On the pier, EJ comes across Rafe, Sami and the kids. Sami tries being civil but Johnny yells that he’s not EJ’s son anymore. He hurt Rafe and he's a liar! EJ accuses Sami of setting that up. Rafe takes the kids aside and Sami refuses to justify herself. He shouldn't be surprised that she could slit his throat and then go off to the movies as though nothing happened but she won't because of their children. She wonders if he ever thinks the kids would be better off without him. She knows he loves them and admits she has made her fair share of mistakes but what'll happen once Syd learns he kidnapped her and kept her from family? She asks him to consider letting them go. She leaves and Stefano turns up with an apology. He didn't mean to disown him. He doesn't want to add to his suffering. EJ understands how Stefano feels but Stefano reminds him he came close to losing him after the beating. He realized he's too hard on him. EJ tells them if Mr. Finnegan opens his mouth, he'll lose everything. Stefano says he won't lose his children, but EJ thinks Sami would disagree.

At SPD, Hope, Bo and McCarthy find out RoboRafe’s really Arnold Finnegan. He’s from Detroit and a small time thug. Now they can use this information against him. Hope has an idea. DA Woods barges in with Abe. He and the IA want Hope off the case. Hope takes off and Bo stalls. Woods goes off to get paperwork to take her off the case. Hope returns and takes off with McCarthy and Finnegan's file. In his office, Bo reluctantly agrees to call Victor for help in nailing the DiMera's.

Chad heads into the pub to see Abby. He knows she heard the news and gives her a chance to say she told him so. She hugs him, and feels sorry. Chad says his father and brother turned out to be exactly who she said they were. Abby says what happened wasn't about him. Chad is astounded that the whole time he was getting to know them, they were in the basement holding Rafe. Outside the pub, Hope and McCarthy do some reconnaissance. Back inside, Chad and Abby discuss whose father is the worst. Abby has pleasant thoughts of Jack before he went away. Her dad's funny and sweet. Chad misses his mother and worries about Sydney and Johnny.

Brady finds Taylor at the mansion and shows her the DiMera news. He’s in shock. She admits she already knows the Rafe impostor is the one who killed her mother. She thinks this is his chance to say he told her so. She hates that she believed in EJ. Finnegan's not talking so Brady assumes he's taking the choice of prison instead of 'death by DiMera'. Brady confesses he's the one who laid that beating on EJ. Taylor worries EJ will remember.

Hope returns to SPD after following up on her idea. Bo tells her she can't work in an official capacity anymore. She takes off when texted and in walks Brady, who worries about what'll happen to him and Bo once EJ remembers. Downstairs, Officer Jenkins drops off a crazed female in Arnold's cell. Arnold eyes her up, liking what he sees. Back upstairs, Hope returns to Bo and Abe, who tell her that her record was expunged. She got a pardon, thanks to Victor. Hope starts to cry, thrilled. She gets to go back to work. Abe swears her in and Bo hands Hope her gun and badge.

Sami, Rafe, and the kids head home with Allie. Lucas already explained the two Rafes to Allie and Rafe says he's the "original recipe" who took her skating. Allie smiles. Sami knows it's a lot to take in. Rafe asks to start over. They banter and Sami reverts to her old 'agent' jokes, calling Rafe "Agent Silly." Allie asks what'll happen to EJ.

On the pier, EJ tells his father he thinks Rafe is the one who beat him. Stefano says it's impossible. It's not in Rafe's character. Taylor walks up unseen and Stefano threatens to take care of whoever did this to EJ DiMera style. EJ laughs and hugs his father, who tells him he may be the last friend he has. He leaves and EJ spots Taylor. They discuss what happened and Taylor brings up the beating. EJ is trying to trigger a memory. She asks if he's planning revenge. EJ says it's out of his hands, causing Taylor to roll her eyes. Taylor has nothing more to say to him and leaves. EJ flashes to the beating and remembers a woman being there.

Stefano arrives at home. He's on his cell and says everything is set.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Quinn tells Kate he no longer works for her.

Stefano grins and asks Bo, "Am I under arrest?"

Jennifer begs Daniel, "Please don't do this. Please."

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