At SPD, Bo and Hope learn Arnold’s been killed in his cell. They head upstairs but keep it from Taylor, Stefano, Roman and Abe. They share that Arnold signed a full statement implicating EJ and Stefano. Stefano maintains their innocence and when DA Woods barges in, angry that Arnold was killed, EJ and Stefano smirk. EJ tells the police that keeping them there without just cause is illegal. Taylor thinks Abe should call Sami and Rafe.

Vivian and Gus meet at the pier and discuss how Carly’s in love with Daniel. They plan on helping Carly’s drug problem along.

Daniel finds Carly at the hospital. They agree to meet at the club for dinner. Daniel goes off while Lexi arrives, surprised to learn Carly and Daniel are going on a date. Carly takes off to change and Gus calls Vivian to tell her the scoop. Vivian decides to turn this problem into an opportunity. Carly returns to Lexi and tells her dinner with Daniel is platonic. She's over her feelings for Daniel. Before Carly goes, Maxine asks her to see Gus. In his room, Gus clutches his stomach,faking sickness. She goes off on him for being Vivian's manservant. She leaves momentarily and he sends Daniel a text from her cell phone. Carly returns and notices her purse is open but Gus says he didn't touch it.

Jennifer flashes to playing pool with Daniel at Cheatin' Heart and having sex with him. Abby interrupts and they discuss Daniel. Jenn takes off as Chad shows up. Outside, Jenn takes a call from Vivian, disguising her voice as Mr. Warner Buffet's assistant. She sets up a meeting at the Sapphire Club, to discuss a donation for University Hospital.

Rafe reads Johnny a book before bedtime. Johnny’s worried. He has been having bad dreams so Sami assures him the bad times are over. Rafe takes a call from Abe, who tells him the news about Arnold.

Sami and Rafe turn up at SPD. Sami urges Abe to keep Stefano and EJ there. Stefano and EJ tell her the police have nothing on them. She yells that they won't get away with this as Abe leads her into Bo's office. Rafe, Taylor, Abe, Roman, Bo and Hope stare at her while she demands answers. Later, Stefano and EJ are let go. DA Woods yells that Bo blew it. Sami tells them this isn't over and Taylor follows EJ out. She hopes he's not going to fight Sami for custody. He tells her it's none of her business. She says he needs to pay for what he did and he assures her he is and asks for forgiveness. Taylor refuses. Back inside, Rafe and Sami argue about what has gone down and Rafe tells her to go home. He leaves and she goes to EJ's. Rafe goes into the cells for answers. The convicts are shocked to see his face. They call him a walking ghost. Rafe goes to Hope and Bo and tells them one of the perps thought he was killing him, not Arnold. Bo's sorry they didn't come through for him but Rafe knows they did their best. He's worried about how it'll affect the kids.

Jenn shows up at the Sapphire Club and bumps into Daniel. She tells him she's meeting a philanthropist. He shares that he's meeting Carly but he misses Jenn. He receives a text from Carly, who can't make their date. The waiter interrupts to apologize. Mr. Buffet can't make their meeting. Daniel thinks they should stay for dinner. They drink champagne and grin wildly at each other. Jenn accuses Daniel of setting this up but he's innocent. He asks if she wants to be with him or not. She does, so he grabs her and kisses her - just as Carly arrives.

DA Woods arrives at Cheatin' Heart to inform Chad about how Arnold was killed and Stefano and EJ were let go. Chad treats him coldly and Woods disrespects him and his family so he stands up for Stefano, letting Woods know Stefano gives a damn about him, "Which is more than I can say about you." DA Woods starts spouting off and there's name-calling. Woods tries to hit Chad, who blocks him and sends him on his way. Woods warns Abby to get out while she can. Abby and Chad take off to the pier where Chad admits he couldn't see himself in the DA since he was 10.

Sami turns up at EJ's place. He was expecting her. She thinks he's working on his defense with the law books but he's thinking of her and the kids. She rips up all of his documents and pours coffee on them. He tries to get her to stop and listen. He's giving her full custody of the children.

Rafe heads home and finds a note from Will saying Sami is gone.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Vivi tells Quinn, "Carly took the bait!"

"I deserve an explanation," Daniel demands from Jenn.

Rafe demands EJ tell him, "What are you trying to pull on Samantha this time?"

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