men. Kate's surprised to hear herself say she'd rather Nicole move back in with EJ. Kate assumes Nicole helped EJ to the hospital because she's still in love with him. That means she's off Stefano's list of suspects in EJ's beating.

Victor opens his home to Maggie. She's there to see Brady but since he's delayed, she leaves.

Sonny finds Will and Gabi at the pub. T barges in wondering why Sonny didn't tell him he was gay. Sonny asks if there's some law that says he has to identify his sexuality whenever he meets somebody. T grabs Sonny and yells that people will think he's gay too if they see that photo of them shirtless at the beach. Sonny knows T's not gay and didn't ask to pose for the photo. Victor interrupts and stands up for Sonny when T says he's disgusting. "No, he's not." Victor thinks T's ignorant. Maggie walks in and looks proud. Sonny feels sorry for Tad and hopes he can change someday. Tad runs off and Victor calls him generous. Sonny thanks Victor for standing up for him and they hug. Maggie grins and leaves. Kinsey arrives, flustered and goes to the bar. Gabi tells Sonny Kinsey's got a thing for him. Sonny goes to her and offers friendship if she can manage that. She's not sure how to deal with boys who aren't attracted to her but is delighted when he admits if he was straight she'd bring him to his knees. They go off laughing together and Will and Gabi head to the beach.

At the club, Vivian moans about how she failed Lawrence once again with Carly. Gus tells her to have patience.

At the hospital, Melanie questions Daniel about Jenn. He admits they're on the outs again. Mel wants to help but he doesn't want her help. She relays that Abby said something about there being a problem with Carly. In her office, Jenn worries when Carly doesn't pick up her phone. Meanwhile, Daniel takes off as Maxine shows up. Melanie's worried about Carly, so Maxine lets her go check on her. Instead, Mel bumps into Dario and goes for a walk with him. In the break room, Daniel's angry with Jenn for recommending him and Carly for a commendation.

Mel and Dario wander the pier where they discuss her parents getting awards. With parents like that he wonders what she's doing with him. He's a mess and her family's near perfect. Melanie laughs. They kiss.

Vivian lets herself into Carly's room, dressed as a maid. She crushes pills into water and forces Carly to drink. Later, Jenn shows up and the door is ajar. She lets herself in and finds pills all over Carly. She panics and gets her up and into the shower, where she forces her to vomit. She calls the hospital even though Carly worries about her career. Jenn yells that she's tired of taking care of her. Carly yells that Jenn betrayed her with Daniel and Jenn slaps her across the face. Carly cries that she has lost everything. Jenn thinks Carly threw everything away. She's a drug addict. Carly shakes her head and Jenn calls herself an enabler and one day Mel will learn the truth. Carly pushes Jenn. "I hate you," she yells, and then cries, "I'm an addict." Carly agrees to go get help if nobody knows.

Vivian and Gus celebrate Carly's downfall with champagne at the club. They send photos of Carly to Mel and Daniel.

Maggie finds herself on Victor's doorstep eating crow. She thought he was prejudice against Sonny but he's so obviously not. She can't figure out if they're taking two steps back and one step forward with their romance but decides to go full speed ahead and kisses him.

Back at the hospital, Maxine doesn't like Daniel's attitude and tells him to fix things with Jennifer and Carly.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

"Did you come to Salem to ruin my life?" Nicole snaps at her sister when she sees her with Brady.

"I think it's the end of her!" Viv happily tells her son.

"I can't stand you looking at me!" Carly yells at her family during an intervention.

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