EJ's passed out on the floor when Nicole drops by. She remembers the staff is off and lets herself in while EJ comes to and clutches his head. He asks Nicole for help. She hesitates and asks why she should. He deserves this. EJ thinks she's enjoying this but she's not. She confesses she let Arnold go, thinking he was Rafe. She's easily fooled. EJ tells her not to say that. She never deserved any of this and he's sorry. He doesn't blame her for not helping him. He groans and rolls on the floor in pain and she brings up their marital issues and her mother's murder and squeezes his head to make things worse. He tells her he gave up his kids and says he's paying for what he did.

Dario serves Taylor and Brady at Cheatin' Heart. Mel drops by and things are awkward. Brady asks Taylor if she's happy EJ's not going to prison. She's enraged but is sticking around Salem for Nicole. Mel goes to Dario and he hands her tickets to a concert in Chicago. Detective McCarthy shows her face, wanting an alibi for some robberies in the area. Dario tells her to talk to Mrs. Kiriakis about his whereabouts. Brady interrupts and offers Dario an entry level job. He owes him one. He walks away and tells Taylor to put Dario with Smithers. She argues that if she does, Dario'll have no life. She muses that Brady has feelings for Mel.

Jenn arrives at Maggie's for movie and ice cream night. Jenn admits she's not with Daniel anymore. Maggie says, "Cut the bologna Jennifer Rose." She asks what's up and Jenn doesn't say much. Maggie thinks she still loves Jack. Jenn says she and Daniel weren't meant to be. Maggie thinks it's a crock and bursts out laughing. She thinks Jenn should give Daniel a shot.

Carly downs the drugs at her hotel when Daniel arrives. He leaves when he realizes he has promised Jenn he wouldn't tell Carly he knows she has a thing for him. Inside, Carly tries to trash the drugs as she weeps.

Lexi's surprised to see Carly return to the hospital. Lexi takes off and Carly tells herself she's fine. She goes to the break room and finds Daniel. She admits she was at the club and saw him with Jenn. She's glad he and Jenn are back together. He says they're not. She's sorry and confused. He blurts out that Jenn confessed Carly's got feelings for him. Carly stammers and denies it. He hopes things will work out for him and Jenn. Nicole walks EJ into the ER. He's sweating and in pain and flashes to Melanie on the pier and is put in a bed. He mumbles that he thought the woman on the pier he saw after he was beaten was Nicole but now realizes it wasn't. Nicole texts Brady but he ignores her. Meanwhile, Lexi has examined EJ and learns he has swelling on the brain. Lexi leaves and EJ seems calmer. Nicole wonders how sincere he was with his apology. He holds her hand and admits he cares very much that he hurt her and he deeply regrets it. He knows it affected her family and she lost everything. She pulls away and tears up, and walks out. When she goes, he mumbles, "I'm sorry." Nicole finds Lexi, who tells her it could have been grave if she didn't get him to the hospital. They'll have to watch his recovery. Nicole hopes he comes out of this with a new personality. Lexi grins and goes to see EJ. He's miserable. Lexi called Stefano, who isn't answering. EJ doesn't think he cares and says there's nobody else to call. Later, Taylor turns up and Lexi shares what happened with EJ, who has nobody left to fight for. Taylor goes to his room.

Dario quits his job at Cheatin' Heart. Adrienne's bummed that another employee bit the dust. Jenn turns up and tells Adrienne about Daniel. Adrienne reminds Jenn that Daniel isn't romantically into Carly, so why make all three of them miserable?

Nicole goes to Brady's place to tell him EJ's in the hospital. She worries EJ will realize Brady beat him. Brady argues that if EJ dies, they won't have to worry.

Mel checks EJ's vitals at the hospital. He remembers she was the one on the pier and opens his eyes.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Vivian says Carly's about to break.

Daniel calls Jenn. "I need to see you. It's important."

"We need to have a talk about Elvis," Stefano tells Taylor.

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