In the park, Vivian gushes to Gus about how Carly's playing in her hands. He complains that since Quinn came to town, she’s been ignoring him.

Abby and Chad find Jenn at Cheatin’ Heart. Chad and Abby debate about the romantic comedy they just saw. Ironically, the plot hits home with Jenn, because it’s a replica of what’s going on in Jenn’s life. While Chad's getting drinks, Abby tries to talk sense into her mother about Daniel, but it's all in vain.

At SPD, Hope complains to Bo about EJ and Stefano getting off. Roman turns up with a perp for Hope to process. Hope goes off on the guy and throws him across the room. The perp complains about police brutality and Roman invites him to tell everyone how a female cop pushed him around. They leave and Hope feels bad. Bo tells her to take a break and focus on the new cases. If the DA was there, there'd be hell to pay. She leaves and Roman tells Bo the perp will keep quiet.

At the hospital, Carly assures Daniel that she doesn’t have a thing for him. He praises her but she thinks he’s lying and patronizing her. He refutes that. She cuts herself down and Daniel becomes upset. In his room, EJ dreams about Melanie taking care of him after his beating. Outside, Melanie watches as Stefano tells Taylor and Lexi that EJ signed away the rights to his children today. "Now he has nothing." EJ codes and Lexi rushes to him. Melanie rushes into the break room and finds Daniel with Carly. They agree to a family dinner. Meanwhile, Lexi stabilizes EJ and Taylor visits him. She doesn't agree with him handing custody of the kids over to Sami. He says his love doesn't work out the best for them. He says Stefano thinks he did it to impress her. Did it? It just made her feel sad. She leaves and Stefano stops her. He offers to buy her off and tells her to get lost. She retorts by telling him to go to hell. Back in EJ's room, he tells his sister about his dream.

Vivian and Gus arrive at the pub. Vivian relates Carly's situation to the movie, "Requiem for a Dream," and tells Gus she's giving him the Joan Collins signed photograph as a celebratory gift. They look inside the pub and Vivian looks grim. She sees Carly joking and laughing with Mel and Daniel and says, "She was supposed to be having the DTs not the clam chowder!" Later, Hope interrupts Carly, Mel and Daniel and takes Melanie outside and wants to discuss the night EJ was beaten. Melanie has no information for her. Inside, Vivian eavesdrops as Carly and Daniel discuss why Jenn refuses to date him.

Gus turns up at Cheatin' Heart. He watches as Jenn asks Abby to help her come up with an explanation for Daniel to shut him out. Abby thinks Jenn must have gotten a lobotomy and refuses to help. Daniel calls and they agree to meet. Gus calls Vivian to update her. Chad and Abby leave and Daniel arrives. Jenn lies that Jack is coming back into her life and that's why they can't see each other. Jenn's upset when Daniel confesses he opened up to Carly about her feelings for him. He says Carly denied it. Jenn's got to be wrong. Jenn runs off.

Back at SPD, Bo and Roman cover for an Internal Affairs investigation from Hope. She shows up and bellyaches about the DiMera's getting free again.

Back at the pub, Carly becomes flustered when Melanie talks about Jenn and Daniel. Carly rushes off and bumps into Abby and Chad on the way. Melanie's puzzled by her behavior. They discuss their parents' relationship and Mel gets a call. She has to return to the hospital and leaves. Abby and Chad discuss the romantic comedy again. They commiserate over how stupid it was and Chad's happy to hear Abby prefers action movies such as "Die Hard." She blurts out that she loves Chad, and then admits she's unsure of what she feels. She wants to explore her feelings. They kiss.

Carly rushes into her hotel room while Vivian lurks outside. Gus calls Vivi and updates her that Jenn stormed out after talking to Daniel. Vivian wonders what the heck is going on with them. Inside, Carly downs several pills.

Mel returns to work and while looking at EJ's chart in his room, he suddenly grabs her arm. He asks for a drink of water, but stares at her. She gets him a drink and once she's gone, he realizes she's the girl from the pier. Outside, Stefano keeps badgering Taylor.

From a park bench, Jenn calls Carly, but Carly is passed out on the floor.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Kate tells Nicole that she's not to say one word against Stefano in his home.

"Does it bother you that he's gay?" Gabi asks Will.

Daniel yells at Jenn to focus her energy on the return of Jack and tells her to leave him and Carly the hell alone.

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