Carly gets a load of Daniel and Jennifer making out at the club and runs off bawling. Vivian watches. Back in the club, Jenn cries. Daniel starts babbling, demanding an explanation but she won't talk. They go on like this for a while until Jenn says Carly advised her to take things slowly. Daniel's surprised since Carly offered to intervene to get them back together. Jenn confesses Carly's into him. He's surprised but doesn't feel the same. Jenn says it doesn't matter. She refuses to be with him if it's going to hurt her friend. Daniel's confused and upset but Jenn asks him to promise to keep this between them.

Chloe arrives at Cheatin’ Heart to tell Adrienne and Justin that she booked a job at a new club, which should make decent money. Quinn walks in and she eyes him and says she'll do what it takes to get her baby back. Quinn goes outside to take a call from Vivian, who wants to meet him and his drug pusher immediately.

Stefano and Kate enjoy drinks at the pub to celebrate Stefano's freedom and discuss taking a holiday. Gabi overhears and starts yelling about what Stefano and EJ are doing to Sami's kids and how Kate - Will's grandmother, doesn't give a damn. Stefano leaves and Kate stays behind. Chloe and Kinsey arrive. Chloe's thankful for Kinsey's help with the audition. Kate overhears Chloe discussing custody of Parker and frowns. She listens more as Kinsey introduces Gabi to Chloe and they discuss the show in Brookville. Kinsey urges Chloe to invite her case worker to hear her sing. Kate leaves and tries to make up plans to screw Chloe over. Back inside, Kinsey says she'll rally her friends to go to the concert and Chloe's thankful.

Rafe arrives at the mansion and EJ tells him Sami left. He gave her full custody of Johnny and Sydney effective immediately. Rafe accuses him of lying. Stefano walks in and overhears the conversation. He's livid. He starts in on Elvis and Rafe takes off. Stefano thinks "that loser" Rafe will do everything he can to turn the kids against him. EJ already did that himself, he insists. They argue and Stefano wonders if EJ's considering giving himself up. EJ just wants to live life on his terms for a change. Stefano blames Taylor. EJ's doing this for his kids and himself. Stefano gets on the phone with his lawyer and EJ begs him not to try to reverse things. Stefano leaves as EJ gets pain in his head and collapses.

Quinn and his drug pusher arrive at the pier. Vivian turns up and tells them Carly should be along soon looking for drugs. The pusher calls her the diva of darkness but Quinn demands respect for his mother. The man apologizes and leaves them alone. Vivian's thankful he defended her honor. She thinks this means he cares.

Carly sits on a park bench searching her bag for drugs. There isn't anything. She remembers the drug pusher offering to sell her some and runs off.

Back on the pier, the drug dealer tells Vivian he's a walking pharmacy and she doesn't need to worry. She hides and Carly arrives. The pusher offers her something on the house. She struggles not to take it but in the end refuses. He hands over his phone number and drops the drug. She takes it and runs, leaving Vivian gleeful.

Rafe meets Justin at Cheatin' Heart and shows him EJ's document, giving Sami full custody. Justin says it looks legit. Gabi rushes in and hugs the real Rafe. He worries Arnold hurt her. She can't believe she even thought Arnold was Rafe. Jennifer rushes in to see Adrienne and tells her all about her talk with Daniel. She confesses that believing Carly has a chance with Daniel is all her friend has right now.

Quinn meets Randy the john at the club. He wants to see Lola again. Quinn gets a call from Vivian and leaves as Kate finds Randy and shows him a photo of Chloe and makes him an offer. She'll pay him to out "Lola" at her concert in front of social services. He refuses. She shows him her stash of cash and uses the DiMera name. He grabs the cash.

Quinn meets Vivian on the pier. She's overjoyed that he has helped her and says Carly took the bait. He's thrilled for her. She wants to return his respect and faith in her by helping him set up a legit business. He's thankful but likes things the way they are.

Carly runs home and holds her drugs while she shakes with need.

Quinn meets Chloe at the pub. She agrees to see Randy again and brings up her new job. She wants to stop hooking soon. He asks her to live in the moment for now.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Maggie thinks Jennifer is still in love with Jack.

Carly says, "I'm sorry." Daniel asks, "Are you?"

Taylor guesses to Brady, "You don't want Melanie with Dario anyway. You want her for yourself."

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