At the hospital, when Vivian updates Gus about how Quinn learned Carly’s a drug addict, he looks down his nose at her son. Vivian stands up for Quinn and ushers Gus away while she goes to Carly to exchange barbs. Carly tells her to get a psych consultant and leaves.

Daniel and Jennifer are running through the park when they bump into each other. He lets her know he respects her decision and will wait for her. She's visibly touched and he tells her to call when she's ready to be with him.

When Kate arrives home, she drops a glass and looks as though she's been crying. Stefano can see she's terrified to lose him. He reassures her and urges her to occupy herself with a project and promises to protect their family.

At SPD, Bo and Hope worry the DiMera’s will go free. In the cells, Arnold is hot for Sofia, who plays with him. She calls him sexy and talks about passing through from Columbia, where her father has a lot of pull. She likes Americans and touches his knee. If he can get out of there, they can be together. Arnold's dragged out of the cell so Hope can get an update on how Sofia, Rafe's FBI agent friend, is doing. Sofia says Arnold's easy, stupid and a pig. She'll get him to talk. Arnold returns to the cell, air boxing. He's excited and tells her a little about his situation. He wants her family to protect him. She's called away and kisses him roughly. She returns to say goodbye and he asks her to wait for him. He calls Hope and Bo, ready to talk, if they promise he'll walk.

Chloe is on a call trying to set up an apartment when Quinn calls. They agree to meet. She heads into the pub and Kinsey tells her how excited she is that Nicole loaned her the money for voice lessons. Chloe has to reschedule their lesson. She leaves and Sonny arrives. Kinsey fawns over him and Abby takes Sonny aside. He tells her Victor tried to be understanding at his coming out. "I'm here and I'm queer. He'll get used to it," Sonny quips. Abby runs to see Jennifer outside. Sonny invites T to a baseball game and Kinsey sulks. Outside, Abby and Jenn go off for a chat.

Harold lets Bo into the DiMera mansion. Bo taunts Stefano to get his affairs in order because Arnold's about to crack and the officer he had in his pocket, Officer Davis, is being questioned by the ISA.

At work, Carly gets a call from Jenn, who asks how she's doing with her addiction. Carly claims she hasn't done any backsliding and joined a support group. Daniel turns up wanting to discuss Jenn. Carly snaps that she doesn't want to be put in the middle. Vivian watches, smiling, from nearby, and calls Gus to spill. Meanwhile, Daniel tells Carly he's giving Jenn the space she wants. They go into surgery and later make a date.

Chloe meets Quinn at the pier and asks for an advancement for a security deposit on a new apartment. She'll work it off. He hands over a wad of cash but wonders if Social Services will question where she's getting all the cash. Kate arrives and Quinn tells her he's no longer working for her. He orders her to stay away from Chloe, too. Kate realizes she has to get the job done herself.

Chloe returns to the pub and apologizes for being so distracted to Kinsey. She admits she needs to make more money and Kinsey thinks she should call this club in Brookville and sing there. She'll make money there. Kinsey goes to T, who is upset after seeing a friend on his Facebook page who joked about a photo of T and Sonny looking like they're having a bromance. They learn that Sonny's gay and Kinsey sighs. T wonders if Sonny's got a thing for him and is upset he lied. "He's going to pay for it." At the bar, Chloe calls Brookville and schedules an audition. Kate arrives and gets an idea.

Vivian sneaks into Cheatin' Heart where Abby and Jenn are dishing on Carly. Vivian learns Carly's into Daniel.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Hope and Bo tell DA Woods that Hope just cracked the case of a lifetime.

"I do want EJ to go to prison. Don't you?" Nicole asks Taylor.

Stefano tells EJ, "We have to get out of town. Now."

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