At home, EJ flashes back to Johnny and Taylor telling him off. Stefano arrives and anxiously tells EJ their insider at SPD is off the case. EJ has a plan.

At SPD, Bo and Hope get Lopez to talk to the DA about Arnold's plea deal. Bo says they’ve never had such a solid case against the DiMera's. DA Woods arrives and Bo tells him Governor Ford gave Hope a pardon. She just helped crack the case of a lifetime. Bo gets the papers and notices an addendum. There's a stipend. Arnold comes up from the cells and Bo taunts him and calls him Arnie. He asks for the truth and they'll give him time served and Amnesty. As they talk, a gang of convicts arrives and Arnold's sent back to his cell.

Brady walks into Cheatin’ Heart. Nicole’s there, twirling pretzels on her straw. Taylor runs in after Brady and worries EJ will learn that Brady’s his assailant. Abe arrives and tells everyone the man who killed Faye will be set free tonight. He got a plea bargain. Nicole and Taylor gasp. Abe explains it's the only way to get EJ and Stefano into prison. Taylor's angry. Nicole wants EJ in prison, but Taylor insists that EJ didn't know Arnold would kill their mother. Nicole argues that EJ's partially to blame. Brady and Nicole try to talk sense into Taylor, but she's off to SPD to protest. Nicole's upset and tells Brady about how Taylor came to confess to her earlier. Nicole worries but Brady says Taylor can't change what's in motion. Nicole realizes the only time she's been truly happy is with Brady.

At the hospital, Abe tells Lexi he thinks her father and brother will be in prison for a long time. She sighs. She’s not surprised and is sorry her family has put him in this position. Abe feels for her. He takes off back to SPD. Stefano calls and she’s cold toward him. He asks if he and EJ have to leave Salem. She can’t answer that and cries as he tells her he loves her.

At the loft, Dario’s glad Rafe’s back but is overwhelmed after hearing about Arnold. Sofia drops by and tells Rafe in Spanish that the mission is accomplished. He swings her in his arms, happily. She hugs Dario as well. Sami looks on curiously and jealously. Rafe finally remembers Sami's there and introduces Sofia as his ex-partner. Sami admits Rafe never mentioned her. Neither lady is happy about that. Sofia explains how she helped get Arnold to sing like a canary. Sami's not happy Rafe didn't tell her about this either and tries her hand at Spanish but has issues. They laugh at her and Sofia finally realizes how impolite it is to speak Spanish in front of a non-Spanish speaking person. Dario ditches them and Sofia hears Rafe has four kids. She's in awe. Sami gets her hackles up. Sofia remembers Rafe as a young and reckless young man. Rafe tries to remind Sami he was a kid, but she's upset. Sofia takes this as her cue to leave. Rafe tells Sami that he didn't say anything about Sofia because she was undercover. Sami thinks Sofia was obnoxiously flirtatious. Rafe begs to differ. The arguing begins and Rafe assures her she has no need to be jealous. Later, Sami looks at Arnold's rap sheet, unhappily and apologizes to Rafe for her jealousy.

Back at the mansion, Stefano tells EJ they’ve got to get out of town – now. Stefano calls Luca, his pilot. He orders him to fuel the jet but the police have grounded his plane. He tells EJ it's time to go, but EJ doesn't want to. The police show up and EJ demands Marco put away his gun. The officers are there to keep an eye on EJ and Stefano. Once Arnold signs the statement, EJ and Stefano are arrested.

Abe and Lexi turn up at SPD. The DA goes to Lexi to tell her that the fact that Abe's putting his brother and father-in-law in prison could mean he's out in the next election. Lexi rolls her eyes and tells him her thoughts are with his son Chad, who she's more concerned about. Woods doesn't like that and tells her off. Nearby, Lopez goes to get Arnold while Bo hoots with delight that Arnold signed the statement. Meanwhile, in the cells, the convicts are let in. Arnold calls them losers and makes fun of them. One of them thinks he's Rafe, but Arnold denies it. The guys circle him. Outside, Taylor bumps into a handcuffed EJ. She doesn't want him to go to prison. Meanwhile, Abe learns that the officers put the string of convicts with Arnold and rushes down to the cells with Hope, finding Arnold dead.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

"Something has happened that may change everything," Abe tells somebody over the phone.

On the phone, Vivian says, "We're going to turn a problem into an opportunity."

Jenn asks Daniel, "Why are you here?" He replies, "I was just about to ask you the same question."

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